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  1. Was that not Maldini that came on at the back near the end?
  2. Well done to everyone involved today. Really good fun and great to see so many Cowden Greats. Mon the Cowden.
  3. They should turn the Lowland League into a League 3 and push the Highland League down to the level of the EOS, WOS and SOS.
  4. I thought Thomson was going to East Kilbride?
  5. I am a lot less depressed than I thought I would be. The leagues are changing, some ways for the better, others for the worse. There's going to end up at some point a full pyramid structure that (I hope) actually works. Cowden will, as always, bounce around these leagues. Let's face it, we don't often have a quiet season. Mon the Cowden.
  6. Thanks. If the list of players could get put up here as well that would be handy. I could send it round a few folk.
  7. What time does the game start on Sunday? Has it been advertised much? I am not being sarcy, I am not local so just wondering how much folk know about it.
  8. Lowland league looks crap these days. B teams, sports centres and Unis. Can we just get put straight down another league? Been years since I saw a game at Dundonald or Crossgates.
  9. A few folk bought tickets for the EK end and moved across. I know I did.
  10. That was a surreal and amazing day. I was there. I think a lot of folk didn't go so they could save money to travel to the play offs. Was it going to be Arbroath? Ended up an absolute classic.
  11. I find it amusing how they pretend to hate each other but worked together to get thier B teams in the lowland league and tried to sort out a dirty weekend away in Australia.
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