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  1. Sorry, I have to defend my family. They own know the situation as they know my ex is expecting. Because I was homeless I'm apparently prioritised for a two bedroom flat so I can have a room for my kids and if I leave the Place I'm in i give up that right to be on that list and there's no way whilst giving her maintanence money every month I afford a two bedroomed flat at the moment. My parents are in a very tough position as they need to be neutral face vaulue to see their grandkids. Friends, I work in an environment I have little in common with anyone and when you have a family and you move from the environment you got brought up in are hard to get back especially when going back because things have went to shit. Single dads out there I completely salute you it's the loneliest place in the world. I can't continue to reply to stuff on here though. But my family have been understanding as much as they can and would have me there in a second.
  2. Thank you. believe it or not you have Kincardine (sorry going to shame you) for coming on. at first when I was in such a shitter and people where being so generous I could still reply with a straight face internet level and think in the back of my head this will be fine in a couple of months and as time went on I've deliberately avoided here through embarrassment as well as my ongoing situation. I don't need to go into stuff but again I'm still in a homeless place on a waiting list seeing my children once when it suits her because until I'm settled I've been advised not to get legal advice. All this is happening and my mum reveals she's confided she is pregnant. If anyone officially would like to verify this Kincardine has my phone number. I'm utterly ashamed ive not got myself out this situation I'm off work long term and its shit, but the god honest truth. ill be back when I'm sorted. Until then I can't even bear to read replies.
  3. There is no forum I've posted on. I've no interest in football at the moment I can swear on my children's lives. I posted on Hibs bounce same name. Lies and rubbish. I'm sorry I've let people down. Fact is I'm ashamed of my life just now.!:some people will understand some won't.
  4. Hope all is ok mate. Take it easy and keep your head up. Thank you. I'm gone from here just now again now tho. Thanks again.
  5. I haven't looked at any of this thread or even look at messages from people who where:are concerned but a memeber it pnb was in touch last week. He won't want to be named but a certain Rangers poster isn't as bad as the shit he gets. any mod can clarify that I haven't even been on here purely through utter embarrassment of my whole situation. I'm in a homeless place still just now waiting to get into a two bedroom so I can have kids as advised by my caseworker. It's a very tough position to be in and my ex is pregnant again with my child. im very sorry that I haven't been on here to clarify anything. I promise when I get on my feet I will pay the donations into something of this sites choice. The cold hard truth is I'm ashamed, I'm ashamed it came to my situation and I'm still in a position now I'm ashamed. I don't want any sympathy at the same time I won't be looking at replies. Staying in a homeless place and off work over Xmas and being away out the place for a night takes you off this list is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Again thank you you so much to people that helped me. It won't be forgotten and again I promise to pay back to a charity or whatever you guys choose when I can. Thank you again.
  6. Sorry mate. Been living in a place with no wifi and have no network top up till Thursday. Thanks all again, have money for deposit on flat share in Edinburgh when i get paid. I genuinely love all a lot have done for me I really do but I've got many many shit stuff going on at the same time that's not me people less appreciative it's me being honest and saying getting out this room is hard with the things I haven't got never mind facing many stuff. What I will say is thank you again and if anyone wants their generous lend back please just message me. I might not reply right away but Its not for this or that. Thanks again.
  7. Yes she can and has. There literally no way my daughter who is now old enough to know what's good and bad would say no to me being there, she screams for me but apparently I've been told to keep away she wants mum. Actual lies. Prove otherwise? This could probably hurt me legally because she has my laptop and will look up anything to get her way. It's wrong so so wrong,
  8. Hope so mate. Have the chance of a halfway house as such tomorrow I think for a week at least and see how it goes so it's a start. Amazing contributions on here have helped towards a small deposit in working towards so at least there may be some light and I can get back to work after tomorrow with a change of clothes too. Get back doing that and head down is what I'm good at.
  9. Thanks mate. She done it completely calculated though, that's the nasty hard part. It's an utter control thing with her. I know I've got major shit ahead with her it's not bearing thinking about though when I'm trying to get it together and go another day without seeing my kids. Cheers mate after payday I'll be okay although she'll Be off like a volcano.
  10. Thanks very much again guys, I've another meeting with the council guys tomorrow and payday is almost a week away. I'm prepared to slog this out for a week or so, managed to get some clothes for work too as all my stuff is still at my old "home" weekends going to be hard to get through but there's light and you guys generosity is so amazing. Thank you.
  11. Thanks buddy and thank you to everyone. thank you so so much. You will never know or understand who appreciate do it is. It's a very shitey lonely place just now but my out on life even has changed in the last 24 hours. There is much more good than I gave credit for. Im so, so appreciative you will never know. Thank you.
  12. No worries, I would be skeptical too.
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