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  1. Was a brave decision on County's part to not play a goalkeeper tonight
  2. Gary Caldwell doesn't half make you feel more intelligent
  3. It was take a knee. Then make a stand. Reckon next it will be a cheeky wink.
  4. Just another reason to not listen to what Tom English has to say about anything. Man is a fucking tool.
  5. For once Hearts are not nvolved in a BBC Scotland game and they still can't talk about anything fucking else.
  6. The way the fixtures are cramped together we are probably playing both of them.
  7. I am hoping you moved the money to a proper account rather than the missus transfering it to some account set up for her by the daughter of a dead Kenyan prince?
  8. You smoked John Players Specials and drank Skol?
  9. It was probably the Oresund Bridge, which makes some sense, but still, any opportunity to laugh at Denmark. Agreed, Denmark has got away with too much for too long. Tyrannical arseholes. Time we stood up to them. f**k Denmark.
  10. The real crime here is the Townie Press referring to them as biscuits. Clue is in the name.
  11. How do non-fifers carry their baby dolls? You have to carry your pitch fork anyway. You have your sisters hand in the other. Seems a perfectly natural solution to combine fork and doll.
  12. He will score. Our lads won't give him abuse though so he won't get sent off. Hope he does well apart from against us. Good luck Coxy.
  13. That's just looks like a full view of Glenrothes.
  14. I don't have an Alexa but I am going to use that approach anyway.
  15. Probably have to take that story with a pinch of salt.
  16. That's right. Wouldn't do my sister any good anyhow.
  17. She isn't from Fife. One of us needs to be a reader of words in this day and age so it made sense...
  18. Discussing a book: Me: 'Is he American?' Mrs Hill 'No, I don't think so, he lives in America but I think it says his Grandfather was a Jew.' Me: '..........................'
  19. Cheers. I remember it being a comfortable defeat.
  20. Nice. Did we get beat in the Clydebank game? Maybe two nil. I remember being at one there about that time. The home fans spent the whole match slagging Sumo. I think he played for them maybe at some point.
  21. Ours have been a bit of a lottery over the years but I think it's fine these days. The cheeseburgers at Falkirk stick in my mind as being awful. Queens Park was always impressive at how expensive it was. Kilmarnock is good. East End with the Stephens the Bakers stuff is unfortunately very good. Stenny was good back in the day. Pies on rolls at Alloa deserves a nod.
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