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  1. Can he do this though with our limited assets to secure the loan?
  2. So we have pablo Escobar in town [emoji41]?
  3. Was wondering if Edi black cat bexley is branchton did Edi appear around raygate?
  4. Ooft the Canadian black cat (Edi) is back bigger and better and on top form welcome back fella x
  5. Our team that started the league last year would have toiled in any of the divisions tbh
  6. Would have been a sight for sore eyes our squad from the start of last season against your current crop.
  7. Haven’t seen the rest of the teams in the league to properly compare but seriously worried for you boys this season
  8. Honestly thought Ray would let Toshney and Connolly swap strips at half time to help our brothers level things up. After all the shitfest on the day 1 match it was good to see our team click which I thought last week never happened due to our propensity to install a complete new squad every 6 months. Last week we were non descript today we were almost flawless but not quite so still room to tighten up. Connolly was my motm btw
  9. East fife 0 Peterhead 2 Falkirk 1 sons 1 Forfar 2 Stranraer 0 Montrose 2 airdrie 1 Raith 2 Clyde 1
  10. Can’t believe folk are actually engaging with the moosefucker and taking him seriously
  11. How long would it take before a decision was made that some fans didn’t like and therefore withdrew their subscription? Based on the last few pages on here I reckon a few weeks at most.
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