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  1. I don't think you appreciate the gravity of this situation
  2. Once the family are under the patio I reckon I will have at least until June to get the mighty Cowden into the champions league before I get the knock at the door.
  3. When I got this far in your message I thought it was going to be a bit juicier.
  4. How do you get the old games? Can you get FM07? All my games got knackered a few years back when microsoft 10 came in
  5. Yip, when right at the start of that 3-0 game when Wardlaw put their player off the pitch at the shy line you knew he was well up for it. Had a cracking game.
  6. May have been mentioned somewhere else. But liking the idea that no one is going to be able to visit a barbers potentially for 3 months. We will all finally emerge either 80s skinheads or 70s styles. Nice.
  7. Just saw on Twitter Toorie's goal against Brechin in 2001. That was a fantastic day.
  8. Probably a curry or soup stock by now.
  9. No one would know they are dead for a good 12 weeks anyway.
  10. Nice. 1. Flynn £2 2. Armstrong £3 3. Toorie £2 4. Markus £5 5. Buchanan £3 What a 5s team that is.
  11. Aye. Ah'll provide you with all the seamen you need for your quest.
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