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  1. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Nah, it's just that he hates your club more than he hates them.
  2. Sectional League Cup Final

    Assuming Pollok were 1 of the 8, what's the guesses on the other 7. I'm guessing Meadow, Maryhill, Cambuslang, Beith, Ladeside, Benburb, Troon. If that's right, I'd say Pollok is the right choice. Also what is the Lesmahagow input that was taken into consideration? Perhaps Hong Kong Phooey could let us know.
  3. Sectional League Cup Final

    But, surely, if the 8 that did apply were the aforementioned 'usual suspects' then it would seem that the 'blazers' as you call them had little choice. Despite the fact that they opened it up to others with no success. It seems to me that it's the clubs that missed the bus here. Kennie asked the clubs and only got 8 replies. What more is he meant to do?

    A sent off manager or coach only needs to go behind the barriers and move at least 30 yards away from the technical area. It is no longer a requirement that he must go to the dressing rooms. Something to do with health and safety, I believe.
  5. Sectional League Cup Final

    This place just keeps on giving. Nicotina comes on with a spelling lesson and then spells Ayrshire wrong.
  6. What’s happening @ Girvan?

    Willie Hill Big Scottish
  7. Tonight's Games

  8. shocking accusation

    Danman heard a Kello player call a Rossvale player a fairy. It offended Danman's feelings and the poor wee snowflake lost the plot and started a thread about his indignation.
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    At least yer idle because of a football match and not a wee cycle race.
  10. The Correct punishment ??

    Given that it was a game between Rossvale and Kello, I doubt very much if the perpetrator knew the victim at all never mind his sexuality. Is this just not a case of some ill chosen words directed at a player who has perhaps, or at least in the mind of the perpetrator, fallen over in a dramatic fashion to gain a free kick. ie, "Ah never touched ye, ya fairy". Or such like. Maybe a wee bit stronger but perhaps not the 'homophobic rant' that's being implied.
  11. More fixture farce

    So you commented with smiley faces on something that doesn't exist. Curious. But moving on, I seen on Twitter that Mr Fixtures was at EKT game on Wednesday. He even invited people to go and have a chat. Did any of you actually speak to him or do you just do your moaning from the safety of this forum?
  12. More fixture farce

    Good news coming from Cambuslang. I've heard that they've got a mascot to entertain everyone at all their away games.
  13. More fixture farce

    And yet, I'm the moron. Unless Mr Fixture Guy has discovered the secret of time travel, how is he meant to fix that?
  14. More fixture farce

    Can you answer this moron's question though? It's not an argument, I'm just asking a question.
  15. More fixture farce

    1. They weren't. Get over it. 2. Clydebank got the fixture. Get over it. 3. They were out and removed with good reason. Get over it. You're like a big wean standing greetin in the playground cos a big boy burst yer balloon n left ye wae a bit of string. But, I'll ask again, what is it you want him to do about your away fixtures?