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  1. Yes, and I have a similarly tear-stained ill-informed seething rant about VAR all ready to go.
  2. Is having fewer fouls being awarded for handball really a problem though? The deliberate handball rule was to stop William Webb Ellis types picking the ball up and running with it and was a key part of what made football football and not rugby. It functioned fine for a hundred years, okay referees have to use the balance of probabilities to guess whether the player intended it or not but that's the referee's job. This shitshow is basically down to arsehole fans and commentators screaming every time the ball is in the air, fkin instant replays, and FIFA panicking and thinking that changing the rules will improve the game. f**k it.
  3. Team with the biggest TV market gets a very dodgy penalty. Shock.
  4. Just looked up Formiga. She's 41 and played at the 1995 world cup and every one since then. 180 caps and 23 goals. Some effort!
  5. Diani is ace. Like a female Oliver Burke, but with skill.
  6. The fact that they're in an unnecessary white kit is bad enough. The fkin polka dots make it much worse.
  7. Didn't realise that. I suppose that might explain why they occasionally show up at such powderkeg fixtures as Dons v Livvy.
  8. Starting with Edinburgh City at home then away to Albion Rovers before the big one v Cowdenbeath at Balmoral - I assume Police Scotland will be sending the horses up for that.
  9. Lads in the VAR room looking at a hundred slow motion replays of the ball bouncing off the defender's knocker. Fkin perverts.
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