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  1. West Region Fixture Update

    The original post was about Fixture Updates in the West region, yet you had to bring in the pyramid. Why? Answer - cos nobody else is talking about it. Nobody cares. The last topic on the pyramid has disappeared off the 1st page.
  2. Glens v ladeside

    Roadworks have been postponed due to the yellow weather warning. Closing on Saturday at 8pm.
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    Aye, and look at them now. Shiting themselves at the thought of the Juniors, especially the West Region, coming in and upsetting their gravy train, that they're trying to promote the idea of a LL2. Thereby preserving their status as a senior league and their own continuation in that league.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    All that needs to happen is for the former members of the ERSJFA to rejoin the Juniors and the EOSFL will end up back on the edge of the abyss they were staring into before the defectors saved them from extinction. The feed into the LL will then be a true Pyramid of East and West.
  5. West Championship 24th November

    FFS. I never noticed that before, but you're right, he should be sacked immediately, then hung, drawn and quartered directly before the next Marymass Derby game.
  6. Just the juniors radio show

    Phone them up and ask if you can join him in the studio. That'd be a good programme to listen in to.
  7. West Fixtures

    So you'd rather cancel 2 Saturday fixtures and end up playing Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at the tail end of the season.
  8. West Fixtures

    Pie and Bovril is really great, just when you think you've found a reasonable, worthwhile and pertinent thread, the primary school kids get hold of it and turn it into the usual pish.
  9. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Nah, it's just that he hates your club more than he hates them.
  10. Sectional League Cup Final

    Assuming Pollok were 1 of the 8, what's the guesses on the other 7. I'm guessing Meadow, Maryhill, Cambuslang, Beith, Ladeside, Benburb, Troon. If that's right, I'd say Pollok is the right choice. Also what is the Lesmahagow input that was taken into consideration? Perhaps Hong Kong Phooey could let us know.
  11. Sectional League Cup Final

    But, surely, if the 8 that did apply were the aforementioned 'usual suspects' then it would seem that the 'blazers' as you call them had little choice. Despite the fact that they opened it up to others with no success. It seems to me that it's the clubs that missed the bus here. Kennie asked the clubs and only got 8 replies. What more is he meant to do?

    A sent off manager or coach only needs to go behind the barriers and move at least 30 yards away from the technical area. It is no longer a requirement that he must go to the dressing rooms. Something to do with health and safety, I believe.
  13. Sectional League Cup Final

    This place just keeps on giving. Nicotina comes on with a spelling lesson and then spells Ayrshire wrong.
  14. What’s happening @ Girvan?

    Willie Hill Big Scottish
  15. Tonight's Games