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  1. Carson has been excellent against us the last few times, sad to see him missing out for such a reason. I agree with the prior poster who thought Ethan Ross would stay on the bench. While I wouldn't be shocked to see him start, I don't think McGlynn will want to leave out either Connolly or Zanatta at this stage. Having Ross and and an invigorated Poplatnik to come off the bench feels like a significant upgrade on our alternatives a month or two ago. Despite our Caley Thistle hoodoo, we should be full of confidence going into this one.
  2. I've got no idea what Tam O'Brien was thinking standing on Poplatnik like that. Slow motion replays sometimes make things look more calculated than they were in the moment, but it looks every bit the deliberate act. It's definitely a standing on rather than a stamp, but if an official sees that I'm almost certain they'd send him off. If only there had been one within three or four yards...
  3. I'm not convinced that "it's all run by volunteers!" is a valid defence for something that the club is charging £18 (?) for. If it's run by volunteers and given away for free then there's no right to complain, but once you stick a price tag on it there's a reasonable expectation that it at least be on a par (no pun intended) with others at the same level and a similar price point.
  4. Oh, you're one of those funny joke posters? Sorry, don't mind me, you carry on.
  5. What was that, then, just a random non-sequitur? I'm not Dick Campbell's biggest fan, not by a long chalk, but it's fucking wild to be throwing that level of criticism at him at this moment in time.
  6. It's infuriating. You've got these folk huffing away and moaning at the defence knocking it about, "get it up the park!" and then when the ball does go long and TOB heads it away or a 70 yard pass goes out of play, they're throwing their arms in the air and greeting about that too. The players aren't perfect. You can want them to play nice football but risk losing it close to goal, or you can want them to go direct and risk losing their headers or it going wayward. (Or, preferably, you could back whatever the manager chooses) Don't throw your toys out the pram when they do exactly what you've been screaming for and it doesn't work. At the very least, to paraphrase my mother, keep your mouth shut and naebdy'll ken you're stupit.
  7. Came on to say the same thing. That's the best game he's had for us. Should've done better when he was played through, but I think he's still just in his own head a wee bit. A striker in form takes it first time and goes across the keeper.
  8. If the boy at the back of the South Stand, who keeps calling anyone and everyone "a cunt", wants to spend his Saturdays at the pictures instead, I'll buy his popcorn.
  9. For all the talk of Nouble he's been involved very rarely in a positive sense, beyond one great touch to take control of a loose pass. Michael McKenna has looked much more dangerous, albeit without really getting a huge number of chances either. It's been far from our most comfortable first half performance of the season, but we've mostly kept Arbroath at arm's length. A little less knicker-wetting from some in the South Stand and it'd feel a little better too. Most of our forays up the park have come to an end with Varian on the ground and the referee looking away nonplussed, but we've knocked it about very well at times. The interplay within the midfield and with the fullbacks has been excellent.
  10. Varian's getting nothing out of the referee. They've all been shouts that you could debate so I'm not crying conspiracy, but he's going to need to adjust his game to suit. "Shove 'um back!" as the man says.
  11. Varian ahead of Poplatnik is a bold choice, once again. I don't know if it's a case of seeing Varian as a sort of false nine, who's presence makes more room for the likes of Zanatta and Connolly. You'd expect to see Poplatnik sooner rather than later if things aren't going our way, certainly.
  12. I was surprised to see MacDonald on the corners last night. He was at least third in the pecking order for set pieces last year, and we were struggling for decent deliveries for large parts of the season. His best moments for us came from overlapping his winger and hitting the byline, and arriving late when the cross was coming in from the other side. I think you could see in the last twenty minutes at Stark's how dangerous he can be in that scenario. His defending wasn't ever quite as good as his attacking, although it would be rewriting history to suggest he wasn't absolutely solid at a bare minimum. I'm surprised he's struggling as much as he is.
  13. Mullin should be away there. The rest are all fair enough bookings for pushy shouty aggression but he's got his hands up.
  14. We owed Cowden compensation on account of how much training and development they'd given him. I wonder if we might be able to get a refund on that.
  15. Would a five figure fee for Ethan Ross be the most the Rovers have spent on a transfer since Paul Hartley in 1997? Other than an undisclosed fee for Kieran MacDonald which wasn't rumoured to be much, and a "four figure fee" for Craig Winter from Dumbarton, I can't think of any others this side of the millennium we've actually handed over cash for.
  16. If they sack Grant soon I'm sure Petrie can get them up to ninth by the end of the season.
  17. Ethan Ross has signed for the Rovers until the end of season 2023/24, after leaving Aberdeen in the summer. He'd toured about a few different places but hadn't signed up, largely because of the compensation due to Aberdeen, if reports are to be believed. Something of a coup for the Rovers to get this one over the line.
  18. If we had a squad of 19 or 20 fit and fighting first-teamers I'd probably agree with you, but as it stands, it's a case of better-the-devil-you-know, for me. While BRS might not win any player of the year awards, he's a known quantity. We've got enough to do in January without taking a gamble on a like-for-like replacement for him too.
  19. I think that's the right choice. Provides continuity through January when we'll likely have to make at least a couple of moves already, but I'm not convinced he's done enough to warrant anything beyond the end of the season.
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