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  1. Tony Dingwall, Joao Victoria and Lewis Allan only left the club in July. July last year. Feels like a good three or four years ago.
  2. One regular day of Ladbrokes Scottish Professional Football League Premiership Playoffs Final First Leg, that's all I ask for.
  3. In fairness alot of the team that was around Nisbet where hopeless. Could see us going after Turner from the pars. Has played well with Spencer in the past and although not the same level of hendry, is more than capable when he has a manager who trusts him. I've been wondering about this one too. Turner clearly doesn't have a future with the Pars, but he's certainly good enough for the Championship. I suspect his availability might well hinge on whether or not Airdrie get past Morton, though.
  4. And deservedly so. Maybe only the second or third time I've voted for the man of the match, but I felt it was only right that Mendy got the recognition last night. With all the available evidence, you'd have to say he hasn't proven himself as a Championship level centre half, but he showed last night that he's not the calamity that some would have you believe. McGlynn wouldn't have kept him around if that was the case. He'll move on in the summer, but he'll go with everyone's best wishes. His story is an inspiring one, and I hope he gets the success he's earned wherever he goes next.
  5. Leaving aside that purple patch (and it was clearly a purple patch) from Manny Duku right at the start, we haven't had a number 9 of any quality all season. We've gotten away with it in large part because of the way we play, although it's been apparent in other games where we've struggled to come up with a Plan B. Tonight, when Plan A was to go long and get the ball into the box, it was always going to take a miracle. At times it looked like it might. Had Dundee gone down to ten men, and Adam had two clear "you've seen them given" offences after his yellow, we might had more space and more pressure, but it was always a massive uphill task. Ultimately though, (bedwetters aside) it's impossible to be too disappointed with that. This Rovers side have come up from League One and put on a barnstorming Championship season, playing the best brand of football in the division. It's a tremendous platform for next season. Bill Clark spoke at half time about putting more money into this team. If they can retain the core, and replace a couple of the "gamble" signings with more known quantities, who knows what next season might bring?
  6. "What am I supposed to do?" Try not running with your hands flailing around above your head like you're attracting attention to unbelievable prices on second hand cars, ye fucking mutant.
  7. That's like saying latter day Michael Jackson was looking "a little paler". There's been more long balls in this first 25 minutes than in every other game since McGlynn came back. I still think Dundee will grab a goal on the break at some point and scupper this, but f**k me I love this Rovers side.
  8. I really like Leanne Crichton, but Fernandy Mendy being "impressive throughout the season" is quite the stretch.
  9. We've won by three or more five times this season. Dundee have lost by three twice.
  10. Mendy and Ugwu in for Davo and Spencer. It's effectively a 4-3-3, however you want to cut it. Timmy Abraham doesn't even make the bench. Farewell friend, we hardly knew ye.
  11. For anyone with an incredibly keen interest in former players, Fulham's Under 18s are currently live streaming their final game of the season, where a win will see them lift the title. They're 1-0 up and approaching half-time. Looks like Bowie is playing off the left with a fair amount of free rein to drift where he likes.
  12. Please detail a single positive impact that Adam King has had. I'll accept a good pass, tackle, shot or dribble.
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