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  1. 1st: Crosshouse to win easily WK 2nd 2A Mauchline 2B Killie United don’t rule a resurgent Bellfield
  2. I am not doubting Joe Gold ability etc. If he said he was waiting till after Xmas then fair enough. My question was would he have returned to play IF Shortlees were toiling? Every club was at the start of the season To get players so the guy Smith has to get players in who have done well Judging by their results. As I say Joe Gold is a good player but who misses out that has done well?
  3. Where was he pre-season when the manager was struggling for a squad? Or did he wait and see how well they would do and wait? Never doubted his ability once Or what he has achieved but as I say if they were NOT in Scottish west and top of league would he have signed?
  4. Anyone else find Joe Gold resigning for Shortlees embarrassing! Would he have resigned if they were mid table or in relegation trouble? Doubt it ! Lees have done well without him so be interesting to see who’s dropped. No doubt he was a good player but just back to get a couple of winners medals at expense of someone who has got them there?
  5. I think NF will do very well. Yesterday without Quigley, Boyd, Howie all missing they were still very good against a top first division team. If anyone is going to steal Thistle crown I think it may be NF.
  6. Can imagine a meltdown everytime New Farm galacticos lose. Surely referee decision is final. If there is a replay it will cause chaos.
  7. Mark is a great lad but I would be surprised at this move? Would he get his old Hurlford players back and get through the leagues and then the same thing happens again? Would good players go there to win a few lower divison leagues before being back at the premier? Its a vicious cycle. There are fashionable teams out there at the moment but will struggle for sustainability.
  8. I heard a SOS call was put out to former manager Gordon Stitt to try and get the club back from the brink?
  9. Great result for Thistle! Hopefully shut a few people up. Well done Hughie and the boys.
  10. Dailly 2-3 Glenburn new Farm 2-2 Thistle tarbolton 1-1 Lees dirrans 5-2 Kilbride cumnock 2-1 Mossblown Ardeer 1-4 Stewarton
  11. Ardeer 1-3 Glenburn Cumnock 1-4 New Farm Dailly 2-3 Dirrans Kilbride 2-1 Tarbolton Shortlees 3-1 Mossblown Stewarton 2-4 Thistle
  12. New Farm and referee 5-3 Stewarton
  13. IMO I am not buying that players are bored to play in premier? I am sure if you ask the Shortlees team winning the league from Thistle gave them the most enjoyment so why wouldn’t other teams and players not want to do that? I think some players enjoy being “big fish”. So say Crosshouse win league do all the players leave because they in the premier?🤔 don’t know Ross personally but when he was at Drive he had a lot to say about Thistle so will he not want to challenge them???
  14. Crosshouse, Mauchline, Killie Amateurs seem to be the fashionable team atm. Most players of all 3 sides should all be playing premier league. Let’s see how they fair if and when in top league as IMO players should play as high as possible instead of hiding in lower leagues. Don’t give me the “playing with pals” etc as other teams have been slaughtered for that.
  15. You have removed the post about their GK now tipping they will be fine? Lol! Thistle New Farm Glenburn Dailly mossblown tarbolton
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