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  1. End of January, but I think you can still sign loans/freebies in to February
  2. Any of them show football? And has a pool table? Going all out now. But cheers for the above. Stadium bar will be for the “1 for the road” before kickoff.
  3. Hoping to make this. Typically what pub or pubs do Rovers fans go to prior to the game? I’ve only ever driven/been driven to the Excelsior. Also with that on the pubs, are they closer to Drumgelloch or Airdrie Station? Cheers in advance.
  4. McKay dropped deep!! Fucking 442 the day, shite! Get the 3 at the back! CHANGE IT MCGLYNN
  5. Unfortunately it’s looking like I’m needing to miss this, annoyingly! As mentioned, it really is a must win, and I just hope there’s not to much of a Cup defeat hangover - there shouldn’t be as the boys done themselves proud. Nip n tuck, and very close, 2-1. Munro Davo McKay Bene Miller. MacDonald Matthews Hendry Tait Anderson Baird
  6. Aye I would say I’m in the Kenny Miller OUT, bracket. But it would be very us to give him a 6 month deal before he hangs up the boots. And if he does sign and scores 10 goals which would take us up - then great signing.
  7. That’s it. It’s not about banning, it’s about educating and knowing what’s wrong. The young team have done brilliant bringing the atmosphere, and they’re going about it the right way in bringing a pal or 2 to increase their squad. And now on Twitter etc. And trying to sort themselves out with flags etc. It’s great. And the songs are super! But also the incidents with the chairs & the Nando chant has to stop. As we as a club have a great reputation with other clubs as “soond c*nts” and are always welcome in pubs near by etc. But that’ll soon turn sour if scenarios like the above continue to re-occur. Also mentioned above, ANNOUNCE A FUCKING SIGNING!
  8. But said grown man (HTC) didn’t call the “young team” racist, said grown man was shouting for them to stop the song, that was all. And then followed up by posting on here for it to be nipped in the bud. Which i would’ve said done the job as it wasn’t sung 2nd half, or no where near as frequent as it was 1st half, that’s for sure.
  9. The Hamburg fans chant about a Sheffield Wednesday player... do they aye?
  10. Even if it doesn’t go to ET & Pens, it’s still pretty tight on timings, and the eventual train from Edin to Kdy. Roughly times :- • 7:45pm kick off, circa 9:30pm FT •20mins walk to Kelvinbridge subway station • 9:55pm, 6mins on Subway to Queenstreet • 10:15pm from Queenstreet to Haymarket (Haymarket 11:12pm to Kdy 11:56pm) Still though, the thought of being out in Glasgow before hand is excellent and completely worth it.
  11. He should’ve retired last year! C*nt keeps costing us!! So frustrating when he’s actually having a decent game and then a total brain fart and then it’s game gone. Personally after him sticking the fingers up when he got sent off, when we went out on shit show at Alloa 2yrs ago, that should’ve been the last of him.
  12. Typically, what is your home crowd? Not crowd w*nking mate, just curios. The number of home fans, mean f*ckall at the end of the day, teams are where they are on merit.
  13. FFP quoting 578. Could potentially be 750-800 tomorrow. Which would be fantastic. I know we’re going to get beat, but I’m absolutely buzzing for tomorrow.
  14. Aye it’s wild, normally some one posts something that’s itk. But pretty silent so far.
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