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  1. Well Well, a response from some people at last. Lets make this crystal clear for those of you who are either club officials or those of you who have no idea of what is going on at this club. The quietness over a long and dark period of time at Ardeer from the club officials have been deafening in which they are hoping that they can keep getting away with what they have done. The fact of the matter is obvious to anyone who either supports the club or has an interest in it. For too long now, the club has been ran by people who do not have what it takes to progress it and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. The constant question of why myself or others will not joining the committee is as obvious as the nose on your face. No one with half a brain would do so with who is already there and the fact that its almost ran by a family who will never let their monopoly go. There lies the problem of a team who has potential but for selfish reasons by those who wont move on, the club will never manage to find out if they can fulfill that is in the area. As said many times before, this committee would rather see us languish at the bottom of the league or go defunct altogether. And the reason a message in Stevistoun talk is cause thats whit maest folk unerstawn doon here buddy, awrighty.
  2. Its a better subject because its no about you and the rest owe yur croanies resignin ya clown. Whit actual experience have you ever had in fitba apart fae pittin yur daft flag up an crawlin up the owner back side. Nae wunner were a mess wae you and they other loonies runnin oor club. When are yees gonnae get the message that yees arnae wanted. Dae us aw a favour an GO NOW.
  3. too right am obsessed, cause ma team is in a right mess and there`s nae defendin it. Time the focus wiz oan the wans who are making a mockery ae the team n club in general. The only people who ever attempt tae defend this shambles is either the family members oan the committee or the clown who has given himself the title of "Sponsorship Co-Ordinator" - that widnae be you by any chance l!!!. There is somehin in life called accountability an naebody seems tae want tae take any of it doon there. League Tables and events over the last 18 months or longer don`t lie. Over tae you useless committee member.
  4. Spot on mate. Its a family business and they seem tae be invincible. Get rid ae thum aw / drop the manager doon tae be a coach and mibey weel improve wae the right folk in there. They`v dun nuhin but run the team intae the ground oan an aff the park. If the full committee have any self respect then they wull resign - end off. But guaranteed they wilnae cause thur feart sumday else will run it right. Every wan ae yees are a disgrace !!!!!
  5. A new manager wilnae sort that mess oot. That committee are a shambles and everyone knows it. Clear the whole decks by gettin rid ae that bunch an you will mabie get somewhur. Av said it since cookie n the cat left and been proved right at every turn. We wur promoted an had a richt gid team an wiz improvin aw the time. Then boom, they resigned cause money couldnae be accounted for by this same committee. If they had the teams best interest then they would walk but av said it before. They would rather see the team fold than them steppin aside. Me n a few havnae been for a while noo and we wilnae be back till they go. Am glad someday else raised the problems we have cause its been goin oan fur too long noo. Were a laughin stock an nuhin mare than a bad Sunday pub team.
  6. Whit bugs me is that we had a right gid team and players were starting tae come tae the club wae the cat n cookie in charge. Then it aw went tits up cause some ae the committee thought they wur bigger than than club an they think they an thur families own it. Thur still there an refuse tae budge an IMO they will see the club fold rather than dae the decent thing. THE COMMITTEE SHOULD RESIGN before the club diss.
  7. Havnae been tae a game for a while noo as the muppets runnin ma team have took it back tae nuhin mare than a bad Sunday Amt team. The 6 - 0 gubbin the day fae Lugar an where we are in the league justifies me in sayin it again. RESIGN YA CLOWNS It`s only 2 year ago that we had a gid team an wur managed fae a guy who new whit he wiz daen. Noo luck where we are. Back tae bein a laughin stock. Oor wee teams are ran better !!!!!!
  8. Correct Hertha, but the committee blew it an dont have the decency tae admit it. We aw know whit happened and who wiz tae blame fur thur resignations but the person responsible still refuses to walk away. It`s obvious tae everybuddy that oor committee simply dont have a clue whit their doin. Ardeer have lost 3 ae the last 4 management teams due tae thum resignin cause oor committee were unfit tae run a junior team and the managers couldnae work wae thum - FACT. Look at where we ended up in the league table last season when Cookie had us oan the up and look where were likely tae finish this season an then try tae justify this committee n management team. Cannae be done. Wur back tae bein a laughin stock in junior fitba and ran worse than the local amateur teams. Aye lads yees are daen a crackin job. Well done ya bunch a roasters. All they can do is insult his wife, who probably knows more aboot the game than th
  9. The Cat nearly back !!!!! See this is why yees dont have a clue. The Cat is only there tae see what a baws yees hav made ae it fae him n Cookie left.. He wouldnae come back while the same dodgy committee and alkies are there who done aw the damage a year ago. We had oor chance wae the 2 best guys we had in years. Only way they would even consider comin back is if yous hangers oan done the right thing and left. They 2 guys could easily pull guys in tae run the club an who would take Ardeer back tae where we wur last year and progress. Problem is, Its aw aboot yous an no the team n toon so wur goin naewhere.
