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  1. Iranian separatists

    Banksy IMO
  2. P&B Top trumps

    Fair do's. I forgive you, shrooms are ace!
  3. Whit what? MJW doesn't believe PCcabe is a copper. I think he is and was heavily bullied at school, don't think he has stopped wetting g the bed etc etcetera.
  4. Mjw, if he does, I'm frightened for the law breaking youth- guy is completely unhinged.
  5. Most Disliked British/Irish Celebrity

    What tough school did you attend? Can I enroll? If your tolerance of other people diminishes without Ching , you have been buying the wrong Ching.
  6. P&B Top trumps

    Ok, my mother is a mattress, what's your excuse Dad?
  7. Things you want to share with P&B

    f**k off then, you're twisting my melons man.
  8. I am not an English teacher- as is demonstrated in the Thread title.
  9. Is it right or wrong? I can only think of 4 posters that use their chosen job as part of their username, to be fair, I haven't memorised every member I've seen! Ooh err! I certainly wouldn't want to share my job as part of my username. Cardinal Richelieu- surely a vocation rather than profession. Top Boi Sergeant Wilson- keeping his stripes proudly on show, needs more recognition for his war efforts even tho he spent his time warming Mrs Pikes bed. VikingTon- carries on his business of raping and pillaging in a rather quiet manner. PCcabe- what an abomination of a human being.
  10. Most Disliked British/Irish Celebrity

    Is the "open door" your back door? This will influence my response to you. ;-)
  11. Things you want to share with P&B

    Not very nice to be invited to a christening, attend, then slag other attendees off for their clothing. I assume you were wearing Hugo Boss?