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  1. Thistle need another goal. They can't go into the 38 minutes of stoppage time with just the one goal lead.
  2. That's another one where I've no idea whether it's a penalty by the letter of the law or not anymore, but it shouldn't be a penalty. Graham doesn't know enough about it, it's not particularly changing the path of the ball given its going to crash into their bodies anyway. There's no advantage gained, he can't really avoid it. It shouldn't be penalised.
  3. Some fucking amount of time just to decide whether or not to send the ref to the monitor. Has Greg Aitken got himself stuck on HDMI2 or something?
  4. What the f**k is Cancola doing? Does he slip? Absolute madness if he chose to dive in like that.
  5. John Potter is away on holiday so I think we might get a wee lull for at least a few days.
  6. I think McGlynn was really keen on Robinson a couple of seasons back, but we couldn't compete with Killie's offer. Having just looked there, I'm surprised to see he's only 31. I thought he was at least a couple of years older than that. Less than 1,000 minutes of football in each of the last two seasons doesn't speak to a great resilience, though. I suspect someone in the Championship will take the gamble on him, but I doubt it'll be us.
  7. Bayern Munich had a swastika on their badge between 1938 and 1945. Gordon Brown must've been delighted when they beat us (if I'm following the logic of this argument correctly).
  8. "He lies to pensioners" is absolutely the funniest possible thing you could accuse Gordon Brown of. I'm poorless.
  9. I was surprised Barrowman bothered to respond to that "raith_fan_page" and such a bad faith argument, but it's to his credit that he did.
  10. A "fair few" more signings before we even begin pre-season!? Cocaine really is a hell of a drug.
  11. I'd used Fanbase before so maybe having an existing account made it easier, but that was entirely painless. I'm far from ready to part with a physical 'ticket' though. More than happy to pay an extra fiver to be able to have that in my actual wallet!
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