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  1. Can they not just show highlights like a normal channel instead of this shambles?
  2. That the BBC constantly refers to a 3-0 scoreline as a 'thrashing'
  3. 'No goals, but everything else...' Emmmm, bookings, red cards, penalties, injuries, contentious decisions.... But aye, everything else...
  4. He'll be gutted when he sees what's happened to the Goth.
  5. The silver lining of Cowden signing Craig Thomson is I don't have to endure this crap this season.
  6. I remember the day Colin Scott beat Albion Rovers by himself
  7. Like a lot of illnesses there are a lot of different types. Some people go numb. Some people can go from hyper-joy like state of literally bouncing round the house to sitting in a corner punching themselves in the head, daring themselves to end it, without anything external events causing the change. Others know they should be happy with their lot in life, but can't feel happy and then spiral down about if they can't feel happy when they have it good, what's it going to feel like when it all goes tits-up. There will be a lot of other types as well.
  8. Yes, which is why brick ones were considered stronger than the average outhouse... ...and still are in Fife.
  9. Actually, tell her that we used up all the natural wind years ago and so we have to generate it with the turbines. This is why it is windy when they are turning and why, when they have made a lot and it is too windy, they switch them off for a bit.
  10. Tell her we are using them to blow the Earth closer to Mars so it's not so far for the astronauts to get there.
  11. I have given up trying to use the wosfl website. Can someone please tell me of Yoker are at home next Saturday?
  12. Good that you emailed. I just don't think it would do much good as they would have known the consequences before they did it and aren't going to release him. I am now at the stage where I know that I won't attend a single game while he is there, but even if he leaves it's still a club that would go ahead and do such a thing. I am gradually falling out of love with my club and I am now off doing other things.
  13. If you are going to sign a sex offender that means I cannot watch my team at least find the smallest of decency and play him in position.
  14. The National League is such a naff name. Even when the sponsorship stopped they should have kept the name - GM Vauxhall Conference. Now that was a name.
  15. I dreamt last night that Scotland had beat England 4-0.
  16. Have no idea what this says but I think we have found the p***k that sends me emails pretending to be my bank.
  17. A full refund and apology...b*****ds. He is an example to us all, to be able to stay furious and angry about this for so long. Well done the Daily Record for bringing to the public the news that matters. I was in a Morrisons this year (not sure actually), it could have happened to any one of us (I don't buy milkshakes). Hey Will and Harry, where is this guy's statue?
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