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  1. Thanks for info. That's that theory properly scuppered.
  2. I take it Raith do what most teams do these days and count season ticket holders as attending even if they don't turn up? That could make the attendance higher than it was. I could be wrong though.
  3. Cowden signed a sex offender to take us to the next level. That level is likely to be the Lowland League. Karma is a b*****d.
  4. Aye, but only because that's the only time we can see what we are doing.
  5. The Beatles song Come Together is stuck in my head now. P.s. Mon the Fife!
  6. Its a shame, but to maintain the integrity of the sport I think relegation from League 2 will have to be suspended again...for the good of the game of course and no other reason...
  7. Oh When The Sun Shines, On The Cow Shed.... "George Baker Selection - Una paloma blanca" on YouTube
  8. I think we are all aware that supporting a team like ours is often tough and like a lot of other small clubs the end is potentially not too far off. The reward of supporting such a club is being able to enjoy memories and joy that fans of larger more secure clubs might never experience. Mon the Cowden.
  9. Fair enough. It cheers me up thinking of the good times.
  10. So wrong thread for letting Cowdens fans know a couple of their former managers were chatting on a podcast?
  11. BBC Scotland - Sacked in the morning podcast has Craig Levein and Mixu chatting. Speak for a couple of minutes about their time at Cowden.
  12. Thanks for the info. No, the kids thought they saw something yesterday evening when I was driving. The day must just have been a coincidence.
  13. Do you know what time (UK) this happened yesterday and if it would have been visible here?
  14. The only crime the peacocks committed was being easier to catch than the squirrels
  15. This chat about car rental paperwork is fascinating, however, I would like to advise that Shandon Par used to shag the Peacocks down Pittencrief Park (the glen). I haven't seen Shandon since he failed his gas boiler inspection certificate at Lauder Tech.
  16. Am I right in thinking the women were bullied at school? There didn't used to be many at that poly you went to.
  17. Have pity for the poorly educated. Only made it to second year at Napier we are told ffs.
  18. f**k sake. Call him and liar and a fantasist all you like, but the Napier slur is out of order.
  19. That would explain his choice of footwear at times.
  20. He wasn't laughing at someone having dementia. At the very worse he was laughing at a man with dementia managing a football club. My dad has severe dementia and would make managing Cowden interesting. He would want Nelson Mandela at centre half and snoopy up front. Would still be my pick for the job before the likes of Liam Fox.
  21. Can they not just show highlights like a normal channel instead of this shambles?
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