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  1. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

    That sausage roll looks tasty [emoji39]
  2. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

    Cops?Aye nae bor NYPD
  3. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

  4. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

    He must be signed up next year he’s the most important signing for next year
  5. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

    Boys some player [emoji57][emoji23]
  6. Airdrie Bankies v Forfar

    Forfar ultras are a riddy [emoji23]
  7. I accept your a opinion maybe the first time or the second time but it’s the same opinion over and over again,we already know you Cannae polish shite Sir Alex couldn’t make this team good
  8. I’ve stopped replying to him he keeps posting the same drivel got bored of him now,he expects Murray to turn Dale carrick into pele and if he doesn’t he’s no any better than Findlay Roaster
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Scottish football is dead ya fud
  10. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Unlucky mibbi next year [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Rovers v Airdrie

    The stand the away fans was in was shocking and Broomfield got closed down for a lot less
  12. If yer no on loan ye dinnae get a game I’m afraid [emoji6][emoji23]
  13. I never thought I’d see the day when the diehards turn their backs on the club and the team sad days at airdrie