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  1. Things have slowly but gradually improved a bit since Nish stayed the other side of the white line. I think it would be a mistake for him to have the added stress and distraction of playing as well.
  2. Sure. Montrose fans always kicking off.
  3. So we have to spend the rest of the season getting humped every week? The team is an absolute shambles. Today was another compete mess. Novice or not, he clearly has to go.
  4. Are you starting to take the mick now? Last week he took himself off after fifteen minutes. He is mince.
  5. C**t is good, but I feel if you add an 'o' it adds some class. So 'oi! C**to!' works well.
  6. Agree that people are free to chose, but one risk is that they would have less of an impact if brought out when money desperate needed.
  7. "whits the matter? Ye aff tits?"
  8. I was in the old stand at the first game and that is exactly what happened. If you don't want to read the truth run along back down to your forums.
  9. Fear not. Looking like Nairn County and Buckie Thistle for that shower next season.
  10. I would actually say Neilly's summary was very accurate. Team are a total mess. Two non footballers in midfield. Nish on for fifteen minutes was fifteen too many. Chopper shouldn't be playing.
  11. Forgot all about you lot. How's the season going for you so far?
  12. Harsh name calling that. So what was the point? The townie actually just suggested that Scullion wasn't that bad. True, it is nonsense, but hardly seemed an appropriate time to moan about them and their attendances.
  13. Ah, the middle 'to'. Fair enough. Ta. Hopefully, thanks to the courteous feedback on this forum, he (and I) have learned valuable lessons. God forbid anyone ever makes that mistake on this sort of high-brow forum again.
  14. So any club with a bigger support than ours or more money than us can't enjoy beating us. Or discuss our players. Should they even be allowed to play us ? They are not allowed to compare crowds but we can when we lose? Think we need to grow a pair.
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