  10. Another committee member who cannae take hearin the truth. Whit happened tae the friendly wae Winton last nite. No enough players, AGAIN !!!!. Dae yees no get it. We need tae have players tae play games. Yees havnae a clue whit yees are daen and the proof is right in front ae yur een. Time for yees tae smell the coffee insteed ae the drink and jog right on oot ae the club. The only guy worth keepin is Del and av nae idea how he can work wae yous lot.
  11. Agree wae this in a well ran club but the problem wae Ardeer is that oor committee is mainly made up fae family and they seem tae think its their club. Theres 2 gid reasons why potential candidates wouldnae join that committee. The first is that oor committee is toothless when it comes tae raisin cash since Cookie n the Cat left as they done aw the fundraisin thumselves. The second is that oor committee is mare interested in havin a piss up than runnin the club right. Aboot no havin money. Again when Cookie n the Cat wiz here we ran a weekly super 6s and had gid fundraisers whit raised loads ae cash. Sadly and because naebudy knew where the dosh went, the super 6s folded cause nabudy would put money in. The bit aboot the players. It`s a known fact that Cookie n Cat had some really gid players playing for pennies or nuhin cause they knew the club wiz headin in the rite direction. Sadly most the players are away noo cause were in a mess an the rest are likely tae follow soon. Oor committee can duck n dive an try tae blame everybuddy n thur granny. The truth is that they have killed the club over the last few years oan their watch and will keep daein it until it folds. The only people who defend thum on here noo is thumselves (Markaa) or thur boy (hahahahahahahahaha). Honestly, Ye just cannae embarrass these folk.
  12. People who would put the club and team before themselves, which hasn`t been the case for a long long time. The present committee is full of family members and most of them think that the club belongs tae them. The Manager has been an excellent servant tae us but he`s very limited in the job and in recruiting players who are able to play at the level required. The assistant manager has been a leach of the club Secretary since he came to us and hasn`t got a clue about management at junior level but walks around the place as if hes Alan Sugar in his committe role / Alex Ferguson in his assistant managers role. Look over the last few years. This committee has blamed at least the previos 3 management teams at the club and during that time this same committee is still running oor team like a Sunday pub outfit (no offence to some sunday teams cause there ran better). Its never them and they dont take accountability for where we are the now. The most productive thing the committee ever done was 2 year ago, when they brought in somebody who knew the game inside oot and things were happening on and off the park. We even got promotion for the 1st time ever and had a few very good players while gettin rid of the rubbish. 12 months on fae Cookie n the Cat leavin and look where we are. The good players have mostly left and the rubbish has returned. We are in fact close to foldin because we arnae able tae attract players except for the same rubbish that we used tae have. Its about time this committee said enoughs enough an stepped aside tae gave others a chance. But the only way anyone will come ito Ardeer is if we clear the decks and that means every member ae that committee goin as its useless fae top tae bottom. Dont bother askin who will come in, as the interested people will only come in if or when the whole present committee goes. Threson for this is only because ae what happened last year when Mr Ardeer (who thinks the team belongs tae him) resigned and then withdrew his resignation when he realised the club would go on without him an his hangers oan. Al no be wastin any mare ae ma cash until yous are away as yees are a disgrace tae Ardeer n the toon. A said it already an will say it again. These guys would rather see the club go than thaem. Yees are a disgrace every wan ae yees.
  13. Just a waterlogged pitch. Was speaking to family in Kilwinning and apparently the rains been torrential during the night and still raining now. Ardeer Thistle Website! I'm anaspeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulation. Strange that the park wiz waterlogged when aw the local parks wur playable. Word aroon the toon wiz that we couldane field a team. Said it already - we are a shambles an time tae stop defendin this lifeless committee n management team. They made a baws ae it a year ago when Cookie n the Cat resigned an luck where we are noo. Time they put the club n team 1st an stood doon, cause they cannae attract people n players as long as their there. But its like loads a folk are sayin - they would rather see the club fold than walk away !!!!!
  14. Same auld Same auld Put it tae the test and we will see or have ye no got the baws tae dae it !!!!!
  15. Aye yur richt enough matey a couldane fin the Ardeer yin so just added they nuggets fae Irvine. Ma opinion is the same as loads ae others who have seen the team faw tae bits. We need tae get rid ae the committee n management team if wur ever tae get back tae where we wur a year ago. Cannae see that hapnin though, cause its aw aboot them rather than the team.
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