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  1. South Challenge Cup 2018-19

    We may have gone a wee bit early with news of the South Challenge Cup draw. There's a couple of I's to be dotted and T's to be crossed - we'll have it confirmed for you later.
  2. Lowland League Fantasy Football

    I can only go by that generally speaking but thanks for the help - I'll get the goalscorer changed over.
  3. Lowland League Fantasy Football

    I did that because the stats on our site are based on the matchday input from the clubs which places Cargill on six.
  4. Fixtures & Results

    Hi everyone. The fixtures and results section of the Lowland League site has been updated to be a bit easier to navigate. Hopefully it should be easier to get to where you need to go quicker and the information should hopefully be well laid out. http://slfl.co.uk/fixtures-results-lowland-league/ If you see anything that doesn't work - give me a shout and I can hopefully iron it out.
  5. Lowland League Fantasy Football

    Your pal and mine Rampant FM feels bad that there's no Lowland League Catchup this week so he's trying to start a punch-up. He's picking two squads of sixteen to make up All-Star teams for the Lowland League. http://slfl.co.uk/rampants-fantasy-football-the-lowland-league-roughriders-part-1/ Take a look at his first part and tell us who would make your team (remember to follow the rules!).
  6. Lowland League Catch Up

    Episode 6 is here! Spartans keep up the pace as Welfare improve, Stirling Uni take home the bragging rights from the University Derby, BSC Glasgow beat Civil Service Strollers in controversial circumstances and a strangely impassioned plea to go and see Vale of Leithen. There's all that AND MORE in this week's Catchup. Don't miss out on it. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES
  7. Lowland League Catch Up

    http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-catchup-5/ Don't forget to subscribe and leave a wee review on iTunes! Please! Pretty please!
  8. Selkirk FC thread

    Now that Selkirk have left the Lowland League, find out what happens next... http://slfl.co.uk/selkirks-resignation-what-happens-next/
  9. Chris Milligan: Civil's Comeback Kid

    Hi all, Lewis Anderson has been working on this incredible piece (link below) with Civil Service Strollers defender Chris Milligan who has recently made a comeback from a horror double leg break. I'd appreciate it massively if you'd take the time to read it and show support for this kind of writing on the site. Lewis would like to do more and we'd love to host it but it would be great to see that there's a real appetite for this kind of coverage. Thanks! http://slfl.co.uk/civil-service-strollers-chris-milligan/
  10. Lowland League Catch Up

    Catchup Episode 4 is out now! http://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-catchup-4/ Since there's the obvious elephant in the room of Selkirk's withdrawal - that will be discussed on next week's episode. The show's recorded on a Sunday so they didn't get to cover it this week.
  11. Lowland League Catch Up

    Episode 3 of the Lowland League Catchup is here (and you can subscribe on iTunes!) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1430116250
  12. Lowland League Catch Up

    Catch Episode 2 of the Lowland League Catchup now on Youtube and Soundcloud!
  13. Lowland League Roundup

    LOWLAND LEAGUE ROUNDUP - MATCHDAY 4 Obviously these are still being posted weekly on the site, along with a weekend preview. Just keep forgetting to post the links on here for the perusal of you fine folks...
  14. Lowland League Catch Up

    We're looking into it. There's scope for it to take on a number of different forms if it's popular so I'm keen to keep every option open!
  15. Lowland League Catch Up

    Working on it Alan! Just need to get it on iTunes now.