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  1. Scott Burns reckons it's Murray. I think we can probably take that to the bank.
  2. "Right Alex, thanks again for the sponsorship, that's us ready to get that new sign up. Did you have a preference for the font?" "Aye, could you get the one that Blue Öyster Cult used for the cover of On Your Feet Or On Your Knees?" "Of course!"
  3. I'm not sitting anywhere other than the South Stand until they change the typeface on that dreadful "Penman Family Stand" sign that's stuck to its roof. I refuse to look at it.
  4. If Murray can bring Dylan Easton with him, that might tip the balance.
  5. There were definitely worse names thrown around. Feels like Thomson will either be brilliant or dreadful, whereas Murray is more likely to just be fine and keep things ticking over with a slow build.
  6. Unsurprisingly, that's Matej Poplatnik been released by Livingston. He might've caught a bit of form at the tail end of the season, but I don't think there's any question that he didn't show enough quality for the Premiership.
  7. I know folk are fed up with me wanging on about club communication, but just compare and contrast these two: Football Management Update The club confirms that we have shortlisted applicants for the football management position and have started the recruitment process. Interviews have been taking place, with more scheduled. We have been overwhelmed at the number of candidates and delighted with the quality that applied to be Raith Rovers First Team manager. The club will look to make a final decision and to announce the appointment of our new manager next week. A Short Recruitment Update Hi everyone, After receiving a huge number of really impressive applications for the role of First Team manager, I’m pleased to confirm that we’ve whittled them down to a shortlist of candidates that we're taking into the next stage of the recruitment process. A number of interviews have already taken place, with more scheduled for this week. We’ll make our final decision after the last of those, and I expect we’ll be able to reveal the identity of our new manager by the middle of next week. I’d like to thank you for your patience as we conduct this thorough process, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important we do everything it takes to get the right person to take us forward. Steven MacDonald - Chairman Materially, it's exactly the same information, but putting a name on it at least gives the process a bit of a face and some perceived accountability (even if the Chairman is away on a golfing holiday). It just feels a bit more like you're being given an update by someone who wants you to know what's going on, as opposed to a cold, anodyne notice. It's a really minor change, it took me two minutes to rehash that, but it can make a huge difference to how people feel about the communication they're getting.
  8. I'd generally refrain from describing myself as "overwhelmed" but it's good that we've got something from the club explaining that we won't hear anything until next week. People were only ever going to get more disgruntled if there was prolonged silence (hi, Pars fans!).
  9. Would it be dreadfully boring of me to suggest that an update from the club to that effect, without naming names, would be nice?
  10. Tab Ramos is not a name I expected to see on the McBookie list. Make it happen.
  11. They've put that hashtag on everything recently. It made a lot more sense at the front end of the season. I'd love to think it's a coded reference to him staying, but I'd be surprised at this point. I think the best we can hope for right now is that he's fucked off for a fortnight in the sun somewhere and doesn't intend to speak to anyone about his future until he's back. Without a manager, I don't think we look like a very attractive option. Just taking yesterday's playoff result into account, he'll almost certainly get more money at the same level for Queen's Park. Our hope for keeping him is a new manager who can sell him on a "vision", and even that's probably quite a slim hope.
  12. Whoever the manager is, I think the market for players just got even tougher. Another team who can offer higher wages than we can and Championship football, in addition to the clubs in the league below who might be able to outbid us.
  13. Oaft, serious shades of "she's an ugly cow anyway", whilst going round her house at night and sitting in the car outside quietly weeping.
  14. That was an exceedingly soft penalty, and frankly it shouldn't have been awarded solely on the nick of the striker's hair.
  15. Aye, it's one of those stock phrases that makes its way into these kinds of statements. It's like when managers (and loads of other people, in fairness) say "myself" rather than "me" because they think it sounds more professional and business-like when actually it just sounds weird. "It's been a really tough season for myself", stuff like that. These are daft things that stick out and annoy me personally, but I'm in no way equating these stylistic choices with the fundamental communication issues coming from the Rovers that we've all discussed at length over the past few months.
  16. It's a really, really minor thing but "The Club will make no further comment at this time" really bugs me, when any club does it. Yeah no shit, it's a written statement. I know you're not making any further comment when I get to the end of it. I didn't think there was a "PTO" and it continued overleaf.
  17. What we should really do is get to the Champions League group stage.
  18. Hey, at least people put their names to your club statements.
  19. I'd be surprised if this was anything more than, at this stage, Thomson maybe being the "lead" candidate but there'll still be interviews to come and budget discussions that'll have a bit part to play. I think Thomson is the right kind of profile though. He's well thought of, and although he's been working in League Two, you'd think he'd have a decent idea of the quality in the Championship given Kelty's budget. I have a real fear that we bring in a manager who doesn't know the Championship well enough and makes a hash of retaining our existing players, let alone bringing in new ones. I'd still like to see a Director of Football type role created too. The nature of a manager like Thomson (and pretty much all managers now, really) is that they'll be around for three years max. Either he'll be shite and he'll get binned or he'll succeed and move on. He doesn't even need to be that successful to be poached by the likes of a St Mirren or a St Johnstone, given how often jobs at that level open up. What we need is some form of continuity and the ability to plan for the medium term. We can't be caught in this position again where more or less the entire football department (two blokes) leaves.
  20. Low on specifics but high on confidence from the Courier.
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