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  1. Scotia and Saltoun Arms are handy for the away end but a bit further away than the Pittodrie Bar. I recommend the Scotia and the Pitt. I'd imagine all Dumbarton fans will be welcome in all boozers on Saturday, especially as it won't be a big home crowd.
  2. Texans killing themselves with penalties.
  3. This is an expert level bed-shitting.
  4. That wasn't in the script.
  5. Managed to avoid the score and watched the 40 minute condensed version this morning. Great game from Titans, but the Ravens, ooft.
  6. The Vikings have been terrible.
  7. Thon referee bird. Wid.
  8. Just had a look on the excellent Afc Heritage website. Evidently Jimmer made his Dons debut in a 4-1 win at Tynecastle in August 1978.
  9. Too easy for the 49ers.
  10. Well done Vikes. Another sixth seed advances.
  11. The Saints look decent in all-white, but I agree they should play in black and gold when they are at home. Especially for the playoffs - a bit of mixing it up, throwbacks and colour rush is alright in the regular season.
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