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  1. You won't be at the sold out derby on Tuesday, eh c**t. Because you are NOT HIbs. Who are ya c**t?
  2. I'm good dude. Sparring, but not one shot landed by a c**t despite his 100;s of dislikes from his socks over two nights. Wee c**t is just outing more of his socks All good.
  3. McFarlane you are claimed you c**t. Taking the piss out St MIrren also. Hope all you buddies note this c**t is an impostor.
  4. Are you another of his accounts? On my suspect list. My old man is Dundee btw. Maybe more a Dundee fan than you if you love a troll taking the piss.
  5. I am not raging at all, I am perplexed/bemused by c***s like you not calling out a total c**t who's been at it here for way too long, Just look at what he's up to with each post I am making here today with his sock dislikes. If I'm the only c**t prepared to call him out and wake up the sleeping b*****d admins on here then so be it.
  6. I'm not bothered If they ban me and keep this p***k and all his sock accounts. I've flagged them up for you all so you know this POS is a serious troll here.
  7. How is it paranoia? He has multiple exposed accounts just from today. LiviLIons being a beauty, even changed his pic to the same as Marshmallo and Crawford Bridge when I exposed him. Fucker is a massive troll here and needed called out. I don't think he has an Aberdeen sock so you're safe in that regard. His Buddie06 sock is going into overdrive with dislikes on me right now. Why the f**k would a genuine St Mirren fan I have no beef with be interested in hitting me with 50 dislikes in an hour.
  8. Get to f**k you c**t. I am claiming this McFarlane (per Falkirk fans) c**t for the good of this site. You should be too if you care about it having any worth or integrity.
  9. c**t, you might have 20 accounts here but you are jus the one wee c**t and getting your c**t cleaned at Easter Road. Look out for that PM c**t. I am going to be in the perfect mood to put in you in the fucking ground. lol.  

  10. McFarlane, you socked up this account a beauty. Chapeau you wee c**t. 

  11. Buddie06smfc another his sock accounts. This wee c**t is insane lol.
  12. You are rumbled you weird c**t, you and your drawer full of socks.
  13. Bairnado and Falkirk187 are also McFarlane/Bridge socks. Likes to impersonate Falkirk and Hibs fans the psycho runt.
  14. He's back on as LIviLion, probably has a few phones going at once. Admin asleep to this c**t.
  15. McFarlane, you are one sad little c**t. How many socks do you have here?
  16. RH33 is another of his socks. c**t has more socks than TK Maxx and c***s here like him.
  17. Because he has bombarded me with dozens of dislikes from each sock over a couple of hours last night which is psycho troll behaviour. I see you joined in also to an extent. Would not surprise me if you are another of his fake outlets.
  18. You should be worried. He has a fake LiviLIon account also claiming to be a Livi fan. Admin here is a total joke. An IP check on each account and bans applied if multiples match off. If he's hiding IP's then that's also a ban on the account. Unless having 12 plus fake accounts here is okay of course. He's just logged off his fake LiviLion account and is back on his old Crawford Bridge sock.
  19. Ha you c**t. What a fucking p***k you are McFarlane. Want me to list al your accounts McFarlane? I think i have well over a dozen
  20. McFarlane, so your impersonating this club also? Guys this is a sock account for one McFarlane aka Marshmallo, Crawford bridge, OneteaminGlasgow, HIbernification. GrasssisGreener and many more.
  21. Mcfarlane, you ready for Tuesday you little psycho? You better be. Knocking your c**t in on sight. not that you will show. You are not even Hibs are you ya fake sock p***k. Daft wee p***k. 

    1. LiviLion


      12 Ruel Street, bring yer maw

  22. McFarlane, you upped that post with NINE of your sock accounts. Well done you wee p***k. Take a bow.
  23. Arsehole, I've exposed over a dozen sock accounts that this wee rat Mcfarlane has on here, you should be thanking me. He has more socks than fucking TK Max.
  24. totally. Hearts are a level above Livi so do the math.
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