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  1. IMO I disagree, however NF not used to losing and with a few big personalities in that team their reaction to possibly some defeats will be interesting? I fancy them for a Top 4 finish.
  2. In my opinion IF he is offered that role at Thistle he will accept.
  3. No definitely not. Thistle were a step ahead in every department.
  4. Great Teacher but was more a Kilwinning legend than Kilmarnock!!!
  5. I am sure this will be a great occasion and it's great to see the charity / legends match being played by players who represented the club so well over the years, however it pains me to see guys getting to play who never played for the first team being invited to play? It should open a space for another fan who is willing to pay. The PE teacher has folk believing he's Paul Wright yet never kicked a ball but loves the publicity as an "Ex-Killie" player?
  6. The title race is well and truly on! I think Lees still have both Thistle and Glenburn to play? Relegation seems almost sewn up with Castle and Galston the unlucky 2.
  7. I hear one of the current players has taken the job until the end of the season? No name yet?
  8. Why would they leave New Farm for Stewarton? They're gonna be in the Premier leauge next season anyway so it's not as if there making a step up, if it was Hurlford Thistle then aye ok maybe but Stewarton, na cant see that one happening Is that an indication that Ryan and Martin COULD be on their way to Thistle?
  9. Premier - Thistle Relegated - Castle Rovers, Galston 1st - New Farm Promoted - West Kilbride Relegated - Mauchline, Crosshill Craigie 2A - Dalry 2B - Whitlettes
  10. In Ayrshire, Galston United manager left after disastrous start and new manager doing well.
  11. 100% correct it's Duffy.
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