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  1. Good that you emailed. I just don't think it would do much good as they would have known the consequences before they did it and aren't going to release him. I am now at the stage where I know that I won't attend a single game while he is there, but even if he leaves it's still a club that would go ahead and do such a thing. I am gradually falling out of love with my club and I am now off doing other things.
  2. If you are going to sign a sex offender that means I cannot watch my team at least find the smallest of decency and play him in position.
  3. The National League is such a naff name. Even when the sponsorship stopped they should have kept the name - GM Vauxhall Conference. Now that was a name.
  4. I dreamt last night that Scotland had beat England 4-0.
  5. Have no idea what this says but I think we have found the p***k that sends me emails pretending to be my bank.
  6. A full refund and apology...b*****ds. He is an example to us all, to be able to stay furious and angry about this for so long. Well done the Daily Record for bringing to the public the news that matters. I was in a Morrisons this year (not sure actually), it could have happened to any one of us (I don't buy milkshakes). Hey Will and Harry, where is this guy's statue?
  7. It's you who is in the wrong for reading the Daily Ranger. The oldies would be better slashing tyres and taking wing mirrors off. Less effort than lining up all those bins.
  8. They should put another verse in about us bottling the referendum as well then
  9. Love the way this thread has gone. Proper mess. So there is a bit in the English National Anthem about crushing Scots? So f**k? We sing about beating them 700 years ago.
  10. I don't think a statement is required. I think the signing speaks for itself.
  11. Thinks it's difficult to guage. Will definitely have an impact but majority will probably keep going. Not sure how it would affect getting new fans though. It can't help.
  12. The club when making the decision will have known some would be angered by it and some would be annoyed enough to stop attending matches. They weighed up the pros and cons and decided to go ahead, knowing what it would mean. They aren't going unsign him now. I have no intention of bringing my children along to cheer on a convicted sex offender. You lot have fun doing it...
  13. The outcry will pass because the people that strongly disagree with the signing will go off and do other things. Like many on this forum I have supported Cowden for decades ever since I was a little boy. I won't be back while he is there. Seems the majority are fine with the signing and the club will get on just fine without me, my family and friends. Just a shame.
  14. Agreed. I thought vitriolic abuse was doing something evil with one of those pain killing gels for your back.
  15. 'outright vitriolic abuse' for when the words 'outright abuse' just don't cut it.
  16. I was going to start ripping into this but was going to take to long. It's just a shower of shite.
  17. With all the work the club has been doing with the local communities and schools, could we not have kept our signing targets to the non sex offenders? Too niche?
  18. I will be finding something else to do with my Saturdays.
  19. Well, if one particular signing is completed neither myself or my family will be attending any matches.
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