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  1. Is that not his position? Assumed it was due to him always playing there. He’s played 15 league games for us- we have won 3.
  2. Time to drop Stanton- he’s been at fault for goals against Stirling, gave away a pen against Aberdeen and massively at fault for 2nd goal yesterday. Looks decent on the ball at times , but how many games have we won since he’s arrived?
  3. If we draw and win the pens tomorrow are we through?
  4. What does he see in Williamson? He was honking again today, haven’t seen him play well for us and still gets picked. As for Sean Mackie , wow he was absolutely murder when he can on. Horrible game, horrible day for the rovers. 0 shots on target in 90 mins at home. Mcglynn to go….. think it may be time for a change.
  5. My email to the club(for all the difference it will make) FAO Raith Rovers Board & Management I am writing as an extremely concerned supporter regarding events this week. I am a season ticket holder and so are my two boys who are aged 8 and 11. We look forward to the weekend and attending matches both home and away. Supporting Raith Rovers has been a massive distraction through the difficulties over the last two years. We've been proud of the direction the club was moving in, creating strong community links with the community foundation. Having men, women and childrens' teams that the club and community can be proud of was great to see. Combine this with successful season we are having: challenging for promotion challenge cup semi final big match with celtic top team in Fife. As a family we were extremely proud supporters of Raith Rovers as fourth and fifth generation fans (at least). So with this in mind I am sure you can understand my dismay at the Club's decision to sign Goodwillie. I would say the lack of foresight and common sense was staggering but the Club were aware of their main sponsor's stance on the issue and that of many of their fans. My first concern turned to the children attending Rovers matches who will now have to listen to fans chanting at Goodwillie, leaving parents like myself facing conversations about a subject you children should not have to continue to concern themselves with or withdrawing support and losing our Saturday afternoons watching the game and team we love. But, aso consider the impact this will have on kid supporters attending school or interacting with their friends. Kids will have seen media reports - kids at my sons' school and their friends know they are Rovers fans - I've encouraged them to be proud of it- we felt part of the Rovers' 'family'. Now you've extended that 'family' and potentially subjected my kids to taunts and comments about rape and the condoning of previous abusive behaviour over footballing ability. Imagine me and my wife telling our 8 year old they might hear the term rape associated with their beloved club and trying to give some sort of explanation of what that term means. Tell me -did you consider this when signing this player? And if not did you consider it before issuing your statement yesterday afternoon? I sincerely hope common sense and morality prevails and this man never plays for the Club I love. Maybe that way my sons will get to watch their heroes in a stadium free from discussion and shouts about rape. The only way this Club can move forward is to distance themselves from this attitude of football talent being above all else. If you want to be the family and community club you claim to be you have to remember that these players are role models (if not heroes) for every young person that walks into the stand - and for the wider community. You must reflect on your decision making and the very least we all deserve is an apology and you starting to set things right by distancing the Club from Goodwillie. Surely someone on the Board can see this? I for one would rather support the Club I know Rovers can be - one that is family and community centred and that I feel proud my boys support, doing their best in the Championship, than a Premier League Team everyone hates due to your stance about this individual. It's time to open your eyes and listen to not just this generation of fans but the next ones too who you have deeply hurt with your actions - time to open your eyes and recognise this club is much more than the points in a league table!! My sons are aware that I have written to you and we await your response.
  6. May have been posted already but this needs to be thrown back at the club. The Concordat of Raith Rovers FC Whilst recognising fully that Raith Rovers Football Club must adhere to the regulations of the football authorities and conform with company law, the Board and fans of the club agree that the following aims and values should shape the way in which the club operates and its future development. 1. Raith Rovers is an inclusive entity comprising the companies that govern it, the Board of Directors, the players and staff, the fans and the local community. 2. The core objective of all that we do is to maintain and develop a healthy, vibrant and well-respected football club in Kirkcaldy that makes a positive contribution to Scottish football and the local community for present and future generations. 3. We must always act with the long-term interests of Raith Rovers at heart, with any risks being measurable and manageable. 4. Our ambition in football is to compete at the highest level possible and achieve the greatest success, while operating within the resources available. 5. The club should play an active role at the heart of the community and continually aim to strengthen bonds with the local community through working closely with public bodies and local businesses and organisations. 6. The stadium in which the team plays should be fit for purpose for playing football, the safety and comfort of fans and developing and securing commercial sources of income. 7. Shared and stable ownership is the best way forward for the club, thus avoiding short-termism by individuals which could damage our long-term interests. 8. Mutual respect is important, with the voice of supporters being listened to and fans having a reciprocal responsibility to work together in a productive and positive manner. 9. The club should operate in an open and inclusive manner, while recognising there will be issues where commercial and personal confidentiality
  7. 12 players under contract for next season? Who are they?
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