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  1. I've waited all my life to see Queens play in the top division. When Dobbie signed and the promise of another two big signings, I really believed we might get to the play-offs. With the injuries mounting and the addition of another injury prone player added to the squad, it's no wonder a lot of us are scunnered at today's result. I can't understand why we haven't attempted to get some players in on emergency loan, it's madness we are sitting top of the League. I'm sick as a flipping parrot!
  2. There is a poster on this site that is sort of on the Queens committee, he will know. I can't understand why he doesn't ask the board if he can let us know what is wrong with the injured players. Bloody so frustrating not being told owt.
  3. Playing teams too many times in the Scottish Leagues is where our problem starts.
  4. If the Scottish champions can lose in Gibratar, and then get gubbed 7-0 in Barcelona, then surely there is something wrong with our game? Why is it that most of youse think playing each team 5 or 6 times every season doesn't matter? You are just as bad as the people who run our game and I really worry about our future with fans like you lot just accepting this and moving on.
  5. We have a team full of second level English players plus SPFL crap, our European club results should tell you where we are at this level.
  6. Okay we have our German striker on, I can't see the game.....but whatever happened to our "Baby Messi" over in Portugal?
  7. Have faith guys, Queens have got some cracking young players on the sideline just craving to get an opportunity. Good luck to them I say!
  8. Linfield fans - I salute you for your efforts in traveling in such good numbers, well done.
  9. Are there many planning to travel down to Wales from Alloa?
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