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  1. Sorry I don't know anything of F Heenan but know the names on the photograph below. L-R Back row C Snedden (Provost) J Bernard, R Gray, J Russell (Trainer) R Cowan, H Simpson, Front row B Watson, J Snedden, B McGuire, J McMeichan, A McGuiness, T McCandless. I think the cup is the old Lanark and Lothian cup also known as the Citizen Cup.
  2. Yes we were pretty poor today, we'll play better in the weeks to come and not be so fortunate in the result but nobody can question the effort the players put in. The person to thank for that I'm sure is the manager, as someone said earlier we need an Andy Shirra type player in the middle to calm things down a bit and spray the passes. On a positive note, how long is it since we had forwards scoring hat-ricks? ie Miller and Ritchie. Talking of Ritchie, where is Ritchie senior aka BU Brian tonight, notable by his absence ? no doubt we will be hearing from him when he sobers up .
  3. Why all this talk about relegation? When you enter a competition surely the aim is to win it. A tall order I know but let's be more positive in our ambitions. Come away the BUs.
  4. Another master stroke by our manager? Here's hoping. Come away the BUs.
  5. Ah think It's awe right tae hiv a wee look it the Minor leagues noo an again. Nice tae see them enjoyin thursels.
  6. Question I have to ask is, does the club have a physio? Tonight a player received what could be an injury that might keep him out for weeks and no one was on hand to attend to him. He limped all the way around the park without any assistance, perhaps doing more damage. Very amateurish in my opinion.
  7. Come on boys the lads are only amateurs, be thankful for seeing something of a game.
  8. I have to say that I admire your enthusiasm Brian. It is with guys like yourself and the many others that will always keep the BUs to the fore. Come away the BUs.
  9. Well done Jambo for that comprehensive summary. You must be burning the midnight oil at the moment digging into past history of football in Bo'ness.
  10. Well done to the committee for this continued facility and also Jennifer for the innovative idea delivering the usual canteen food.
  11. That's no a very nice thing to say about Jambo Dave lol.
  12. Think the referee from last nights match deserves a mention, never really noticed him which is always a good sign.
  13. Burmat, You sound to me like a bit of a shit stirrer. Like 8 miile and Brian and I'm sure most of the BU support I would say, we don't care about Linlithgow Rose. Lets move on..
  14. Varies by club. Majority are £6/7 with outliers of £8 for East Stirling & £10 for Berwick. Thank you.
  15. Probably been asked before, but does anyone know what the admission fee is for Lowland League matches?
  16. I agree with you entirely when you say that white shorts make the top stand out and is part of the reason I prefer them. As for your comment regarding the cleaning of them, I can tell you that in the late 1940s and early 50s the strips and shorts were washed in an outside washhouse, hung out and ironed for Saturdays and mid week games. Bo'ness United were always one if not the best turned out teams in junior football. Now seventy years on with all modern equipment we cannot expect the same, it's a poor show. I thought that as away strips were now the fashion or the rules, we were talking about a home strip. If that is the case, I would say that because of the extreme efforts of NPA. we now have first class Astro turf. Games hopefully not postponed, muck and grit a thing of the past, I don't see a problem. As we move into the higher league lets at least look more professional. Just my opinion.
  17. Get back to the traditional Bo'ness United strip of blue tops and white shorts. It served us well for seventy years, could never understand why it was changed to blue shorts.
  18. Must have been St Michael Cup final.Back row L-R Mckinnon, Wood, McKeeman, Ronald, Paterson, Ormand, Front row W Gardiner (trainer) Hogg,Grieve, Mitchell, McBlain,Simpson, (W Williamson (trainer)
  19. Wonder if you have names on photograph Jambo ?. I know them all but one, back row second from left.
  20. Looking forward to some decent chatter, instead of the childish rubbish from Auld Heid, Wee Specky etc, from the lower League. Come away the BUs.
  21. The man at the top of the stairs better shift when the BU supporters bus arrives.
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