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  1. Not an easy thing to do the way amateur football is at the moment. Good luck too them but I agree, think mark will be left to this as if HT offer parris money to stay put he will
  2. None of that matters. Shortlees want him regardless and know that his signing is a game changer. I'm sure a lot of clubs would have wanted him pre season and every one would take him now if they had a chance
  3. How can signing the best amateur midfielder of the last ten years be embarrassing? If shortlees want to win premier, scottish or whatever this year then they need joe gold it's as simple as that. Joe probably didnt want to play and hoped Shortlees could win things without him. On the evidence of the HT game its quite clear despite their huge squad, their midfield isn't good enough too win the majors so hes probably been pestered to sign. His best mates are still playing so why shouldn't he? Its a signing that imo has just won them the league and gives them a major shot in Scottish & West. Embarrassing?? Far from it
  4. The ref had a stinker. He isn't a poor referee or a cheat, he just had a bad day at the office like anyone can have at their profession. A ref is no different. The sending off was a really poor decision and no doubt had a bearing on the end result but if I was NF I would be more concerned of the lack of discipline thereafter. They were STILL going on about the red card when mick scored the equaliser. NF could still have took something from the game but their players and sidelines became focused on jim brown and not the match. Glenburn just set about their business and won the game. These bad decisions happen to us all and when NF played Stewarton at dean park earlier in the season they won due to a referee having a stinker of a day. It dominated the p & b forum too with Sean dalton getting slated on this. It happens to every team. Offsides are pointless arguing with refs about. VAR still takes 5 minutes to decide them when an amateur referee only has a split second and no one to help him. Why the ayrshire committee have been brought into it I have no idea. What they meant to do? Bring a spare ref with them and sub him off if he is having a nightmare??
  5. I wouldn't quite say they were in cruise control as the NF goalie made some top saves prior to the sending off but I do agree Jim Brown had a shocker and cost NF at the very least a draw
  6. I've no got a monkey but I'll cover that wae a dug and a cat Deal
  7. Aye fair point well made however you want to bet a monkey right now that first and second are the two every neutral came over today? In any order that is and btw I wasnt at the match
  8. I agree farrel must see things from the other side now. Hes well respected in the game and would lose that in a second if he took that job. Last I heard Mark was rumoured for thistle job but I dont think theres any chance he would take that. New farm job possibly but cant see farrel leaving as hes doing really well
  9. His time is up. I actually cannot believe he continued in the role when he knows everyone at the club wants Farrell in charge. By the time farrell takes the job he will have negotiated Pep Guardiola wages they are that desperate for him
  10. It's only because they got stuffed from a second division team on Saturday they complained. They are a disgusting club with no morals. Their Twitter account is the worst in ayrshire but no one complains to the league. They tried to sign Drongan players during the game with them for god sake. They truly believe it's one set of rules for them and a different set for everyone else. But to be fair they do get away with it so I can see why they think that
  11. Any particular reason why you just post Hurlford Thistle and Shortlees results every week?
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if he had been asked as it's a club with no morals but I would be very surprised if he said yes
  13. Well I just heard that he's Hurlford Thistle bound next season. Surely that ain't true????
  14. Yeah and it's all down too players not trapping and not being committed. If ninety percent of amateur players were as committed as the guys who run it no team would fold. Players are the no 1 reason for the decline in amateur football. Why sign a form at the start of a season if your intention is too trap when you feel like it?
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