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  1. I hate this shite. I'm no anti-masker or covid denier but this pseudo-official "we can't be trusted!" melodramatic curtain-twitching social media police shite proper bugs me. Arseholes.
  2. I'm a big fan of the TV show and the podcast, even to the point of giving them a wee bit of money every month - and I don't really spend money. TBF to them Tony is a decent host and he's pretty switched on regarding non-Hibs/Sevco/Celtic players, which was needed for this one because the Sevco guy didn't really have anything to say about Aberdeen. The gushing over Sevco's routine home win did grate a wee bit but then there is always a bit of tilt towards discussing the teams that whoever is on the pod support, and that's kinda fair enough. Nobody would expect a 60 minute podcast with exactly 5 minutes on each team - that would be stupid - but it was probably a bit less balanced than normal this time.
  3. Just watched it again. I think you could be right. Looks like one of Celtic defenders is claiming for that too, has his hand up and goes running to the ref. Still a penalty though obvz.
  4. Aye, what's all that about? Can't figure out if they are attention-seeking bellends or just stupid.
  5. Wid. She has some pretty wild theories. Except the stuff about the Rothschilds going to live in a space station - that's true, obviously.
  6. resk

    Week 7

    Snow game in Denver!
  7. resk

    Week 7

    Fkin love the Nfl man.
  8. resk

    Week 7

    I might have fallen asleep by that point. Absolutely loved both Giants - Pats Superbowls though, classic times.
  9. resk

    Week 7

    Never seen that before! Scenes.
  10. resk

    Week 7

    Bills shoot themselves in the foot after getting a bit of momentum. Unusual that....
  11. resk

    Week 7

    Horrendous defending. Great to see.
  12. resk

    Week 7

    You cannae beat a safety.
  13. resk

    Week 7

    Oh Baker. Picked off deep.
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