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  1. Fixtures out. First league away to Kelty end of July. Three home games in August. Lively start.
  2. I do like a relegated team confirming what league they are playing in the next season. Gives the impression that there was some kind of choice in the matter. Good luck next season. Would be glad to see you back up soon as long as it's not in place of us.
  3. Should have made Tony Robinson chief exec instead of Dempster. Or Baldrick for that matter...
  4. Hope you lot get back up soon. Have loads of bad and good memories from Cowden games up there. I missed the twelve goal game. I remember us being three up in that midweek game and us making an arse of it. I was there for that first leg play off game we were two nil up in and made an arse of it. Of course the favourite was the three nil play off game to go to the Championship. For a Cowden fan that was just a fantastic day. Down at our bit the two one win in 2001 was another cracking day. I mind you lot beating us in a play off as well. Loads of big games. Just as long as the next big game isn't a play off match at the end of this coming season!
  5. When I read the first part of this sentence I thought, Christ, things have escalated since I last checked this thread.
  6. FFS Brechin, you are ripping the arse off it now. Bolt.
  7. Albion Rovers is great. Can park right outside the ground. Train station nearby. Pub two minutes away (granted it's not the same since they cleaned it and removed the sawdust) Wee bit terracing. Handy pie stall. Bogs a bit of a trek so have to plan ahead. Much prefer that to some of the huge all seater stadiums.
  8. My favourite line so far from the mass of nonsense on this thread.
  9. While no one anywhere gives a shit what Raith Rovers do.
  10. Strachan is a tit. Does he think playing Edinburgh University will make Scottish players taller as well?
  11. I do enjoy a good signing rumour. Would be very pleased to have Wee Liam back. Definitely worth a shot.
  12. It's hard to judge on this season I think. Behind the scenes the priorities would have been to keep the club alive and keep them in the league. So from that point of view it has been accomplished. Even if the football has been hard to watch at times. Agree we need to improve as the league is only going to get harder as more teams come up from non league. From my point of view I am just glad we are still about. Can't wait to get to the maracana and shout on the boys, silky football or not. Mon the Cowden.
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