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  1. It sounds like the trialist is Kareem Isiaka, who was unused on Wednesday. That defensive line-up is startlingly uninspiring. There's still plenty time to go, but you're looking at a guaranteed starter coming in to make that seem respectable. Obviously there will be wheels spinning in the background, but I've no idea who that'll be, and I'm increasingly unnerved.
  2. Folks, we've got a highlight reel! As always, totally impossible to tell anything from that, but at least there's something new to speculate about.
  3. Yup. It's a small sample size, but that one-striker-who-only-touches-the-ball-five-times isn't a habit I'd care to take into a second season.
  4. You know half way through the season you get a really brutal game and people say "this is like a friendly"? This is that friendly.
  5. Cheers. Early (for me, anyway) impressions are that Scott Brown will very quickly become a fans favourite, Ross Millen is going to get rinsed by several of this division's wingers, and we're going to spend large parts of the season wasting Ethan Ross out wide to accommodate Dylan Easton, and it might well be worth it. Having seen them now come down to the front of the stand for a warm up, I don't recognise either trialist.
  6. Was Scott Brown wearing the armband on Saturday too, or are they sharing it around waiting for a captain to emerge?
  7. I see all these Scottish exports who went to Hartlepool are at a training camp in Portugal this week, enjoying blazing sunshine. Sometimes you've just got to say... aye, fair enough.
  8. Is that not almost entirely because we played two home games (including a derby) in front of 500?
  9. Ben Williamson was at the Rovers for a fair chunk of last season and was mostly... *shrug* He's fairly versatile, McGlynn used him in a number of roles across the midfield, and then at the very end of the season he got a couple of games up front and scored a double away at Accies. Constantly shifting positions almost certainly didn't help him, but I don't think he ever really performed well enough in any single position to justify a first team place.
  10. Connor Brennan has signed for Stenhousemuir this summer after being at East Kilbride.
  11. Personally I prefer an eleven man system, but I suppose we've got to get used to a new manager with his own ways of working now...
  12. Bit of Twitter chat that Euan Murray is another one going to Hartlepool. Paul Hartley really depleting an already slim market for clubs like us!
  13. He's far from infallible, but I think he fits into exactly the right profile for the central defender we need to bring in, having lost Benedictus and Musonda. He's got a lot of experience at this level whilst still being a really good age, and he does most things well. I imagine there'll be a fair bit of competition for him (and he's probably already got a move lined up) for exactly the reason we should be going to fair lengths to get him; there aren't a lot of these guys out there at the moment.
  14. It'll be interesting to see where he pops up. That's twice now that he's left us to take a step up and found himself more-or-less frozen out because he's not consistent enough to warrant a long run of games. I'd imagine the likes of Morton and Ayr would be intrigued, but I wonder if he might not be better off dropping into League One with Dunfermline or Falkirk and having another shot at running riot every week.
  15. I went back and checked it the other day, and Murray's comments were a little contradictory. He said something like "Frankie's looking elsewhere... And sometimes it's good to make some changes, so you can improve." which gave me the impression that Frankie's departure was much more in the control of the club than Tumilty's was. The proof will be in the pudding, but I think this is a mistake. Ultimately, we can compete with Ayr for players. If Musonda does well there and we let him go, it's on Murray.
  16. I have to say, I think it's a dreadful decision to let Frankie go. Whatever way round the decision was made, we should be able to compete with anything Ayr can offer. Murray might surprise us and bring in a couple of centre halfs who are incredible, but I think Musonda is exactly the kind of solid squad member you can rely on at this level, and I suspect he'll shine if he's given a prolonged run in one position.
  17. Euan Henderson, who did very well on loan at Alloa last year, is almost certainly going to turn up in the Championship as someone's starting striker this year. For the sake of interest, let's just say it's us. #WelcomeHendo
  18. It's definitely a difficult market, there seems to be a real dearth of forwards, particularly for clubs at this level. In the last day or two, Caley have brought in Steven Boyd and Morton have signed Jai Quitongo. With a blank chequebook and all things being equal, I don't think anyone would've looked at either of those two as Championship strikers, let alone good ones. I think that probably speaks volumes about the quality that's available. I think the only other strikers that have signed for Championship clubs this summer are Dipo Akinyemi at Ayr (who's a complete unknown at this level) and Anton Dowds at Thistle. In a normal year, I think you'd be looking at multiple signings with the same approximate profile as Dowds. Ie, players from the division below who've either done well at that level or this one in the recent past. But for various reasons, there just aren't many of those kind of players around. Other than Tomi Adeloye and Matej Poplatnik, I can't think of any other "known" strikers who might resurface in this division, and there's every chance those two will go somewhere completely different. I think over the rest of the summer we'll see more Akinyemis, from down south or abroad who appear out of the blue and could be anywhere between excellent and dreadful, and then the usual raft of loan signings closer to the first league game. I don't think Jamie Gullan is a superstar, but I think if he'd run down his contract at Hibs he'd be incredibly sought after this summer. A lot of clubs, the Rovers included, are going to have to pin a fair bit of hope on a striker who's far from a guaranteed success.
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