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  1. This isn't unpopular. Lots of folk like to ruin their steak.
  2. Haven't heard them called that for a while...
  3. Nope. Rarely do. He way ahead of me?
  4. Someone should tell him its the same for oxygen.
  5. I read it that you had been trying this for a while.
  6. It's a fair excuse but nevertheless you have to go in the list.
  7. There will be a league 1, championship and premiership idea soon...
  8. Of course we have one and of course he is in it. Toooorie!! Toooorie!!
  9. I announce it once I have pulled the shortbread box out the suitcase in Alicante. Mon the shortbread!!
  10. You don't sound convinced. Nothing suspicious about a fan of a team in the same league suggesting a potential management appointment. Go on. Fox for the spiders.
  11. Liam Fox has been let go from Hearts. Perfect timing.
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