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  1. Swap either of them or both for Rory Loy who, I'm guessing, will be less than impressed with the appointment???
  2. Gentleman Jim McLean v journalist on TV. You win
  3. What fears me most is we lost the second half 0-2 on Sunday, 45mins in which Hartley said he thought we were "excellent". We didn't create any clear chances, never carved them open with slick passing, lost two soft goals. I don't see how he can say we were "excellent" in the second half???
  4. We weren't "easy on the eye" very often last season either. I'd happily take a more workman like approach playing to our strengths rather than trying to play a system that the players struggle to adapt to consistently.
  5. They shouldn't be allowed to buy until they have cleared their previous debts. Did the small businesses get their money? Nah but who cares as long as the bigot brothers are back. Unless they are a new club that have only existed 4 years........ I bet Fat Sally got his money???
  6. IMO both full backs took a hard time last season due to the narrow midfield leaving them exposed. When three centre halfs played the praise the full backs got was notable. Hartleys biggest problem is being too stubborn to accept that his tactics aren't working and changing them, unless he changes his style then we are in for a tough season. Its been asked many times by fans, why don't we play to our strengths and play players in their strongest positions instead of shoe horning them into to a formation that doesn't suit??? If Hartley wants to play a specific style then he needs to get players that can play it, if they cant adapt then he needs to change his tactics.
  7. Any news on the price for Sundays gave v Motherwell? Might be worth a trip.
  8. How does the TV money get split?
  9. Enjoy your day mate. Just don't goad anyone, that's the crime of all crimes!!!
  10. Who were their fans defending in Manchester? They are a total joke of a club who are permitted to do what they want by the SFA and by our own clubs. A definite case of "the tail wagging the dog".
  11. You clowns verbally assault everyone every time you open your bigot mouths. Some Hibs fans took it too far but your club have embarrassed themselves even more than anyone thought possible.
  12. Truth hurts eh? Always the victim and never to blame.
  13. He's the one who's eyes are too close together. Doesn't narrow it down that much I know!!!
  14. Or singing offensive bigot songs and letting off smoke bombs......................................
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