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  1. If we win this, and Thistle somehow lose to Cove Rangers, we might get a slightly exciting run in. As things stand at the moment, though, it feels like our season ended on Sunday.
  2. How about I give you minimum wage and ask you to go wading into a group of coked up young guys who are throwing fireworks about? Edit: The tone of this is more confrontational (ironically) than I ended. My point is that stewards are essentially just living scarecrows in a situation like this. They're punters in high vis jackets with the hope that that puts off any potential bother. Once bother starts, though, you've just got a teenager with little training and less power. They're doing f**k all, and I'm with them wholeheartedly.
  3. I think if we had a second Isma to sub on for the first one after an hour, we'd have won that game.
  4. The first half was terrible, but the second half was really just a return to what we saw time and again in the first half of the season. Four (or five, or six) attacking midfielders milling around the edge of the box, crying out for a big number 9 to just stick the ball in the net. Isma might well have managed it, but he looked knackered after a first half of running around under high balls whilst nobody else got near him. It's very frustrating, and it's largely due to the profile of the players we've got available rather than individual failings from those players, but it absolutely has to be addressed in the summer.
  5. Hard to be too bothered by that, to be honest. Play that second half 100 times and we score by hook or by crook in about 95 of them. You've just got to congratulate Accies. There are things we could've done differently, of course. I'd have had Ngwenya on for Dick the second the red card came out, for one, but ultimately that wasn't an embarrassment or anything. The Rovers created enough chances to win two games but bad luck and astonishing goalkeeping kept them out. These things happen. You take it on the chin and you move on. Enjoy it, Accies.
  6. This is one of the all time great backs-to-the-wall performances.
  7. Four separate Accies injuries, two which required subs meant six minutes of injury time. And the game kicked off at 4.15pm, not 4pm as advertised some places.
  8. As bad as we've been, you can see in this stoppage time where our route back into the game is. Accies can be stretched and we can get men forward and into the box. Need much more quality in the middle, though. Spencer has been so far off it, Vaughan, Easton and Stanton aren't doing enough to get close enough to Goncalves to actually form an attacking unit. I'd change Vaughan for Connolly at half time. If Vaughan is going to spend his time floating about on the wing, we might as well get someone who's better at doing that on. It's a long way from over. Hamilton have basically had one chance and took their goal from it. As much as we've still been giving them plenty encouragement, it's not like we're being pinned back. If we can avoid throwing another one away early doors, we should be able to dial up the pressure somewhat as the half goes on.
  9. Neither Vaughan or Stanton is getting anywhere near close enough to Isma. Last week worked so well because he was working off, and giving back, short passes. We're back to asking him to work wonders 30 yards out by himself again.
  10. We'd gotten slightly better in possession in the last five minutes, but we've still been defending like a bunch of guys who've never met before. I don't think you could say "the goal's been coming" because I think that's the first real shot at goal, but we'd certainly given Accies a lot of encouragement. There's only one side here that looks like it's had to rejig twice already.
  11. We've not settled well at all yet. Neither Brown or Spencer has managed two consecutive touches.
  12. Aye. Don't want to get all Old Firm about it but it does seem daft that some fans have been locked out of this when there are entire sections free.
  13. Can't be many games this season where we've had two (arguably three, although it's not an argument I'd make) legitimate attacking options on the bench.
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