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  1. Just might do it this year n would like to see the peasey win it
  2. Who do you guys think will win the ADL I might go with Darvel
  3. But fair do's to craigmark tho probz deserved the 3 points n tell me about the Ardeer score line a what they would have at least made a game of it tho
  4. I thought you were talking about me there stainbrain another I only ask something n that's what he hit oot with btw
  5. I think Dalry Thistle will need to improve cause that was fn shocking on Saturday btw
  6. I was at the game n yeah that season was a great achievement for our wee town we got robbed in Semi's tho b*****dS lol
  7. I think Talbot Hurlford or Linlithgow Rose will win the Scottish Junior Cup but I may be incorrect
  8. See if yous don't like what I post don't bloody comment on it then n was only asking a question for yous to answer

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    2. Addie


      I dont like wot u post m8.

    3. Savage Henry

      Savage Henry

      I love what you post, Maddie. Especially your views on Critical Theory.

    4. Doc Sportello

      Doc Sportello

      do you want a fight Maddie?

  9. Gavin Friels Dalry manager now but played with them last season
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