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  1. I wouldn't mind Ukraine either as it's been a while since we last played them, 2007 campaign if I remember correctly. We lost 2-0 away the midweek after the famous Hampden 1-0 v France and a 3-1 home win where Faddy scored a couple of individual wonder goals.
  2. There's no way Harvey Barnes will play for us, he's been in England squads if my memory is still going strong (highly unlikely lol). I know nothing about Anthony Gordon, Luis Binks, Ben Nelson or Jarrell Quansah so can't comment regarding these, however, any useful info such as their positions and form etc would be greatly appreciated :). The others are tough to say, many think Connor Gallagher and Tino Livramento could find it difficult to get into England squads so they could do a Cameron Redpath (Scotland Rugby centre who, up until Feb always publicly stated his desire to play for Eddie Jones' England but changed his stance just before the last 6N, presumably p***ed off at being continously snubbed by EJ) and change their minds before too long. Matt Targett is another that's hard to determine what he'll do because he plays in a position that we ain't exactly light on. Imho, I have been stating since before the Denmark game that Karlan Grant and Sam Gallagher should be getting capped as I'd say they are more likely to get regular gametime for us than England and tbh, both are goalscorers, however, I'd not have either ahead of Dykes, Adams or Nisbet but perhaps just ahead of Tony Watt. Anyway, I'm sure the lads at the SFA and Sir Steve Clarke know what they are doing so its best to leave them to do the scouting on eligible players :D.
  3. We can add Southampton defender Tino Livramento to this thread. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/internationals/southamptons-tino-livramento-reveals-he-can-play-for-scotland/
  4. So we're basically playing to the old days cliche of you score one, we score 2; you score 2, we, score 3. Hopefully we keep Zahavi and Dabuur quiet like we did with Austria's strikers whilst also finding our scoring boots because I'd like a NerveLESS Saturday, not a nervy one!
  5. No complaints from me regarding the squad but then again, I'm not one of the Clarke bashers so I ALWAYS trust his judgement! I'm only SLIGHTLY disappointed that Aaron Hickey and Ross Stewart did not get call ups but tbh, I'd say the Nations League is for blooding in the youngsters and new caps (though not many lol) because, as the ROI are finding out the hard way, rebuilding during a qualifying campaign has drastic consequences. Anyway, I had a look on Sunderland forum and their glad he's been left out though one or two seem to think he's likely to replace Fraser, when the inevitable withdrawal materialises. Also, did I hear on the interview on YouTube that Steven Naismith is going to be kept on by SC :O?
  6. There is NO WAY Harvey Barnes will play for us, he's not Cameron Redpath (Scotland and Bath Rugby player) who will change his mind in a few years if he's p***ed off at being continually overlooked by England (that won't happen anyway, he'll get a competitive game ASAP imho as he's now playing in Europe with Leicester). Anyway, regarding "eligible players", I'm not really in favour of this rule as it can be overused (look at our Rugby team, half are South Africans fgs), I don't mind one or 2 (in our case, preferably Strikers).
  7. I feel like I can contribute to this thread in a big way lol, not that I'd want any of them to play for us unless they are dedicated etc. Bobby Allan (GK for French team, can't remember the team) Jed Steer (GK, Villa) Ryan Fredericks (RB, WHU) Todd Kane RB or CB, QPR) Yes Craigieboy86, Matt Target is one (RB or LB, Villa) Luis Binks (MF of Spurs) Karlan Grant (ST, WBA). I'd probably have to look through Google for more but one I didn't know about was Peterborough's Dembele :O, top marks to you Craigieboy86 for that one ;).
  8. Will you stop bullying me or I'll report you too the mods, it's unacceptable that I come on here only to be abused!
  9. The problem is though, we need to have a look at some younger GKs at some point because Marshall and Gordon aren't getting any younger.
  10. This thread is pointless because, unless Steve resigns (which also won't happen), he's our manager for the foreseeable. Yes, he has probably learned harsh lessons from this tournament but I see no reason to believe that we won't qualify for Qatar 2021,all it needs is a couple of big performances against Denmark and one against Austria. Hopefully he has learnt though that attacking formations lead to reward, we just need to start to defend and keep clean sheets on a regular basis! I really don't get some fans, their always moaning!
  11. We have a good crop of youngsters which imho is a positive so I'm hoping that Steve Clarke (he's not going anywhere thankfully) starts using them in the September qualifying campaign. Maybe not every single player that I mention lol but it would be good to see at least some in match day squads: Luis Binks (I know nothing of him so fill me in lol, is he International class or ready? Nathan Patterson: Hopefully gets a good run in the Rangers team, especially in Europe as that will improve him further Billy Gilmour: Showed he's ready to be in the team, in fact he should have been in a long time ago! David Turnbull: Hopefully he kicks on at Celtic and challenges to get into the Scotland team on a regular basis Allan Campbell: Hopefully has a successful time at Burton and pushes to get into future squads, maybe the next Nations League is more realistic for him. Now I move on to eligible players, probably ones likely to never play for us, bar one or two. Ciaran Slicker: Like Binks, I don't know about this guy so fill me in. I see via SFA page that he's been in under 21 squads previously so that may be a sign he's pledged allegiance. Matt Targett: I don't see him play for us as we have a good crop of Lbs, unless we have him as 3rd choice behind Robertson and Tierney. Todd Kane or Ryan Fredericks could possibly be the ones that eventually pledge allegiance. I'd say Todd Kane is more likely though I'd like it to be Ryan Fredericks who I would put as our first choice RB with Nathan Patterson second behind him and Stephen O'Donnell 3rd choice behind those 2. We are in desperate need of a striker to step up from the under 21s though or Karlan Grant to pledge allegiance because we cannot keep relying on Adams, Dykes and Nisbet every match day. Oliver McBurnie, Lawrence Shankland and Oliver Burke are not good enough for international football imho and I'm fairly certain that Leigh Griffiths won't pull on a Scotland jersey again. When contributing to this thread I want no personal attacks on mine, or anyone else's opinions and please stay on topic too lol.
  12. GK position certainly is a worry unless Robbie McCrorie (have I got the right lad) can show he's international class. We have other options but all of them are not even Scottish: Ciaran Slicker, Jed Steer or Angus Gunn (not happening imho). I know nothing of any of these GKs but I presume Steer is mid 20s to early 30s?
  13. Unless Angus Gunn grows increasingly frustrated at being snubbed by England which is unlikely. Jon McLaughlin needs game time. Is McCrorie international quality, I don't watch much under 21 matches? He is good at Livi though, pretty sure he keeps them in games with vital saves.
  14. Northstandrising Instagram had a story up yesterday saying that we are after Tim Chow! I really hope not because, imho, we need younger players not Toss County or any other players rejects!! gardyne- no but I do see it materialise mckay - definitely not draper- another no Cochrane - I'd say yes t o him.
  15. Owen Coyle and if so, why not? He is in charge of an Indian club so we would have to pay compensation which may be an issue.
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