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  1. I didn't expect to be assailed by a self appointed Dundee roaster for having a pop at Budge. I see what JK Rowling means about being accosted by bealin wee skag bag public shamers. I bet her Dundee fan club wrapped up, probably by you.
  2. Sortmeout, hmmm, that's quite a provocative name. I assume you mean with much needed brain cells.
  3. Who rattled your wee cage? Hope you hit a vein soon and find a wee safe space in the squat.
  4. She's no more odious and self entitled than Mercer, Robinson and Vlad if that cheers you up. Chuck in that cretinous wee soak Leslie Deans also.
  5. Budge is the perfect Hertz steward. Mercer with tits and nasty old b*****d. Sue Barker pre makeover. Levein has pics btw.
  6. Seizure of debtor assets and carting them off to creditors. Tell Budgie to hide her portables.
  7. When you lose the arbitration case you will need to cover all costs: Dundee, Raith, Cove, Spfl, Sfa, is going to be at least 500k. Hope you've got it. Could be a poinding outside Budge's townhouse.
  8. You weren't in a play off spot so why does that affect you? None of your business.
  9. So they've no beef with Dundee U, good, decision was legal, case dismissed, take your medicine.
  10. 4 year deal. He'll be banging them in vs Hearts in 2021 maybe.
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