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  1. Not to mention also the cost of lecky for Club, businesses/football clubs don’t have a cap like households do. Morton released a figure, 325% I’m sure it was, that they’re costs had gone up by. That has to have had an impact to almost every Club outwith the Premier League teams.
  2. Hi folks, is there a “Cove TV” option for this? I’m not going, but would likely watch it in the house. Cheers in advance.
  3. Looking forward to getting lesser Hampden eventually ticked off. When is the upgrades etc. due for completion?
  4. 35, is that it? 38 currently where I am in Turkey [emoji3062] Looking forward to a poxy ~16 at Dumbarton on Tuesday haha
  5. I get the impression that Murray would be much more accommodating to players than McGlynn, if he get they would improve the team. Murray’s new interview would also suggest that no new players are due in, and it’ll be Trialists for the foreseeable - which is refreshing to hear that Murray will only sign someone who’s the right fit.
  6. Kelty folks! Is The Kings the only pub open close to the ground? Just looking for a few pre match pints on Saturday. Any advice is much appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Do you get in to the pre season games with your season ticket? I’m sure that use to be a thing but genuinely cannot remember
  8. Offskie down South, according to The Courier. On the note of signings, I hope [emoji1593] emoji makes an appearance today…
  9. With regards to Paterson, I’m sure he has a year to go on his deal with Selick. Based on that, and that fact we have Dick (I know, no where near good enough & the fact teams, Ayr in particular, targeted him as our weak link) and Young, I doubt we’ll be paying a fee for Paterson. Especially when there’s a hefty fee getting paid out this summer. Defenders to be announced, I reckon it’ll be a RB and/or CH, since that’s what we need. It is refreshing to have a bit of excitement circling transfers where you have no idea who the player is.
  10. Also my line of thought. I reckon it’ll be Spencer and Matthews, as the 2, and it’ll be a mixture of tactics making up the rest 4231 Matthews Spencer Easton Ross Vaughan (if fit) (/Connelly). (/Easton) Stanton in if it’s maybe a 3 man midfield? I just don’t get the Brown signing, is he any better than what we have? I haven’t seen him so really cannot comment. That Ian Murray interview is excellent. Really looking forward to finding out the potential 2 defenders next week.
  11. RT for me to as just as important to get re-signed as Brad. Just like Jason Thomson, he is/was such an outlet down that right hand side. We’ve already lost MacDonald on the left and seen no outlet down the left last season. If he is away, I hope it’s to a Prem club. Someone else in the Championship and I’ll be gutted!
  12. Anyone in the know, or roughly know, when the Community Hub will start? (Diggers in breaking ground)
  13. Every thread for for Rovers/Pars game just gets worse! Jeezo! Anyway, I’ll be there tonight, freezing my balls off - weather forecast is rain, so I’m expecting a stinking 1-1 viewing tonight (not because of the rain mind you!). My XI tonight if all fit: . JMac RT Berra Bene Mackie . Matthews Stanton Connelly Ross Zanatta . Matej Frankie in for Berra if not fit.
  14. I think I’ve almost recovered, having such a late one and being up at 5am for work was horrendous! A few things to note on the game, Queens fully deserved to go in level at HT, well played Queens. But 2nd half, we completely controlled the game, and the game management - where has that been since November? Good to see it back. I took my eldest (she’s 7), she’s been going to more games this season and she’s been at the girls football on a Wednesday also, she fully has the bug now, next up for her - Townies away. Diddy Cup or not, when it’s the business end - it means everything. Great day out!
  15. Unfortunately the part about not wearing the home strip you’ve wrote is utter nonsense. QotS have been given the nod to wear their home strip, which they’ve then made a limited addition for the Final. Which leaves us with the only option of wearing the away red strip. I do agree with your first part though, the Club (the board!) 100% do need to be seen to be doing something more. For me I’d like to see some sort of holding email/statement “this is the course of action we intend of taken… short term goals (perhaps awareness courses of some sort) and long term goals (how we are going to reintegrate a new 1st team woman’s team)
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