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  1. This was my thinking that, for the Stranraer game - it’ll be a good learning curve for handling an ok sized crowd. I will be hoping to be there all the same, friendly or not - buzzing! After Scotland losing on Monday, Rovers now have my full attention again.
  2. I might be wrong and it’s also just maybe how I interpreted it on the Rovers website at the time. But the announcement about season tickets read that it would only be season ticket holders allowed in, depending on Covid restrictions. So if we get 1200 season ticket holders, and we’re in level 1 (as we currently are) - it’ll go to a ballot and 200 would miss out. (level 0, is 2000). Not any PATG. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I remember reading it.
  3. Since there’s plenty chat about season tickets, I’ll personally say, I couldn’t care what the club charged! If that extra money means an extra few Bob to a player and/or keeping a player (Hendry for example) then so be it. Season ticket bought. I cannot f#cking wait to get back in to Stark’s! Hopefully Brechin in 5 weeks’ time will be the first of many for the new season ahead. As for signings, it’s almost done to death by now, but I fully trust Super John! I think someone asked about new strips also a few posts back, I’m pretty sure (99%) we’re getting new ones for 21/22.
  4. What is this finishing 7th or 8th would be fine nonsense. I agree budget for 5th, so we don’t lose our way by spending what we don’t have. But let’s have ambition to go and win the f#cking league! There’s not a single team in the Championship this season (21/22) where you can say they’ll win it. Every team will be aiming to win it (whether they can or not is entirely different). More importantly though, Fife down to Level 1 within the Covid restrictions, which allows 1000 fans in to stadiums. Tuesday 13th July, home to Brechin - c’mon!! Hoping this will be first game since the Tuesday game against Falkirk way back! Romantic that both games are a Tuesday…
  5. Would be shocked at that considering they don’t have a manager.
  6. Best part time player in Scotland. I’m kinda gutted he’s away to be honest. Whoever the LB replacement is has fairly big shoes to fill. But in McGlynn I trust. What’s the date that that contracts expire? Is it 31st May? I know the club mentioned something in the Friday email, but I’ve since deleted and I can find the deleted email. Cheers in advance.
  7. For me not disappointing in the slightest, he had been murder since the turn of the year. Whether that’s a mental issue or Covid, either way, he was a shadow of himself the first ~4 months.
  8. I’ve been having a think for the current signed players/Squad for next season (correct me if I’ve missed anyone)... RRFC Players for 21/22: Goalies - J MacDonald Robbie Thomson Kyle Bow (apprentice) Defenders - LB K MacDonald (TBC, based on PT/FT arrangement) CB Kyle Benedictus Dave McKay Tom Laing (pre-contract) Christoph Berra (pre-contract) Frankie Mosunda (Super John seems to think he’ll stay) RB Reghan Tumilty Midfielders - Centre Mid Ross Matthews Dylan Tait Quin Coulson (apprentice) Aaron Arnott (apprentice) Wingers Dario Zanatta (pre contract) #10 Lewis Vaughan James Keatings (pre contract) Strikers Luke Mahady (apprentice) Of the players in current squad, 20/21, I’d like to stay: Regan Hendry (obviously, but he’s away) Brad Spencer Dan Armstrong, I’m 50/50 on, if he stays great - if not - I’m not overly arsed, he’s done well for us, and if wants a crack at the Prem fair play to him. Recruitment: Cover at RB/LB, ideally someone who can do both 2x Centre Midfield, at least 3x Strikers (this is the key, and absolutely has to be spot on next season, if we can get someone like Duku who started the season, but to carry it from start to finish, would be absolutely unreal) 2x winger/#10 style of player
  9. I’m sure I read some where that fans will be allowed in to the final(s), but only home fans. Can’t recall the defined number and/or percentage. I’m sure the Championship/League 1 games are being moved a day so they can accommodate fans entry. This was on Twitter, and I can’t remember the page, to link it. So it might be bollocks what I’ve just wrote...
  10. Surf shark vpn, is pretty decent on the iPad when I was away with work. Obviously I have no idea what it’s been like the last year. But worth letting you know either way
  11. What a f*cking team, min!! Yaaaaassss!! Enjoy your night folks!
  12. Meant to say this earlier in the week, but it was good to see ParsTV sorted their shit out on Tuesday, coverage was excellent - commentators spoke dross, but that’s sound. Compared to the league game when we got humped, I missed the first 15-20mins as ParsTV had crashed (pity it didnt crash for the other ~70mins). Massive game now on Saturday, buzzing!! C’mon Rovers - dinny f*ck it!
  13. Hahahaha that’s the most Rovers thing ever - signing a c’unt on a pre contract that’s injured [emoji23][emoji23]
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