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  1. Arbroath's derby is Montrose surely? Dunno - the precise geography of the badlands south of Stoney is not my specialist subject.
  2. I was wondering about that. The BBC seem to be pushing the "Tayside derby" description.
  3. Aye, safely filed alongside "we have to move otherwise we'll be playing home European matches at Tannadice by 2021, because of some UEFA regulation that totally exists, honest."
  4. I heartily endorse this endorsement of the Meaningful Money podcasts. The guy really does a good job of explaining the fundamentals behind managing your personal finance and planning for the future.
  5. I'm not sure about the three month thing. The percentages may not seem much but it's still really tax efficient (normally contributions are taken pre-tax and NI). The thing about targeting early retirement is that yes you will need access to some funds prior to when you can access your pension pot(s) and state pension, but most likely you will also survive to see those pension access ages. I look at it like this - not joining my workplace pension and getting the maximum employer match would mean that I am basically letting my employer underpay me. YMMV, IMHO, this is not financial advice, etc etc etc.
  6. Do you mean that you are working as a permanent employee in these jobs? If so then opting out of workplace pension schemes is leaving money on the table for the sake of saving a bit of life admin - generally considered a terrible idea for the vast majority of people. If you're self-employed then aye have a look at SIPPs. You can get advice professionally - I don't have much experience of that - but what you can also do is just start reading - I actually found it quite enjoyable educating myself about markets, passive v active investing, pensions, ISAs and the like. It feels relevant when it's your own money. Monevator and Money Saving Expert are decent starting points.
  7. How did they let him get 16 fkin yards?! Jesus Cleveland.
  8. WTF was Henne doing there?!
  9. Kansas City Patriots. Bullshit no-call.
  10. That rule really sucks. Nightmare for the Browns.
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