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  1. We may have gone a wee bit early with news of the South Challenge Cup draw. There's a couple of I's to be dotted and T's to be crossed - we'll have it confirmed for you later.
  2. I can only go by that generally speaking but thanks for the help - I'll get the goalscorer changed over.
  3. I did that because the stats on our site are based on the matchday input from the clubs which places Cargill on six.
  4. Hi everyone. The fixtures and results section of the Lowland League site has been updated to be a bit easier to navigate. Hopefully it should be easier to get to where you need to go quicker and the information should hopefully be well laid out. http://slfl.co.uk/fixtures-results-lowland-league/ If you see anything that doesn't work - give me a shout and I can hopefully iron it out.
  5. Your pal and mine Rampant FM feels bad that there's no Lowland League Catchup this week so he's trying to start a punch-up. He's picking two squads of sixteen to make up All-Star teams for the Lowland League. http://slfl.co.uk/rampants-fantasy-football-the-lowland-league-roughriders-part-1/ Take a look at his first part and tell us who would make your team (remember to follow the rules!).
  6. Episode 6 is here! Spartans keep up the pace as Welfare improve, Stirling Uni take home the bragging rights from the University Derby, BSC Glasgow beat Civil Service Strollers in controversial circumstances and a strangely impassioned plea to go and see Vale of Leithen. There's all that AND MORE in this week's Catchup. Don't miss out on it. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES
  7. http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-catchup-5/ Don't forget to subscribe and leave a wee review on iTunes! Please! Pretty please!
  8. Now that Selkirk have left the Lowland League, find out what happens next... http://slfl.co.uk/selkirks-resignation-what-happens-next/
  9. Hi all, Lewis Anderson has been working on this incredible piece (link below) with Civil Service Strollers defender Chris Milligan who has recently made a comeback from a horror double leg break. I'd appreciate it massively if you'd take the time to read it and show support for this kind of writing on the site. Lewis would like to do more and we'd love to host it but it would be great to see that there's a real appetite for this kind of coverage. Thanks! http://slfl.co.uk/civil-service-strollers-chris-milligan/
  10. Catchup Episode 4 is out now! http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-catchup-4/ Since there's the obvious elephant in the room of Selkirk's withdrawal - that will be discussed on next week's episode. The show's recorded on a Sunday so they didn't get to cover it this week.
  11. Episode 3 of the Lowland League Catchup is here (and you can subscribe on iTunes!) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1430116250
  12. Catch Episode 2 of the Lowland League Catchup now on Youtube and Soundcloud!
  13. LOWLAND LEAGUE ROUNDUP - MATCHDAY 4 Obviously these are still being posted weekly on the site, along with a weekend preview. Just keep forgetting to post the links on here for the perusal of you fine folks...
  14. We're looking into it. There's scope for it to take on a number of different forms if it's popular so I'm keen to keep every option open!
  15. Working on it Alan! Just need to get it on iTunes now.
  16. The first episode of the Lowland League Catch Up, by RampantFM & Mozza is up on Youtube now. We'd really appreciate your feedback! (We know not everyone gets a mention on the first episode)
  17. I'm curious about this subject and I'd be interested to get some thoughts from the regulars on here. I work for BSC as their Media Manager as well as the league and we've been weighing up our options when it comes to producing programmes this season. On the one hand, I think programmes are fantastic from a fan's perspective (especially ones with the quality of information found in the likes of Whitehill's) and I appreciate the idea of a collector or even someone having a memento. On the other hand though, there are a number of drawbacks including the cost (to print vs numbers sold - obviously we don't get a particularly big gate) and the amount of man-hours put in to producing the programme. I like the 'two-shot' idea of doing one programme for two games but things can move very quickly and I worry that the programme might be out of date by the second fixture. I like having the manager and chairman columns but I feel like they, along with much of the content that goes into the programme, would be well-served on our new website, perhaps with a way for people to easily navigate to it while at the match. At the end of the day I don't feel comfortable charging people for something they can read on the website but it can be difficult to generate enough content to make both feel like separate entities. A lot of the time it feels like I'm just sending parts the website off to the printers. We experimented with putting out a 'designed' teamsheet for the match against East Kilbride which allowed people something to keep from the game and I'm working hard to bring more content to our website with a view to appealing to people across the board rather than just match attendees. TL;DR I guess my question is - do you feel that (in an age where most people can access a club's website on their phone) having a match programme still has the same value as it once did?
  18. Yes, it's back! Look busy... We'll be trying (as much as we possibly can) to roundup each weekend matchday in the Lowland League on slfl.co.uk. Here's the first one... LOWLAND LEAGUE ROUNDUP - THE BIG KICK OFF
  19. I can take that on the chin. Unfortunately we got let down by the person who had agreed to write that part of the preview and I was up against it slightly time-wise. I'll make some edits. EDIT: Made some changes to incorporate the signings and backroom staff. Thanks for the shout on that @Ruthrieston!
  20. Sorry - they're on the website I've been a bit lax in posting them on here! Busy week... Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  21. SEASON PREVIEW PART 1 Jordan Robertson takes a look at the fortunes of Colts, EK, Selkirk and Welfare in the first part of our bumper Lowland League season preview! Link: http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-season-preview-1/
  22. https://twitter.com/OfficialSLFL/status/1011172217403658241
  23. Here it is then... as voted for by "The Internet".
  24. The story so far... GOALKEEPERS The voting for Goalkeeper is pretty tight for second and third with BSC stopper Ryan Marshall just pipping Whitehill Welfare's 18-year-old wünderkind Ross Jardine thus far, but it's Spartans' championship winning keeper Blair Carswell who's out in the lead at the moment. Vote for your Goalkeeper of the Season DEFENDERS The defence quarter final is now complete and the next group will be up later this morning. The groups will be randomised again before they're posted, so here are the players who made it through to the next round in alphabetical order: Adam Corbett (The Spartans) Jeff Fergus (Cumbernauld Colts) Connor Greene (East Stirlingshire) Michael Herd (The Spartans) Ross McMillan (BSC Glasgow) (Poll finished with McMillan (27% )to Ciaren Chalmers (25%) although the poll now shows 26%/26% 24 hours after closing - I'm not sure why this is but I assume the vote was really tight and it's rebalanced over the time period) Greg Pascazio (Cumbernauld Colts) Craig Stevenson (The Spartans) Blair Tolmie (The Spartans) MIDFIELDERS The midfielders are also getting ready for the next round with a big surge of votes for David Banjo proving to be a comeback worthy of Selkirk's season. Again, they'll be randomised before posting so here's the list in alphabetical order: David Banjo (Selkirk) Jamie Dishington (The Spartans) Kieran Gibbons (East Kilbride) David Greenhill (The Spartans) Sean McKirdy (Selkirk) Stevie Murray (BSC Glasgow) Sean Winter (East Kilbride) Jack Wright (Whitehill Welfare) FORWARDS The forwards semi final votes are open through to about 6pm... here's how they stand at the moment: 1st Section: Vote on the 1st Section here. 2nd Section: Vote on the 2nd Section here. The plan is to get the semi finals done today for Defenders and Midfielders (probably closing first thing tomorrow morning) which will allow us to open up the final votes on Thursday and announce the inductees throughout Friday. There will be a vote for manager but that will likely go up last. EDIT: Obviously the 'finals' are so we can get a final count on the top four players in each position (for defenders and midfielders) for the piece we'll be running alongside the Team of the Season. Strikers will be the top 2 from the final 4 and the goalkeeper/manager will be the top person in that vote. Just in case anyone was wondering.
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