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  1. With his penalty taking style of the wee hop before he strikes the ball it was always going to look like total shite when he eventually missed one..
  2. Kepa 🤣🤣 well read fae mane though
  3. God forbid all the gammons having to sit and look at someone who looks a bit different from themselves for a few hours every Saturday.. thoughts and prayers. 🙏
  4. Bit embarrassed for Kev.I.N tbh.. getting bodied.
  5. Oh eh I suppose Xabi Alonso CL winner in 2005 is a “dehrty spic” too.. Absolute belters in there.. nae really surprising though.
  6. No real love for either tbh but love the way both play, nae fucks given dicks ooot approach is the way i like to see football played. Both sets of fans are c***s though so there’s that.. Hoping for scenes galore and end tae end stuff.
  7. Mon the Fulham.. far better fitba team this season. Villa will probably do it though. is it just me who hates the tag ‘richest game in world football’ thing they always say before this game, makes it feel so plastic for some reason. Meh.
  8. Penalty and yellow both correct imo Rashford is awful btw his second touch is a tackle..
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