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  1. Utter Shite - 90 minutes of utter shite. How long is it going to be before someone realises the continual high ball up to McGuigan is not working. A low driven ball across the box in 5 minutes and we score. Anderson's shot crashes of the bar and that is basically it nada for the rest of the match. Unable to compete in midfield and unable to clear a ball out of the box. 4 shots on goal in a home match - great stuff. Smith MOTM - unable to catch a ball and only appears interested in argueing with the opposition and and shouting at the crowd. That today was genuinly embarrassing and if it continues McMenamen will be lucky to see the end of September. Our signings look poor, we do not seem to have a game plan other than the hoof up the park which is done slowly with no urgency to our game and there is certainly no plan B. Congrats to City - you wanted the win and played hard and well for it. When you got the ball you knew what you were doing with it.
  2. Surely time for an urgent request to get Conor McBrearty back before all is lost.
  3. Definately need a couple of decent midfielders and another striker as well as defence cover. So much for increasing our budget. I know some of the names that were being bandied about and failed to materialise but so far less than impressed with what we have brought in.
  4. We really need someone from the club to update the 1st team squad to show us exactly who we have at this time. Is Connor Duthie still at the club? Betfred Cup games are only a couple of weeks away so what is the position with the squad.
  5. Spoke with a AR fan at work this week and he seriously fancies them for a top 3 place under Harper. They were dreadful when we played them last year but Harper has apparently turned them round. Will be interesting to see.
  6. Best wished to Clyde hope you stuff this lot. Took the piss time wasting from the 10th minute and the referee was conned on more than one occasion. That said our tactics were poor and we seldom pressed them. Poor defending cost us again. Staring to get concerned by Smith as he beomes more dependant on punching the ball. We really needed to play the ball to feet more than we did. Breadner should have been canned long before he was and was there anyone who looked more diinterested than Morgan Neill. We cannot rely on the punt to McGuigan all next season. Would imagine Reid, Neill and probably Ferry and Duthie have played their last gmes for us and the rumour mill has it that Hurst is on his way as well. Let's also have less loan players as well. next season.
  7. It was an organised march with certain conditions attached and given Council approval. This meant that the march had to be policed and certain roads closed off to facilitate the march and an approval was given for it to be started at a certain time. This has obviously been breached and at a cost to the public post
  8. The biggest problem that I have is the false promises, although not unique to the SNP, and the sheer hypocrasy of some of the MSP's. 10 years ago we were promised that the Council Tax was going to be reformed - still waiting. We were promised classrooms of no more than 16 - still waiting. Least said about the NHS the better but I am sick of hearing the first minister quote that we are better than England. That will not help if you are lying on a hospital trolley seriously ill. Scotrail - another joke. Swinney ignoring the will of the people and parliament with regard to Primary 1 testing The still awaited promise of the new power company that is going to save us all a fortune. The end to early release for prisoners - still waiting. 62% of Scotland voted to remain in Europe - wrong again - 62% of those who voted wanted to remain but there were 32.8% of the country who did not vote. All these are important but still unfulfilled. SNP are very lucky at the moment that there is no viable second party to challenge them or else they would be struggling more than they are at the moment. I have various thoughts about Independance - I often think it is a good idea but they way the SNP are driving things there is no way I would fully trust them at this time.
  9. Good game yesterday full of incident. Felt East Fife were quite cynical at times although the ref allowed play to continue and took no action afterwards. Donaldson's goal was a cracker and probably GOTS. We ceratinly looked a better team when Gibbons replaced Dingwall and Duthie was driving on and looked good when he came on. Great saves from Smith kept us in the gameespecially the penalty. Please no silly penalty late in the game next week. Only concern is Marsh's booking. That takes him to 12 for the season and is it a 1 match ban after every 3? If so does he miss next week or the play off's? All to play for next week and at least a draw will do, Brechin will have to come at us and we should have chances on the counter.
  10. He made a mess of it at the end of last season. The team was fairly reasonable and the defence only needed a few tweaks. Instead it appears he assumed a number of players would be resigning when in actual fact they were making plans to go to other clubs. The loss of Ross Meachan, Ross Dunlop and David Marsh were sore ones and the replacement he brought in especially Reid and Tena were an absolute joke. The timing of and the time it took to make a substitution were also a joke. McMenamen made a first half sub on Saturday as things were not working out - Ferguson would never have done that. Too many times the substitutions were made too late in the game. Under him we never looked like winning two games running.
  11. Copied from SPL Forum as a point of interest to us ES Clydebank's first game in their only Scottish league season, 64-65, which finished in a draw against Stenhousemuir. Crowd was 6000, scorers were Arthur Hamill scoring both for the home side, with Stenhousemuir equalising and then leading through Pat Henderson and Bobby Bryce respectively. That's Hamill's first, the first ever ES Clydebank goal, lower right.
  12. What I was meaning it was a stupid sending off but you could see Munro's frustrations given Bairds continually getting away with kicking the ball away and dribbling on after the whistle had went. He had already been booked for it but still got away with it but Munro vents his anger and is off.
  13. Not tears mate just reality. We have been looking down the barrell of the gun all season but can accept it when there is a degree of fight which we did not show yesterday.
  14. For a team that has to play the last three games as cup finals that was an absolute load of trash. There was only ever one team in control of the game and they, Forfar, took there chances well and were never really stretched. We had no control in midfield and never once seemed to exert any extended pressure on the Forfar defence. What was tragic was the comparrison between the 2 right backs. Forfar have a confident attacking right back who we should have had signed up well before the end of the season and we have a plodding joke. At one point Munro was beside him at a throw in shouting for the ball and Reid did not have a clue what to do and eventually gave him the ball but much to late. He can get away with things in a 3-5-2 but as soon as we switched to 4 at the back he is a libility. Dingwall still fails to impress in midfield and if we have resigned Halloren then surely he must be worth a start. Munro's sending off was a joke but when does his ban come into play. If we have to revert to 4 at the back for teh next 2 games then we are surely down. It appeared yesterday that the team is banking everything on the last game of the season. Hopefully next week they will throw everything at East Fife.
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