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  1. My favourite line so far from the mass of nonsense on this thread.
  2. While no one anywhere gives a shit what Raith Rovers do.
  3. Strachan is a tit. Does he think playing Edinburgh University will make Scottish players taller as well?
  4. I do enjoy a good signing rumour. Would be very pleased to have Wee Liam back. Definitely worth a shot.
  5. It's hard to judge on this season I think. Behind the scenes the priorities would have been to keep the club alive and keep them in the league. So from that point of view it has been accomplished. Even if the football has been hard to watch at times. Agree we need to improve as the league is only going to get harder as more teams come up from non league. From my point of view I am just glad we are still about. Can't wait to get to the maracana and shout on the boys, silky football or not. Mon the Cowden.
  6. The townies are (lesser) Fifers and have Stephens the Bakers pies and Bridie's - (even though they clearly give the old ones to away fans.) I don't know anyone that has particularly strong feelings about Raith Rovers. I don't mind East Fife, unless we are playing them of course when I therefore despise them.
  7. The plan is starting to come together, East Fife to be made to participate in the play v Brora or Kelty as punishment.
  8. Aye, cause there are clear links between bigotry and views on the pyramid system. I would like to add that the timing of his (wrongly) questioning the plays offs integrity and us losing to Brechin are not at all linked, honest...
  9. Yip, got to love Neil Doncaster acting disgusted at the idea of football being monopolised by a small number of clubs.
  10. They should put the likes of Leicester and Southampton colt teams in the Scottish Premiership so they can compete with their feeder teams
  11. Good times indeed. I had some how blocked the Fox era out my memory. ICT will feel foolish when they realise they are playing him out of position
  12. Thanks for the heads up Mr Wilson, sorry, I mean, Mr In The Know.
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