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  1. What a game to watch. Draw probably the fair result in my opinion.. the boy Rocksy is a bellend though he mouths off as if he is brilliant and he’s mince. Mullen was really quiet as well. Thistle will win the league still.. will be some game when they play at Shortlees!
  2. Good results for most of the Ayrshire boys yesterday well done troops
  3. Caddis and Connell would improve any team. Both Scottish cups winners so good additions on that front. As too the defence comments I think are a tad harsh ha ha they look like a team who enjoy playing together and team spirit is a massive thing in amateur footy in my opinion. Will be interesting to see how this year maps out for them
  4. Should be a good game hard place to go Kilbirnie. How are yours looking mate heard yous looking decent this year? Are you still playing or took a step back to focus more on coaching side? Heard yous have Mr Connell playing with yous aswell unbelievable ability and daft as a box of frogs lolol
  5. Having seen Glenburn twice this year they are definitely not a scalp as they claim to be. They were rank rotten when I seen them long ball constantly
  6. Watched the thistle game, superb seeing them getting turned over If I'm honest. They are half the team they were they have a few billy big times playing who talk better than they play. Well done Galston
  7. David Rocks has defo shook things up
  8. Davie Dungbox Rocks stop talking CRAP you know it's you and Because you have been rumbled on here trying to back track ha ha ha ha
  9. Hahahahaha lies! David Rocks you know you are the instigator and just on here back tracking because your lot are playing Shortlees on Saturday
  10. The instigator reportedly injured for Saturday!! Haha
  11. Heard Rocksy got pulled in in front of committee because of his behaviour and asked to explain himself haha the instigator has been rumbled
  12. Mr rocks shouldn't be having a go at anyone after that today LOL
  13. Another good source has confirmed my theory that it is David Rocks! Rocksy will love it at the mintute hiding behind the internet but good luck at Shortlees away LOL
  14. Been informed from one of the Hurlford players that its David Rocks as he has been talking about it in the changing rooms etc hows he throwing a spanner in the works!
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