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  1. mulzer playing for the lees the ngt
  2. 4 nil anybody ken who got the goals???
  3. any games on anywhere in ayrshire tonight????
  4. any friendlies in the kilmarnock area tonight???
  5. love knapp and paterson all played for troon juniours last ngt eh
  6. correct but still a medal at end o season??? 3 hopefully after tonight
  7. 2 each be lovely party back at the thistle treble in eh bag ye know lol
  8. still a trophy wee sacks gotta be innet to winnet weed
  9. me too the charlie all mouths who have never beat the thistle over 90 mins??? free bar 2ngt lol
  10. crying in there cornflakes 2moro!!! another wee treble for eh thistle
  11. all the best shortlees 2moro but use will never take the thistle soz lads
  12. 100% like the last time they won the league down there aha
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