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  1. Every thread for for Rovers/Pars game just gets worse! Jeezo! Anyway, I’ll be there tonight, freezing my balls off - weather forecast is rain, so I’m expecting a stinking 1-1 viewing tonight (not because of the rain mind you!). My XI tonight if all fit: . JMac RT Berra Bene Mackie . Matthews Stanton Connelly Ross Zanatta . Matej Frankie in for Berra if not fit.
  2. I think I’ve almost recovered, having such a late one and being up at 5am for work was horrendous! A few things to note on the game, Queens fully deserved to go in level at HT, well played Queens. But 2nd half, we completely controlled the game, and the game management - where has that been since November? Good to see it back. I took my eldest (she’s 7), she’s been going to more games this season and she’s been at the girls football on a Wednesday also, she fully has the bug now, next up for her - Townies away. Diddy Cup or not, when it’s the business end - it means everything. Great day out!
  3. Unfortunately the part about not wearing the home strip you’ve wrote is utter nonsense. QotS have been given the nod to wear their home strip, which they’ve then made a limited addition for the Final. Which leaves us with the only option of wearing the away red strip. I do agree with your first part though, the Club (the board!) 100% do need to be seen to be doing something more. For me I’d like to see some sort of holding email/statement “this is the course of action we intend of taken… short term goals (perhaps awareness courses of some sort) and long term goals (how we are going to reintegrate a new 1st team woman’s team)
  4. Obviously very early doors, but I would love it (full Kevin Keegan), if McGlynn said MacDonald & Berra are touch n go/only trained once this week but fully fit come 4pm Sunday. Personally, if we’re to win it - we need them to be playing. All the same though, I’m looking forward to it. COYR!
  5. I’ve said this before, many times, but we really need to get Brad Spencer tied down. 2 year deals on all relatively new players, but he was out in the summer - decided to stay. Can’t be having that again this summer, get him tied down earlier. Great to see players called up, but as mentioned above, it leaves us short as f*ck at the back - typical! Away on holiday, so won’t see the Arbroath game on Saturday - perhaps a blessing in disguise. Back in time for the Cup Final, can’t wait. And taken my eldest - as it’s not every season we’re in a final. COYR!
  6. Between that transfer & other commitments, finally back at Stark’s to watch the team on Saturday. Can’t wait! Surely after the Killie result last night, it kicks us on [emoji1695] Matej must start especially with Varian going off - presume Gullan is injured?
  7. Fully agree with your final part, has to be 6pts from the next 2 games.
  8. Good to see the new pub in Kdy play this game on the tele, and also Raith Suite hosting folks for an easy revenue straight in to the Club. I was looking to go to this game, enjoyed the first away day to Morton earlier in the season. But the move to Friday night under the lights have scuppered it for me. Hopeful of an Away win (no idea why!).
  9. Looking forward to tomorrow, taken my eldest to her first Away game (she’s 7), so it should be an experience for her either way! Pit stop at the McD’s at Forfar on the way up. I really liked McGlynn’s pre match interview, you can tell he’s fully given boys a shake this week. I’d like us to go as full strength as possible, don’t want this to be anything close to an upset.
  10. I picked up on this as well, which isn’t surprising, as the 3 at the back for me doesn’t work when Dick is feart of getting forward. For me, 4231 XI would be (in the current climate of injuries etc): JMac RT Lang Berra Mosunda Williamson Stanton Connelly Ross Zanatta Gullan
  11. Entered the ballot, missed out on the Pars & Arbroath games, so hopefully a case of 3rd time lucky!
  12. Time is it that you find out about the ballot, 7pm?
  13. Aye, I wasn’t too pleased about Super John mentioning Vaughany to be honest. Needs to learn from previous seasons. For me the team should no longer be built round him (said it before he done his knee last time round - up in Forfar). And if Vaughan happens to be fit, then play him every 3rd week or so, or just at home on our pitch. It’s an absolute crying shame for the boy, but he needs to be protected from himself.
  14. I don’t think we’ll have a new striker in for the weekend, I hope I am wrong however. Playing ICT on this current run of form probably isn’t ideal, but as long as we don’t get beat - then it’s a successful result I reckon. Starting XI I’d opt for: . MacDonald RT Lang. Berra Mosunda Matthews Williamson Stanton Connelly Ross . Mitchell (Dick does provide a slightly better balance to the team, but Frankie is just a better player stops more crosses coming in and there’s a calmness as well, with Dick it’s always a fraction away from “aw naw”) (Mitchell won’t start but from what I’ve seen he has a much better eye for goal than either Varian and Matej, and he’s rapid, so could easily drop short and get a run on players going in behind)
  15. Bought the stream, really straight forward. What time does it typically come ‘online’ at? If all fit, I’ll go for something like this JMac RT Lang Berra Mosunda Matthews Tait Connelly Ross Zanatta Varian Possibly harsh on Dick who had a good game vs. Killie, but for me Mosunda just stops more crosses, and deals with danger better.
  16. Some size that new portacabin. What’s the deal with this again, it was mentioned cheap & cheerful hospitality like a pie & pint scenario. Will it be for home fans or just away?
  17. I know it’s pretty early doors, but is there a Streaming option available for this game? I won’t make it through, annoyingly - was looking forward to it as well.
  18. Excellent, as that’s the one I’m on at 11am [emoji577][emoji481]
  19. Rules just now is that masks are mandatory for trains in Scotland. I however, will be sipping away on a few cans (just slip my mask down over my chin).
  20. Agree with a fair chunk of that except for the Zanatta comment, to play Tait over him. It’s been a while since Zanatta has cut in and smacked one in to the far post. I see it happening this game - he’s due one haha! Tait won’t give us that (hopefully I’m wrong and he also scores!) If all available, I’d go for: . JMac RT Lang Berra Mosunda . Matthews Spencer Connelly Ross Zanatta . Varian Decided to sack taken the car up, and getting on the beers with the train, can’t wait!
  21. I’m also in this camp, a centre mid, and a goal scoring striker. Someone of the Steven McLean mould when we were in League 1, experienced head & goal scorer. I have no idea who that is though at this point in time.
  22. Was on the transfer market page I think it was. Cheers for the confirmation.
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