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  1. What I say to upset you dude?

  2. Quite a strong looking big lad is Nisbet. Obviously smart also to sign for the Hibs.
  3. I'm not quite buying the Edouard hype based on one outing vs a poor Hamilton, but my point was Griff is a proven goal scorer and winner at Celtic. Lennon would be nuts to freeze him out for the names being linked. With 5 subs a game he should be playing anyway. If he was at your club you would not want him dropped for Slipper's two new guys would you.
  4. You hope Griffiths goes because as soon as the wee man gets a couple of games he'll be hitting the back of the onion bag just like last season. Lennon knows it also.
  5. Okay, pretty sure they would have chucked you the ppv loss at least, and no doubt some would still have have bought the game.
  6. Don't you get paid a good bit more than that if Sky pick your game? I'm unsure of the new set up, but I wanted to watch a Scottish game at 12:30. Those naughty Sheep effed it up, and oor Nicola put the boot in (maybe rightly btw). Need a contingency for my entertainment purposes.
  7. Can't this be switched to 12:30 and put on Sky? Not as if any fans will be inconvenienced.
  8. Sturgeon was horrified at what she saw in Aberdeen, I assume that included the display vs Sevco.
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