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  1. Also, just a wee reminder, you can sign up for Roary's Lotto online from between £4 and £20 a month. The prize pots are already predetermined, so all of your money goes straight to the club, and you've got a chance of a win.
  2. Given the demographics of the Main Stand, and the coronavirus' penchant for targeting the elderly, you might just find you've got the whole place to yourself.
  3. I preferred Brian Graham's style at Firhill, counting off the seconds on his fingers. He got the full ten!
  4. Hard to argue with what anyone's saying about Malcolm. I predicted Forfar would crumble if the Rovers got a second, but they looked defeated before that. Rarely have I seen a team so totally not arsed at 2-0 down. Very much the case that the Rovers gave away a goal at the end, rather than Forfar scored one, if that isn't complete gibberish.
  5. Not sure what happened at the end there, Forfar looked so unlikely to do anything that I'd stopped paying attention when the ball was in the Rovers half. I'm going to guess... miscommunication between Bene and Munro.
  6. Armstrong off for Baird is a bit of a surprise, was expecting MacLean. But he has scored immediately, so that's nice. We've been terrible since half time, too.
  7. Spencer really isn't at the races. And if Munro and Bene don't start talking, and listening, to one another something awful is going to happen.
  8. As dominant a half of football as we've had in a while. Not a huge number of chances, but a lot of looking reasonably dangerous. Bowie has been a half second too fast or too slow in just about everything he's attempted. It'll come. A second goal and I think Forfar would crumble to bits, but there's always a bit of jeopardy with our back five as it is at the moment. I said before the game I'd have Tait in for Spencer, and I stand by that. I think he'd give us a little more movement and passing between the lines. Spencer has been just a wee bit too lateral first half.
  9. I'd have brought Tait back in for Spencer, but happy enough with that line up. Obviously I'd also have started David McGurn, and would continue to do so until he's picking up his pension, but I can understand why McGlynn chooses not to.
  10. Mark McCallum man. With all our goalkeeping problems, I get huge pangs of jealousy every time I see his name on a team sheet. With all due respect to Forfar, surely its about time he fucked off somewhere else?
  11. Not even remotely close to a foul on the goalkeeper. If anything, he only makes contact with Davidson, who's a hell of a lot closer to dealing with the danger, despite a worse starting position, and the disadvantage of not being able to use his bloody hands.
  12. I don't know why, but I expected more from Falkirk tonight. I was a wee bit fearful going into the game, but the Rovers were comfortably the better side in possession for the majority of the game. Falkirk did have their chances in the first half, but I can't recall Thomson making a save. And then after the Rovers took the lead, Falkirk just disappeared. The Rovers started to look really dangerous and nothing was coming back at them. Thomson's injury was the defining point in the game, and quite possibly in this title race. I don't know how his stats stack up versus Munro, but he's navigated a difficult winter very well, and his kicking alone makes him a much, much better fit for this Rovers team. That shakeup gave Falkirk a bit of belief, along with Miller coming on, but the goal was far too easy. Couldn't see it in great detail from the other end, but it looked like a cross into the six yard box. Munro might be up to four or five of those conceded now. Not good enough. From then on, it went back to both teams being more inclined to take the safe option rather than the gamble, although chances did come and go. A couple of goalmouth scrambles could've led to something for the Rovers, and Matthews possibly should've done better when he scuffed a shot at the near post. Falkirk had one massive chance when someone (McManus again?) blazed over the bar with a lot of goal to aim at. It probably goes without saying, but this Rovers team are ten times better on a decent pitch and out of a gale force wind. MacDonald had another decent game at left back and looked like he's over whatever niggle he had. Miller provides much needed balance at right back, and the two centre halfs were both comfortable with the ball at their feet, and passed well enough, stepping out when necessary. It's probably time to bring Tait back into the midfield. I really like Spencer, but he doesn't offer enough variety alongside Hendry and Matthews. Tait just has a wee bit of sparkle. Armstrong looks like he's getting back into a groove. He'll tear a team apart one day soon. Bowie had his best game in a while, the rest at Dumbarton possibly doing him a world of good. MacLean's finish was excellent. More evidence that if you can create chances, he'll put them away more often than not. So it's all still to play for, and I imagine it'll stay that way. I don't think either side is good enough or bad enough for the yap to be more than three points going into the final day. I just hope the loss of Thomson doesn't tip things in Falkirk's favour.
  13. If you'll forgive me the cheap joke, Munro couldna catch Coronavirus. If Thomson's injury is as serious as it inevitably seems to be, we'll lose a lot more than just tonight's two points.
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