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  1. Is it not only 3 teams go up that would mean the ants won’t have a chance army
  2. Chris Mackie not taking training at thorniewood
  3. Vale of Clyde have park and ref booked and permit if our game is off anyone interested call 07799610738
  4. A new challenge as it seems they have done all they can amateur
  5. I thought game was poor from a neutral. Campsie didn’t create much chances and just sat in cp deserves the victory but is it time for a shake up Mick maybe a different challenge as use have did everything in the amateur game
  6. Douglas put out the champions so I would say them
  7. Js1982


    Dunipace v Vale of Clyde OFF
  8. Js1982

    Game On

    Vale of Clyde v wishaw 2pm Fullerton Park
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