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  1. Patter. You can't quote someone and then say no one has said it.
  2. This would all be humiliating stuff but we have fallen that far that no one even knows how absolutely shite we are doing.
  3. What's the situation with relegation from this league?
  4. Listened to some of Sportsound earlier. One guy was talking about what a great example Bonnyrigg are to the league. One of the others chipped in saying the pyramid system was fantastic and referenced FC Edinburgh and Elgin as the teams racing up the pyramid I moan when they just talk about the old firm, but then maybe its for the best.
  5. Dunfermline at home. Kelty at home. Us getting pumped in the fucking Lowland League. That'll do it.
  6. It was worn by Jimmy Greaves on Saints and Greavsie at the start of 1991 so will have been 1990/91 anyway but can't remember how long we kept it so could be 1993 as suggested above. I remember I used to wear mine as a goalkeeper top.
  7. Cheers. Good to hear its not region based this time. Will still get Dundee Utd away again though. Edit: Talking shite, Dundee Utd not in group stage.
  8. If this is a way of saying some old person is about to die, I approve.
  9. Was that not Maldini that came on at the back near the end?
  10. Well done to everyone involved today. Really good fun and great to see so many Cowden Greats. Mon the Cowden.
  11. They should turn the Lowland League into a League 3 and push the Highland League down to the level of the EOS, WOS and SOS.
  12. I thought Thomson was going to East Kilbride?
  13. I am a lot less depressed than I thought I would be. The leagues are changing, some ways for the better, others for the worse. There's going to end up at some point a full pyramid structure that (I hope) actually works. Cowden will, as always, bounce around these leagues. Let's face it, we don't often have a quiet season. Mon the Cowden.
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