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  1. If he takes a season out, his 8k is gone anyway.
  2. Proud of yourself? You're the type that will solve the problem of no fans being allowed in when Queen Nicola stops all games at our level.
  3. Yes there is. 53 at the last count.
  4. The WRSJFA is finished this season. So why would they need to relegate or promote anyone. Where were they relegating or promoting them to?
  5. The way I see it, if it had been 17 in year 1, the aim would have been to finish in the top 13. Any below that go into tier 7. It's been pushed up to 20, (the reason behind it is irrelevant) so now the aim is still to finish in the top 13. Any below still go into tier 7. Get it done in one year and we can then move on with the structure that it was always meant to be.
  6. Haven't seen the document, but assuming the leagues formed out of the conferences would be 16, 16 & 17 if 5 relegated from Premiership. That would mean in the following season, if another 5 are relegated from the Premiership that it would be 5 relegated from tier 7 and 5 relegated from tier 8 to keep it at those numbers. But even if you're correct, it's a bit unfair for the teams that put in a lot of hard work in the conferences to get to tier 7 only to be faced with 5 relegation spots in season 2. Just to favour the Premiership teams.
  7. Surely if it's to be 5 down that's a bit unfair on the conference teams. In season two it will need to be 5 relegations in each of the top 3 leagues to keep them inline. To me that would look like favouring the Premiership teams again. Why? They pushed for 20 this season so they should have thought about the consequences of getting back to 16.
  8. I've heard it's to be either 7 or 5 relegations after first season. Clubs to vote on it. What's the feelings on this? Has there been anything from the Wosfl about pros and cons?
  9. There you all go again, can't wait to wade into me with your big tackety Boots. Some of you are Sofa King obvious.
  10. Oh, I don't know. I poked the wasps nest with a stick and got them upset.
  11. Please pack this in, the humour has a limited Range.
  12. I know fine well what the truth is, as do you. You didn't get what you hoped for and your club has the Covid to thank for saving it's arse. But once order is returned, I'm quite sure that your club's true level will be sorted out.
  13. Exactly that. Their bluff got called.
  14. Why was that then? To save time, I'll tell you. The LL-WoSFL didn't want everyone.
  15. What they wanted was what you promised from the outset. Join the Pyramid, play the same teams you've always played, nothing changes. And that's what happened, unfortunately for those that thought they'd end up in a cherrypicked league.
  16. Just like the choices my maw gave me at dinner, "Take it or leave it."
  17. I think that you're missing the point. If the Junior Cup was left with just North and East competing it would have faded into insignificance. Keeping the West involved keeps it as the biggest cup in lower league football.
  18. So why didn't you wait then?
  19. He uses the word - destroy, instead of the word - disregard, and you've got him hung drawn and quartered as corrupt. He used terminology from a bygone era, that's all. A phrase from a time when minutes were actually printed out and if they were found to be inaccurate were "destroyed" and replaced with an amendment attached.
  20. Nice to see you've already got the gallows built. From my reading of it, they wanted to go with null and void plus also submitting an entrant to the SFA cup. They were informed that it would not be accepted by the SFA, so they revised their decision because the decision could not be upheld. Don't see anything remotely shady about any of it. Chisholm was the President and was in contact with the SJFA and the SFA about it. He would have been hung out to dry if he hadn't divulged the information and Talbot later appealed the decision of null and void. I'm also quite sure that they know exactly who leaked it. But they want the inquiry to confirm it.
  21. I wouldn't be looking at someone on the email list of recipients, but someone on that list might have an email address that others in his club have access to. It looks to me that they have hung their own delegate out to dry in their desperation to have a go at the Regions committee and/or Talbot. It shouldn't be too hard to work out who would have motivation to do so. Perhaps they'll have the courage to come out with an explanation of their actions. I wouldn't bet on that though.
  22. They're struggling for news then if that's came as a shock.
  23. No what I mean is here come some more Juniors haters to blindly back you up.
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