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  1. Amazing how it’s on , with the amount of rain that has fell and with the melting snow , get it on get suspensions out the way for league , how they got away with that last week is very strange , think I can remember girvan getting points deducted for doing the same at the start of the season , very very suspicious
  2. surprised this game is on after last weeks game against promotion chasing port Glasgow was called off in near tropical conditions , very suspicious if you ask me
  3. Think you a forgetting the 2 goals Lanark scored at the gow came from gk errors . Also yesterday the gow could and should have scored 5 in the second half . Sandy only made 2 saves in the whole game that I can recall . Gareth made about 3 or 4 really good saves including the penalty , Jason was clean through 3 times , we missed a penalty , Kyle was clean through we had a goal mouth scramble and one headed off the line . so I suggest u take the blue tinted glasses off
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