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  1. Heard shortlees team at a wedding yesterday could be a few hangovers lol
  2. Wouldnt get a game with hurlford hez hopeless
  3. Did yhey score 4 penalties??? And who all scored 2ngt???
  4. Mullen be at shortless next season😀
  5. â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜ correct
  6. Cracking player the boi surprised he never started tbh
  7. Mullen certanly wasny steaming after game on saturday cause he was ngtshift saturday ngt!! Bad day at the office by looks of it
  8. Only an opinion goal machine seen the boi a few and thought he stuck oot! Played against him when he was way ardeer tae and thought he was decent but its only an opinion
  9. Tallen never an amatuer player boi should be playing higher but work commitments hold him back👎 smashing baller
  10. â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜â˜ðŸ˜‚😂😂😂😂😂😂
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