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  1. The off duty fireman who held him at gunpoint has missed a sitter there.
  2. This game is a mess but fine for the neutrals. Never a penalty that one.
  3. Get that c**t Michael Stewart into the fucking sea.
  4. Loving the 1999 Champ Manager graphics. Fits in well with the rest of the show.
  5. He makes a mess of controlling the ball and brings it down with his arm. Penalty.
  6. Does she have a pet? If so, put it in a curry.
  7. I like 'clippies' best. I know this is better suited to the Grandad thread though.
  8. Lewis from Largs, if your are reading this, put them all under the patio.
  9. When my satnav suddenly decides to tell me to go 'north-west' or the likes. Cheers. Just let me find the North Star and I will work from there. I have never asked for directions and been told to go east or west.
  10. Even if we end up in the EOS we would still beat East Fife. Was good to meet up with you soap dodgers though. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  11. Thought 'punched in the silvery tay' was a Dundee euph.
  12. Aye. The fact that waking up with crows trying to take my eyes out was preferable to sharing a tent with you sums it up nicely.
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