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  1. Shot from 20 yards that might have had a deflection but I'm pretty sure it just went straight through the keeper. The stream itself is garbage so I'm packing it in.
  2. Looks like a fairly flat 4-4-1-1 for this bounce game. I think it's McNeil in goal, back four of Dick/Nolan/O'Riordan/Millen, midfield of Ross/Stanton/Brown/McBride, then Vaughan behind Gullan as the front two.
  3. Talbot have done exactly what they set out to do, which is drop into the final third and limit any space for the Rovers, then play on the break when the opportunity arises. I'd be sorely tempted to take Stanton away and put on either Connell or Frederiksen on, for the long throws as much as anything else. Just gives us another dimension, because we've looked a wee bit short of inspiration. Doesn't help that Vaughan is falling into the same habit as the rest of our lone forwards this season, where he's not getting involved so he drops deep, and we're left with nobody up front.
  4. Just need to be patient here. A lot of attacks are breaking down as they run into the packed defence, but I'm not sure Talbot have had two consecutive touches in the Rovers' half. Easton keeps losing the ball, but it's him trying things that's most likely to create proper chances. Otherwise it's just a lot of passing in front of a bank of five and a bank of four.
  5. I'm surprised Murray hasn't opted for a bit more rotation. I suppose with five subs it's easier to make changes later on if you can get into a comfortable position, but I thought he'd pitch in one or two like McBride and Frederiksen.
  6. I've never seen a game like this. Rovers have been absolutely terrible and, on another day, could've had about seven!
  7. This has been one of the silliest games I've seen in ages. Everything they've hit has gone in!
  8. That's Millen's error but it's Murray's fault. Absolutely chucked it with these subs. No midfield, no way to get the ball out of defence. When it went to three one it had been an even game. We could've gotten back into it. But he made it so much harder by flinging the system into the bin. Even if we'd somehow scored twice after his subs, how were we supposed to see it through to full time? It's the kind of management you'd expect if you put a 12 year old in the dugout.
  9. Queens are already running through our midfield, feels very early to go to three strikers. Has this strategy gained us any points (or even goals?) yet this season?
  10. We were well on top in the period between Connolly and Murray's goals, but haven't done enough outside of that. The second goal is hugely unfortunate, but these things happen. We're being pulled around far too much on the edge of our own box, which led to both the freekick and the chance for Thomas to get a shot away.
  11. Some hit. Hopefully not a return to that mad period where it felt like we conceded from every freekick we faced from a vaguely possible shooting position.
  12. From the moment he got the ball you knew what he was going to do, but it's so difficult to stop. Such a brilliant wee player.
  13. I'll be furious if we get beat tomorrow by a mob with this football philosopher on the coaching staff. "The timing of tomorrow", indeed.
  14. Is it not the case that there was still time to run on that deal (end of this season, end of next?) so you're not just talking about finding a replacement, you're actually having to hand money back to Val McDermid. Doesn't seem like a particularly good use of funds.
  15. That was Laura Andreucci in the video, who's been in the Commercial team for years. Susan Simpson is the director with the HR background who came in relatively recently. Communication from board level has been a massive issue for years. The stuff at team level from RaithTV is so good, it really throws a harsh light on the four or five paragraph unsigned statements that drip out of the boardroom every three to six months, depending on how catastrophic things are.
  16. He was for a long time, but he's listed as "Football Operations Manager" on the Contact Us page of the website, and when he was on that Aberdeen podcast previewing the cup game he was talking about registrations etc as part of his remit. I think he was previously on the Club Staff page too but isn't any more, which would tally with the new guy taking over that side of his duties. Presumably the Contact Us page has just been missed. I feel bad for speculating about it, Niall seems like a stand-up guy, but I don't think this particular move ties in with the CEO side of things at all. Reading between the lines it looks more like Niall has left the football ops side of things and Allan Halliday is stepping in. Whether that means any change to the media side of things, I've no idea, but I don't see that any of this is something Karen Macartney (or any incoming 'CEO' or similar position) would be directly involved in.
  17. Is a lot of that not what Niall Russell was doing previously?
  18. What a weirdly impassioned defence of some sub-standard admin procedures.
  19. I know we beat Thistle 3-0 last week and you'd have to say that despite their current travails they're still better than Accies, but I think today's the best we've played all season. We looked cohesive and deliberate across the park, a very good team, doing good things together.
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