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  1. I thought today it was glaringly obvious Robson needs to start. Whether that’s with a back 3/5 or a 4 I don’t care but our lack of out ball apart from hoofing it was a complete shitfest. Move Dixon in and hook either one of edge or McKenna.
  2. Who would you like to see get the gig out of interest to play the more defensive style?
  3. So if we played without a keeper you should have won?
  4. So you want to bin the manager that has you sitting third in the league after just coming up? Pure f*cking mental you lot have a reality check and sit down. He’s not perfect but by f**k what do you want the rejuvenated Paul Hartley? Jim Duffy, JJ, Naysmith?
  5. Ooft cracking result for the jags this league is getting tight as f*ck now at the bottom, queens must be bricking it
  6. Have to say I think Demi’s really improving this season he’s way more confident and in control on the ball. Him and Zak finally starting to link up which was always going to take time with two young lads. Harry was just immense and as said before best since McGovern. Finally hats off to Tommy he is the pride and the passion of the team
  7. Honestly think the bottom two will be two of the current three with the only exception being if queens continue to dive bomb. I can’t see all three of us all managing to accumulate enough points to drag anyone else in. Yeah maybe one team might go on a great run but that will be it.
  8. So it’s top v bottom on Friday, bigger game for us as things tighten up in this helter skelter league. Today’s result was massive as we played the in form side since the January refresh, and whilst we were playing second fiddle for a while our defence now can hold their own and we no longer are trying to shitfest games. 1-2 with sir bob getting a brace
  9. Anger was gone at the stenny game I walked out bemused convinced we were completely f*cked.
  10. Partick Thistle vs Falkirk

    Pretty much says it all without him for the first half of the season we would be down already. Whilst I get what folks are saying about take or leave him when you watch him play. The bottom line is he knows where the net is and with service he has had that is a pretty f*cking outstanding number to net. So saying we are fine letting him slip away is IMO quite naive
  11. Over 750 isn’t 100 he is never wrong
  12. You should take a leaf out your own book