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  1. Lowland League Fixtures - 2018/19

  2. Lowland League Supporters' Team of the Season

    Here it is then... as voted for by "The Internet".
  3. Lowland League Supporters' Team of the Season

    The story so far... GOALKEEPERS The voting for Goalkeeper is pretty tight for second and third with BSC stopper Ryan Marshall just pipping Whitehill Welfare's 18-year-old wünderkind Ross Jardine thus far, but it's Spartans' championship winning keeper Blair Carswell who's out in the lead at the moment. Vote for your Goalkeeper of the Season DEFENDERS The defence quarter final is now complete and the next group will be up later this morning. The groups will be randomised again before they're posted, so here are the players who made it through to the next round in alphabetical order: Adam Corbett (The Spartans) Jeff Fergus (Cumbernauld Colts) Connor Greene (East Stirlingshire) Michael Herd (The Spartans) Ross McMillan (BSC Glasgow) (Poll finished with McMillan (27% )to Ciaren Chalmers (25%) although the poll now shows 26%/26% 24 hours after closing - I'm not sure why this is but I assume the vote was really tight and it's rebalanced over the time period) Greg Pascazio (Cumbernauld Colts) Craig Stevenson (The Spartans) Blair Tolmie (The Spartans) MIDFIELDERS The midfielders are also getting ready for the next round with a big surge of votes for David Banjo proving to be a comeback worthy of Selkirk's season. Again, they'll be randomised before posting so here's the list in alphabetical order: David Banjo (Selkirk) Jamie Dishington (The Spartans) Kieran Gibbons (East Kilbride) David Greenhill (The Spartans) Sean McKirdy (Selkirk) Stevie Murray (BSC Glasgow) Sean Winter (East Kilbride) Jack Wright (Whitehill Welfare) FORWARDS The forwards semi final votes are open through to about 6pm... here's how they stand at the moment: 1st Section: Vote on the 1st Section here. 2nd Section: Vote on the 2nd Section here. The plan is to get the semi finals done today for Defenders and Midfielders (probably closing first thing tomorrow morning) which will allow us to open up the final votes on Thursday and announce the inductees throughout Friday. There will be a vote for manager but that will likely go up last. EDIT: Obviously the 'finals' are so we can get a final count on the top four players in each position (for defenders and midfielders) for the piece we'll be running alongside the Team of the Season. Strikers will be the top 2 from the final 4 and the goalkeeper/manager will be the top person in that vote. Just in case anyone was wondering.
  4. Lowland League Supporters' Team of the Season

    Voting is open!! https://twitter.com/OfficialSLFL/status/1001427164137447424
  5. Lowland League AGM Update

    An update from the Lowland League Annual General Meeting last night: http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-agm-update/
  6. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Brian Kerr takes over at East Kilbride.
  7. Threave v Kelty / Kelty v Threave

    It was 6-0 to Kelty Hearts and 10-0 on aggregate.
  8. SFA South Region Challenge Cup 2017-18

    The location for the final's been picked - it looks like it's going to be at Olivebank Stadium, home of Musselburgh Athletic.
  9. Lowland League Supporters' Team of the Season

    For me, based on the teams I've been able to see semi-regularly this season, it'd be... GK: Ryan Marshall (BSC) DEF: Connor Greene (East Stirlingshire) DEF: Kyle Fee (Civil Service Strollers) DEF: Andy Grant (East Stirlingshire) DEF: Craig Stevenson (Spartans) MID: David Maskrey (Edinburgh Uni) MID: Stevie Murray (BSC) MID: Dale Baxter (Selkirk) MID: Jamie Dishington (Spartans) FWD: Sean Brown (Cumbernauld Colts) FWD: Jack Smith (BSC) Obviously I see BSC every week so I'm more inclined to put those guys in - before we get into claims of wild bias (mea culpa), but the others have all really impressed me when I've seen them. Notable mentions to Ross McNeil & Kieran Gibbons (EK), David Banjo & Daryl Healy (Selkirk), Andy Rodgers & Paul Sludden (Shire), Ross Jardine (Whitehill), Lewis Bonar (UoS) who also impressed me. Who makes your team?
  10. A wee something from Ronan Alexander, one of the slfl.co.uk team (whose account is still awaiting approval). Hope you're all up for getting involved and thanks for all your support this season! Michael (Sorry - accidentally titled the thread player of the season originally. It's been a long day)
  11. Threave v Kelty / Kelty v Threave

    Ronan Alexander's written a great wee primer on the Lowland League Playoff for SLFL.co.uk. http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-playoff-preview/
  12. Lowland League Cup 2017-18

    The Final will be played at 3G Arena Netherdale on Sunday 13th May with a 3pm kick off.
  13. Lowland League Cup 2017-18

    Always nice to see a bit of love for a sophisticated flowchart. Just to confirm that the bracket as it stands is exactly that, it should (because technology is a fickle life partner) all feed into the next round in the bracket so those upcoming fixtures are correct.
  14. Lowland League Fixtures 2017-18

    Matches to be played on 21st April with 3pm kick offs.