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  1. Jon with just the juniors presenters Bill Kilgour & Gary Pews on last night show if you miss it you see it on RockSport Facebook or if want to listen goto rocksportradio.co.uk check the pod and you will hear it there
  2. With the manager of Fauldhouse united Job Connelly
  3. Tonight we are streaming live through Facebook why on click on rocksport radio and watch the show as it happens. Live from 8pm
  4. Guys this week's studio guest is the fauldhouse united gaffer Jon Connelly so get your questions in before Thurs or you can text the show on the night (details to follow)
  5. Robert Tony side stepped the best cup of tea question lol
  6. Hi guys if your game is off and you are looking for something to do this afternoon then why not go to rocksportradio.co.uk and then go to the pod and listen to last night's show.
  7. Lol yip you can by texting Rocksport followed by your message to a short code number 60777 it's just your standard rate or if you have a package it's free hope this helps
  8. Just a wee reminder that just the Juniors are live from 8pm this Friday with our special guest Tony McInally the Pollok manager
  9. This Friday on just the juniors we have Pollok manager Tony McInally as our studio guest to take a look back at last week's results also a look at the forthcoming league and cup fixtures. All coming your live from 8pm this Friday on Rocksport radio with Bill Kilgour & Gary Pews You can listen online at rocksportradio.co.uk, D.A.B digial radio or on tune in as well as Twitter and facebook just search rocksportradio
  10. Thanks for your kind words Robert it's good that we have two shows that are promoting the juniors mate
  11. I have had two managers from Armadale and Bathgate on the show and we hope to have the fauldhouse manager on in a few weeks the main problem is the we are based in Glasgow and the guys find it tough to get through for the show but we will keep trying so stay tuned.
  12. Hi guys if you missed the show on Friday night why not head to our website and go to the menu and click on the pod and look for the just the juniors and have a listen
  13. Just the juniors is back tonight with our special guest Rab Sneddon in the studio as we take a look back at last weekend results and looking ahead to Saturdays fixtures and much more live from 8pm at rocksportradio.co.uk Hope you have time to listen if not then head along to the podbean app and look for Rocksport and you can listen again from Sunday onwards
  14. No there should be the 23rd and 30th there I will check and see what has happened and get back to you
  15. It's on the website at Rocksportradio.co.uk on the menu click pod and it should be there
  16. Just the juniors are back tonight live from 8pm on Rocksport.co.uk with Forth Wanderers manager Jamie McKenzie we are on DAB Digital radio and online as well as tune in it would be good to have you tune in to the show.
  17. No not yet we are waiting on tune in to upload our stream but hopefully it will be sorted by next week
  18. Just the juniors radio show is on Rocksport radio cover central Scotland on dab digital radio and online at Rocksportradio.co.uk live from 8pm tonight and every Friday night throughout the season Our studio guest tonight is Armadale manager Derek Strickland
  19. Was it a case of dummies out the pram if so their dummy supplier mother care will not be to happy
  20. Sounds a joke if that's why they left the park after all it's a man's game and tackling is allowed
  21. How's Johnstoneburgh Park looking anyone
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