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  1. I won’t be bothered if he stays or go his finishing is too erratic,still I’d say another 5-6 decent first team players off
  2. He doesn’t count wasn’t here long enough +The save at Stenny and at home to Forfar should’ve warranted a new contract the man is a decent goalkeeper is it because of his personal life and who he supports got to do with how good he is?
  3. Best Goalie at Airdrie since Johnny Martin [emoji815]️
  4. 4 young players signed 16,17 x2 and an 18 year old [emoji19]
  5. Will be good to see who The chuckle brothers sign because I would’ve took Easton,Meggatt and Austin
  6. Just Announce Chucky and the league is ours [emoji30]
  7. Never in a million Sunday’s I’m surprised he’s not released or transfer listed
  8. I know the seasons just finished but I Think we’re joining a six a side league next year [emoji848]
  9. I’d take a freddo for Kieran McDonald the guys a fud
  10. Partick Thistle 2019/20 thread

    I’m an airdrie fan and you can get tae f**k yer patter is rotten and your account should be deleted from pie and bovril for that statement ya roaster
  11. Andy Ryan wae no legs and one eye would be better than Leighton Macintosh