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  1. Try it now - they just switched it over to the English commentary a couple of minutes ago.
  2. The Dons-Hibs match won't be noticeable in a lot of the pubs in the city centre. The nearest pubs to Spain Park would be the Grampian and Victoria Bars in Torry I think. I'd give them a miss and stick to the centre of toon - Spain Park isn't that far of a hoof actually, or you could jump on the bus and get off just after Tesco Wellington Road.
  3. Fair play to Hibs Fitba Club Club, beating Davie "Herbalife" Cormack's Aberdeen to become the first Scottish club to start its very own pyramid scheme.
  4. That was a highlight for me too. I also liked "some of the players are 100% behind the manager".
  5. I'm not sure it's "prevailing wisdom" though. It's mostly just people online getting all furious in advance about an imaginary law change that might never happen. Certainly there's a chance nobody gets any state pension in the future, or it's means-tested or something, but I wouldn't say it's definite. Also, assuming you're a normal employee on weekly / monthly payroll, there's not really a way of opting out of National Insurance contributions. "Hi, is that HMRC? Yes, I'd like to stop paying NI because someone on P&B told me I wouldn't be getting a state pension".
  6. resk

    Week 6

    What an ace punt block! He bloody caught the thing.
  7. resk

    Week 6

    ADDITIONAL SCENES in Carolina.
  8. resk

    Week 6

    All the teams currently winning are two scores or more up? Not the most exciting set of games! At least there was a close finish in London.
  9. resk

    Week 6

    Yep, now I can hear Hanson but the screen is blank. Ah now an apology message.
  10. resk

    Week 6

    Anyone else's Redzone gone silent?
  11. Yes, that's a fairly well known fact. Hence the "he cannae fry fish!" patter I referred to. I'm still no clearer on what a "fish supper community" is, though.
  12. Personally, I think the Smiths were over-rated.
  13. What is the "fish supper community"? Do you mean people who eat fish suppers? If you're going to roll out the tired old "he cannae fry fish!" patter, at least make it understandable. Miller is neither the best nor the worst pundit on the wireless. He's also a bona fide Scottish fitba ledge, so have some fkin respect you c***s.
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