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  1. As we come to the end of the year and as you said Jambo the 31st. will be the last instalment on this thread, I for one and I'm sure many others are going to miss your daily contributions. A lot of time and hard work has gone into this. I thank you for this and wish you good luck with your research into the past football in Bo'ness.
  2. ,FFS Alan awa oot an get yirsel drunk and mibby the morn yill feel a bit better,
  3. Supporters attending the match may also have been involved but unclear on that.
  4. Have heard about this game and apparently committee men had to fill in. The centre half was Dick Potter the then club secretary, but don't know the others.
  5. Now, now. Not very nice, coming from a BB.
  6. A dinny think us yins will be botherin aboot yous yins.
  7. With gates like that every second week with today's admission charges, the club could be bidding for Morelos.
  8. Great result from a great team. Three of that forward line provisionally signed at the time with senior clubs, Scott (Rangers), Martin (Rangers), Harrower (Hibs). Would settle for just one for this season.
  9. Yes John, can remember Frankie. Played mostly at centre forward and scored a good lot of goals for the BU's. Heard he was not much of a singer though.
  10. That was Tom Stevenson, a Bo'ness lad who stood in for the one game.
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