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  1. That was f#cking murder yesterday, and really could have been 3 or 4. Can’t believe we tried to play football yesterday, it was another Morton performance that was required. 3 homes games coming up, back to Sexy Raith Rovers - please 🤞🏻
  2. It was starting to be nipped in the bud towards the end of last season, as Super John indicated that other clubs watched the interviews and could almost hazard a guess at what the starting XI would be.
  3. On the P&B app, and can’t seem to find a match thread for this... so here we go... Arbroath TV, what’s the script? £14? Nothing on their Twitter page, as of Tuesday at 5pm. Absolutely buzzing for a game again since the snow killed that weekend. Virtual away day for me, in the home bar from 12:30pm. Starting XI wise, I hope Matthews is back fit, we’ve missed him in the middle of the park.
  4. Pass... 1 too many Vodkay’s in their social club, was absolutely mortal at the football, a few pies and a burger from the van at Asda sorted me out, only for more vodka on the train back down the road
  5. I would say I prefer this team to the Ray Mac team, ignoring any snakery. I wasn’t one of them, but folks were calling for Ray Mac to be OUT, up until around December time. It was almost from the Elgin (best away day ever) Cup game onwards that it started turning back in his favour, and then the January window obviously worked a treat. The stat to look at if someone can be arsed digging it out, is look at Ray Mac’s first 18 (?) games pts/game, and compare to our first 12 (?) games pts/, that would roughly align with where both were at the time of the season. We also then went with a fatal 4-way of Craig Barr & Bene, and then defensive midfield pairing of Davo & Toshney. Can’t see Super John ever going that defensive, but it was hugely effective that 2nd half of the season, paired with Ryan Hardie’s goals.
  6. Bit of a delay, and already confirmed game off, but better late than never, right? Haha! (From this morning)
  7. I live about a 10mins walk from Stark’s, and absolutely hee haw snow has melted in my garden today. If the covers haven’t been put down, it’s game off I reckon - a lot of snow to defrost and piss off in the space of 36-48hrs or so. I’ll take the dog a walk tomorrow and go up via Stark’s and take a wee picture, see what it’s like and share with the world of P&B. I really hope it’s on, as I’m planning on getting mortal on Saturday, and if nae fitbaw between 3-5pm, would leave a bit of a gap in my Saturday plans...
  8. I enjoyed Callachan when he was with us. The only thing that infuriated me was when he would try and get the long range rasper off, which never came off, ever! The only goal I really recall Callachan scoring was away to Ayr, 1st or 2nd game of the season under Locke. (I’m sure he scored more, but can’t think of any others off the top of my head.)
  9. Can’t see Vaughan being risked on a heavy pitch. Yeah I still feel Tait’s needing a wee break, so off the bench is fine. If he starts no hard grumble. Just an opinion.
  10. It would seem as though there’s not any planned pitch inspection and it’s game on... which I’m pleasantly surprised with. A few school night beer [emoji482] My team for tonight JMac Tumilty Davo Frankie KMac Spencer King Armstrong Kennedy Gullan Duku Timmy didn’t do anything wrong on Saturday, so I’ve literally just tossed 10p for who’s name is going on haha! So either one will be fine. It’s probably not the 4-0-6 lineup that most were looking for...
  11. That was the 15min monsoon! Absolutely wild rain! That can be forgiven.
  12. Anyway, f#ck this Nisbet love-in here! The game, it’s pissing of rain in Kdy. But snowing in Dunfermline, I last heard and also checked on my phone - iPhone weather app - always in the know... [emoji51] Is the snow lying, game on / game off? I know it’s tomorrow night. But I am f#cking buzzing!
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