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  1. Five of them in the league. And five in the cups, which breakdown as two against League Two sides, two against League One sides, and one against a Premiership side. Whatever else he does or does not to do and with whatever baggage he may or may not bring, Kenny Miller scores goals. With the position we're in, that's an invaluable quality.
  2. Sorry, I've come over all "ITK" there. Apologies. It hasn't been announced anywhere, but I have it on good authority that it's happening. Don't bother looking to see if I have a good track record on these things, I don't think I have had the inside track on a transfer before, ever. But I'm confident that I'm not talking shite, just for a wee change.
  3. Update: It's happening. Quietly pleased with that. He's scored goals everywhere he's been. Interesting to see if we do bring someone else in now. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a proper destructive midfielder come in. Someone to do nothing but protect the defence. I suspect John McGlynn thinks that's the missing link for this side.
  4. Kenny Miller has scored more goals this season than anyone in a Rovers jersey, and at a higher level, too. Definitely a gamble worth taking, in my opinion.
  5. Smash smash smash. Grab grab grab. Montrose set piece breaks down and the ball is launched into the other half. The last defender slips as the ball goes over his head, and Baird has 50 yards to bear down on the goalkeeper. Lennox gets something on it, but only enough to see it run into the path of Tait. His shot isn't brilliant, but goes in off the inside of the post, just.
  6. Bad goalkeeping. Long, speculative ball into the box, Munro half comes, and the forward can head it over him and in off the post. Sigh.
  7. Daylight robbery. First thing Bowie's done all afternoon and it's a beauty. Tait pulls down a high ball in midfield and feeds Bowie in the right channel. He angles in and bends it right into the bottom corner from outside the box. Tremendous technique.
  8. Not having anyone who can even come close to winning a header, outside the back four, is severely limiting our options. Montrose finding it far too easy to shut down our short passes into the midfield, and we haven't come up with a plan B yet.
  9. On paper, it's a 4-2-3-1. Dingwall on the left of the three, Bowie on the right, Tait in the middle. In practice, the midfield "triangle" of Matthews, Tait and Hendry is rotating to let any two go and one stay at any time. And there's a case in point for the opening goal. Matthews had pushed beyond even Baird when the ball broke to him. Lovely finish, lifted over the goalkeeper. We'd looked a wee bit nervy in the first five minutes, but the goal should help settle things.
  10. This was my immediate thought. I can't see anyone in that team playing as an out-and-out winger today. Matthews will sit, while Tait, Dingwall and Hendry will nominally make up the rest of the diamond, I imagine they'll be fairly fluid.
  11. Away back to watching Euan Murray burl around in midfield, ye scamp.
  12. With Shaw leaving permanently to Ross County, I believe that leaves Hibs with only three strikers. You'd have to assume they'll be bringing someone else in, and still need Gullan in reserve. Christ knows what the plan is now. We could really do with another body up top, but it feels like we've already struck a line through the first few entries on John McGlynn's wishlist.
  13. Apologies if this has already been covered, but Steven Anderson now appears on the PFA Scotland "Available Players List". https://pfascotland.co.uk/Membership-Benefits/player-availability-list/ Has there been any whispers from McDiarmid Park to suggest he's been freed? The latest update from the Rovers was that a seemingly innocuous injury he'd picked up was much worse that first thought, and he'd maybe only be back fit for the last couple of weeks of the season.
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