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  1. I'm surprised he's going back out on loan, i think he'd be a useful addition to Utd this season especially with Europe a possibility.
  2. Don't underestimate Raith or Airdrie, you lot should know better than this . Raith are a tough team to beat and Airdrie reached the play off final last season so are definitely capable of getting at least a draw, they'll look at Falkirk beating Hibs and use that as motivation as imho they are a better team than Falkirk. I'm just glad we're through so anything else will be a bonus.
  3. Don't blame me, @TheScarfhas taken a strange dislike towards me so he should wheesht ! How the hell am I supposed to know positions of players that don't even play for us, I'm not bloody psychic ffs!
  4. Oh shit, I didn't see that I quoted you instead of the arrogant idiot @TheScarf. You are actually one of the good guys on here, of which there are very few, @Rig is another of the good guys ;). Ps, I wouldn't say no to Innes Cameron but think it's unlikely as we are well covered at centre back now.
  5. Jesus Christ lol, he's being linked with a return to Dundee U and I imagine Hearts are still in the hunt too so we have no chance of signing him! If or more likely when we sign Oakley (which would be a shit signing btw) then our focus has to be on a right back. Oh and your still a d***, in fact an ignorant one if you don't have the decency to apologise for being WRONG, but your banter on here is actually good so that's a positive I suppose!
  6. Well in that case I'm due an apology from that d*** @TheScarf ! I was pretty surprised when I saw the post then saw he played for Columbus but then again, I'm also surprised we are allegedly offering a deal to ANOTHER ex player and linked with another, Nikolay Todorov, are we trying to create a legends 5 a side ffs! I'd be happy with Delaney though :)
  7. Wrong, according to Central Caley Instagram it was ex Jambo Perry Kitchen. He did say on his story that it was Max but on his player rating post he then says it's presumed to be Perry so I'm thinking he did a bit of research and found out who it was :P.
  8. I'm sure Rig will confirm this as he posts about this pod a lot (good work by the way) but I see The Wyness Shuffle podcast tweeted earlier that editing of the latest pod is under way so the pod can be uploaded, then I saw a little bit saying that our CEO (who gets unfair criticism imho, yes I know that's rich coming from me ahaha) that he's hoping we have a new signing announced before the weekend :O. My guess is it'll now be at the weekend as nothing on socials etc yet.
  9. Are we the ONLY club not to sign a player yet ? It's been a few weeks now and tbh it's pissing me off seeing other clubs sign players yet we haven't signed ANYBODY despite contracts being offered to players supposedly! Oh and still no news on Shane Sutherland, Wallace Duffy or Aaron Doran signing new deals yet, what's the wait .
  10. If we get a decent fee for him (and I mean £300-500k) then I'd be tempted to sell him and use the money to replace him but if its a shit offer then we should tell St J to gtf until they give us a serious bid. McAlear is another who could be Perth bound.
  11. I've already admitted that Billy deserves credit for the turnaround ever since the Arbroath 3-0 day so I echo Sophia and say that it's now about time the Anti BD bridgade gave it a rest now, this is his first managerial job so he's going to make mistakes which he will learn hard lessons from and boy is he getting rewarded now, in fact it shows that the players were still playing for him, there was certainly no loss of the dressing room scenario. This is the season for rookie managers because look at Thomas Courts, there was mass outcry within Utd support (one of which was my bro) when he got appointed yet now their in EUROPE!
  12. It couldn't be any worse than Tuesday where after Extra Time, Worcester Warriors won a trophy after drawing 25 all on the basis they scored more tries!
  13. He should be a manager lol because he kept repeating himself banging about playing balls on the deck lol and singling out Doran for playing balls on the deck to, I take it no others are capable of that Mr Stewart
  14. Be honest fellow Caley Jaggies, did anyone see this scenario during our dreadful winless run or even tonight when we went down to NINE men, though these were totally ABYSMAL decisions!!? We all know Billy has made mistakes this season, be it personnel or tactics but I think we have to credit him for this achievement because its nothing short of remarkable! He's inexperienced yet he's got us the furthest to promotion ahead of experienced Neil McCann and John Robertson. Just let that sink in .
  15. Highlight: Has to be Kilmarnock 0-1 ICT thanks to a wonder goal from Welshy :D. Second has to be the loan signings of Reece McAlear and Logan Chalmers. Lowlight: Our record v Bottom half teams which cost us 1st or 2nd. Also, having to put up with absolute idiots on here . Though I don't help myself sometimes .
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