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  1. Only really New Farm and Hurlford Ams been linked with players in the premier that I have heard Crosshouse and you would have too probably say Galston
  2. Probably a bit early yet mate. New players to a club can't officially sign till next Monday anyway but I think from next week we will hear all the goss
  3. Thistle will always top the table because they will spend too ensure it. Glenburn normally hold on to their players so they should have a similar season too this one as will Ardeer most probably. If Hurlford AFC get the half dozen that I have heard then they will be in the mix. Kilbride are always there or thereabouts but if they are losing Wilson and Frye then they will be hard too replace. Shortlees are losing all their best players which I can't see them replacing. New Farm won't worry any of the aforementioned teams
  4. 1 Thistle 2. Glenburn 3. Hurlford AFC 4. Shortlees 5. Ardeer WR
  5. The craziest "fact" is anyone believing the worst team in Ayrshire Amateur Football could pay players
  6. It's called rumour mill for a reason
  7. Hiy all entitled to opinions but Strain took him up there the end of the season so his opinion is that he is worth looking at. Personally I think its step too far With all due respect to Craigie but it's easy for a decent player too stand out at that level. Mid table amateur premier is his level at the moment
  8. Shows the major issues of amatuer football if this is true in my opinion. The worse team in ayrshire last season managing to pay a player to join them, who finished the season playing for the buffs. I really hope it's not true as he was a great player for us last season. I can stomach losing him to a good junior team or a prem ammies team but not that. I think the pieman is pulling some pissers here
  9. Personally I believe that far more league games should be played during the first few months off the season. Leave the local cups too as late as possible. This would ensure far more teams would still be in competitive action at the back end off the season
  10. You lose 3 points and i believe a hefty fine as well if you don't fulfil a fixture so poor post from you my friend
  11. The argument always seems to be well go and stop them. How can that be possible when they buy the best players? Man City win their leagues because they spend the most, Celtic win theirs, Barca/Real win there's. See the theme? That's ok as that's allowed but it's CHEATING at this level and other teams can't live with it. That's why players want too move down the leagues for HONEST competition and a chance too win a trophy. Shortlees toppled them for a season and how did they do that? They did it because the same players who took the money at HT decided too club together and try it. But that just led HT too come back and spend more too ensure that didn't happen again. The other teams in the premier do not have a chance. Sure they might get a point off them now and again but over the course off a season the players aren't at the same standard. I wouldn't be at all surprised if premier league clubs fold this year
  12. So his Last act as hurlford boss was to give a 3 point gift to shortlees. Not knowing that it was screwed their star player from playing in the the final of the James scott next week I don't know if he accepted it, just heard that Cunny approached him. I will be surprised if he takes it but stranger things have happened
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