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  1. ICTFC 18/19

    Osman Sow anyone :)?
  2. ICTFC 18/19

    He has agreed terms with Derry so we missed out. Any more links other than Storer, Quitongo, Hendry (St J) or Scougall?
  3. ICTFC 18/19

    Red dot .
  4. ICTFC 18/19

    Please tell me that is a joke regarding Tade!! I would rather have Jake Mulraney than him. No disrespect to Tade but we need to stop mentioning ex players and just making up that we are linked with them. The only reason I would take back Jake is because he is younger than the others being touted plus deserves a chance to get his career back on track. Anyway, any news yet on who the trialists are ;)? Chris Erskine worth a look at?
  5. Robertson must GO!

    So you'd rather us go to League 1? By not making Change of manager or signing players, thats where we'll end up. I do include Graham Rae in my criticism too, he's not backing our manager, I am so desperate for an owner with money so we can buy instead of sign free agents. If Utd can get an American owner then surely we can too!
  6. Inverness v Queens

    I have put up with draws long enough but this is the final straw. And your another. Opinions not allowed unless they agree with you!
  7. Robertson must GO!

    At least you guys are 2nd!
  8. Robertson must GO!

    The problem is, its not just today that we lose late goals, its all too common!
  9. Robertson must GO!

    No, over the court of the season now stop slating my opinion or gtf! Or is not everyone allowed an opinion unless they agree with a c**t like you!
  10. Robertson must GO!

    Well he has proven that he's a dud!
  11. This season has been a joke with all these shite draws and losing to the bottom team from 1 up, todays debacle is the last straw for me, lead 1-0 with 15 minutes to go and yet still fucking lose. It's obvious that we need goalscorers yet this p***k goes out and signs a defender that doesn't even get on the pitch!! Another season in this division beckons, luckily we are clear of 9th so let's rebuild from now starting with Mr "no clue" Robertson. Paul Sheerin, time for you to leave Pittodrie and come home to ICT! Enough is enough so f**k all your negative responses to this, my opinion is allowed and this is that opinion!
  12. Inverness v Queens

    What a fucking disgrace!!! Get these useless c***s to f**k and get youngsters playing!! Oh, and our useless p***k manager to f**k too!!
  13. ICTFC 18/19

    Surely we can get a youngster or two on loan from Hearts due to the fact Robbo used to work for them. Someone like a Harry Cochrane or Anthony Mcdonald who I'm sure Hearts would like to see get matches sometime soon.
  14. ICTFC 18/19

    Any word on the 2 potential new signings that we are close to, hopefully one of them is a player that can actually score!!? Hopefully we get OFW, Angus Beith and any other player that does not get games and invest their wages on players that can make us a force in the 2nd half of the season. This next month is will determine if Mr Robertson is worthy of keeping his job beyond this season and, I for one, hope he proves to us that he deserves another season!
  15. Highland Derby

    Mark Ridgers will be key for us getting a result in this one imho. The only worry I have is, where are the goals coming from as we don't really have a natural goalscorer. For this I'd go with this: Ridgers Rooney Donaldson McCart Tremarco (he is fit for this according to P and J) Polworth Welsh Chalmers Doran Walsh Oakley.