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  1. Thought Wilson was bad till we got Findus,Guy couldn’t find a decent player if it came up and slapped him in the face,a midfield that consisted of Conroy a defence with Robertson page O’Neil and McDonald with Duffy and Macintosh as your strikers gives me shudders typing about it [emoji52]
  2. Would’ve been 3-1 Airdrie Andy Ryan with 2 and Carrick with one Miss the football on a Saturday [emoji815]️[emoji22]
  3. Because it’s right next to the lino to moan at[emoji23]
  4. Tony McMinn kept going off his head at the goalie for no reason,and the goalie wasn’t having it
  5. Who’s the specky wee fud on the bench for the fifers Greyish hair and beard?
  6. When Ian Murray was at you guys what type of manager was he cause we’re getting the constant 1. Lumping the ball up the park 2. Bizarre substitutions and team selections 3. It’s never his fault it’s the players or the fans 4.players ain’t sharp enough and we’re gonna work on it and other excuses in training
  7. Hutton McDonald Kerr/Crighton Dycey McCann Millar Roberts. Hawkshaw/Murray Smith(if fit!). Ryan. Carrick
  8. Hutton done f**k all to get dropped for a goalie that’s no even good enough for the reserves
  9. Did I ever say I wasn’t concerned how bad the injury is?im more concerned that butter fingers lost is a point,He’s been a joke for weeks absolute rotten
  10. He’s rotten mate,how folk could come on here and say he’s better than Hutton because he can come for crosses every cross he comes for he flaps utter chronic
  11. Scott Gallagher is fucking pish the worse goalie probably Airdrie have had,Butter fingers
  12. The stewards love it when Airdrie come,they’ve been known to join in with “oh Airdrie is wonderful” chant,segregation has been brought in because a certain set of Montrose fans couldn’t behave themselves against Raith rovers and the club is bringing out measures so the same set of fans don’t get a slap off the B
  13. Is it just me or has Nat lost some power of weight since August or is it the strip that’s two sizes bigger?🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. What’s the weather like up that way guys?Chance the game may be in doubt?
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