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  1. Fair play for the Beeb for ditching the Nadal snore-fest for this.
  2. Congratulations to Cameron Norrie, "through to the second week", and he will play his next match on, erm, Sunday.
  3. I really wish people would lay off Hannah Moore. All her and her extended family want to do now is relax and enjoy their solid gold mansions that they earned by forcing a 100 year old war hero to walk around his garden.
  4. Another belter from Motherwell. They consistently have some of the best kits in the league. Fair play.
  5. I like Serena Williams but that celebration was like when Rangers fans invaded the pitch after beating Partick Thistle. Calm down eh.
  6. Leyton Orient are in League Two according to the BBC. He won't be going there surely?!
  7. It does. Actually the entire away strip including shorts and socks maybe looks slightly better than the entire home strip for that reason. For clarity, I am absolutely advocating grown, overweight men buying the full kit to wear on holiday or around the house. With boots and shinpads.
  8. Up to five = a number between 0 and 5, inclusive. It's important for us all to remember that zero is a perfectly legitimate number....
  9. Obviously American golf fans are some of the worst people in the world. Are the c***s at Brookline even cuntier than normal? Some kind of Boston thing I assume.
  10. With the whole Tibet thing, I just assume that because you don't hear much about it any more, it all got sorted out. Bit like AIDS.
  11. Motherwell frequently have the best strip in the division, and that's the best so far. Hibs just can't pick a shade of green and stick to it, which is quite annoying as their distinctive "green shirt with white arms and white shorts" should make it easy to produce excellent kits.
  12. It wasn't that easy. They even had to play a match away from Wembley.
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