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  1. I'd leave him out of the game at Inverness, then give him 180 minutes against Cove and Peterhead. From there, decide whether or not to keep him in the starting line up, or whether it's better to start with two of the more established centre halfs and let him win his place back with continuous development at training.
  2. Very much hoisted by our own petard today. Dundee didn't have to work for the first two goals, and the game was effectively over by half time. We improved a touch in the second half, and definitely should've had a penalty. Dundee proved with the third goal, however, that they've got a level of quality that we just don't have. As much as they were a little overrun early doors, I like that midfield three of Hendry, Matthews and Spencer. Already looks like a much better balance than any midfield we fielded last season. Victoria and Bowie both look sporadically dangerous, and will cause problems for teams in League One. Regular readers will not be surprised by this, but I'm going to state *yet again* that playing a centre half at full back is a ridiculous notion and it should be stopped immediately. Dave McKay is an excellent prospect, as a central defender. He acquits himself manfully at right back, but he doesn't have the right skill set, especially if we're expecting to dominate possession in games. And finally, I don't imagine Nando is going to enjoy the video analysis in the week, but he was much better after half time. If he can get to grips with the pace of the game, and stop being caught in possession, he'll do fine as a blood and thunder defender. Maybe. Hopefully.
  3. On the one hand, you have to commend the big fella for being brave enough to keep on trying to hold onto the ball for so long...
  4. No idea what's happening with this ref today. Some utterly bizarre behaviour.
  5. All I'm saying is don't write him off on this half alone. We'll have a truer idea of his actual ability in a few months time once we've seen him against some of the other sides in our division. We'll not be playing Dundee every week.
  6. Okay, maybe throwing Mendy in against Dundee wasn't the best idea. Painfully naive defending inside his own box to concede a stonewall penalty there. It's very clear he hasn't played football at this level before. He's taken to his baptism of fire like a font full of kerosene. Take him off at half time, give him some more game time against sides that won't be quite so clinical in punishing his mistakes, and see how he's getting on in a few months time.
  7. He's off the pace of the game by a long way. He'll adapt, I'm sure, it's football in a new country and at a totally different level than he's used to, but right now he's expecting much more time than he's getting. Also, we're fifteen minutes into the season and heads are gone all over the shop. John McGlynn's, chiefly.
  8. Cheers. I was pleased when we signed Miller, but I was growing a little concerned that McGlynn was using him in midfield instead. Very happy to hear he used proper fullbacks for the full 90 tonight.
  9. Difficult to say. Spartans haven't really offered anything at all going forward, so it's been an exercise in keeping the ball. Their keeper has had to make a few good saves in the second half. Up front, Anderson looks more dangerous than Allan, but Allan's hold up play could be very important this year.
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