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  1. Sellick Bhoys. In their equivalent of the Fife Cup
  2. We’ve been fairly rotten down in Stranraer the last few years, a few draws come to mind but have we won a game in the last 2 years at Stair? Surely time for a change?
  3. Just watched the highlights, we looked very good at times on it, but again Davo & Bene had a few bowlers that better teams (sorry Clyde) or even a match fit Goodwillie would have absolutely punished us for, Bene in the first half and Davo in the second half on the highlights. That ball for the Anderson goal was absolutely brilliant, who was it that played that? Couldn’t fathom on the highlights. Good to see Victoria get off the mark as well. If we can get 7pts from the next 3 games, what a start to the season, and then Vaughan & Dingwall to be eased back in to the team. Great stuff!
  4. I actually thought we missed Allan a lot the 2nd half, nothing was sticking up top like the first half. But also you can see why McGlynn opted for Smith to run in behind. MacDonald was excellent again down the left.
  5. Goodwillie will score against us on Saturday, he’ll probably finish the season as top goalscorer as well. Home win, 2-1.
  6. Already buzzing to get the beers opened on the train Saturday morning, and getting to the bowling club, to then allow myself to sober up enough so I can get a carry out for the train back home.
  7. Still Davo & Bene Centre half though. The approach is McKay & Davo Centre half with McGurn in the sticks
  8. Spencer a big disappointment, what games have you been watching? From the games I’ve seen (Dundee & Inverness), he was excellent in the Dundee game and we missed him massively I think in the Inverness game. Going by the highlights that’s I’ve watched also when he’s been playing he also looks good. Still though, whether you agree with me or KDawg, it’s still very early days, let’s assess the end of Q1. Much like people should give Allan a chance up top. Right now, I’d opt for a loan at Centre Half, rather Right Back, as I was hugely impressed when Miller played there (albeit from what I heard/what I seen on the highlights). As much as I’m fully behind McGlynn, I don’t think he’ll bring in a Centre half though (f#cking change it McGlynn!).
  9. 5 - everyone seems to be asking this question, but it’s almost impossible to predict. It was the very same situation with Nisbet last season. Allan has at this stage scored more than Nisbet last season. Let’s give him time. Wasn’t at the game but the defending was absolutely disgusting for the goals. MacDonald at left back and Miller at right back definitely seems the best there, it’s the centre half situation, McKay should be played there along with either Davo or Bene, can’t decide which is the lesser of 2 evils.
  10. Fair f#cks to any Rovers fan going to Cove today. Let’s just hope we get through the game with a decent performance & no injuries. Mitch Megginson suspended for Cove, ignorance but should be much of less of dangerous XI. 900 season tickets is great, almost at the target of 1000. With the finance option not long back and Payday this weekend/mid next week, hopefully this will see us up to the target. Can’t wait for Dumbarton Away next Saturday, train from Kdy at 10:17am gets you in at Dumbarton at 12:28, and then straight to the bowling club.
  11. 3-0, against a team who’s in our league and will be most likely similar to most other teams in our league this season... but where’s the goals coming from... 🤪
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