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  1. Who the fucks the p***k on Twitter “Raiththerover”anyone know who he is and why he’s a fanny for wishing Charlie had a serious injury??
  2. Darren Young is a wee ned comes across as it as well,Murray was only telling it how he seen it Young was moaning about how his team gave away a clear penalty kick
  3. I never said it was but you don’t arrest an elderly man for something he didn’t do!!
  4. Says the folk on here who openly stated that the Raith fans “Were gonna run all over the B” a threat is a crime where as running down a street chanting Section B ok ain’t pal
  5. That’s if you’s shitebags turn up,Always on here bold as brass but always hiding when B turn up Tin pot Mob
  6. When the young kids came along and tried to create an atmosphere the centre stand happy clappers and moaning farts made complaints to the stewards and club etc because their miserable bitter auld farts and the club didn’t help either chasing the kids away
  7. "I'd love to come in & say a team has ripped us apart but it wasn't the case today” Darren hate to say this but we scored 4 against your side and it was 4 going on a cricket score sour grapes ya wee shite Enjoy league 1 next season ya talentless wee fud
  8. WAAAAHEEEY ye get some ye lose some it evens its self out over the season put your hankies away cause WE’RE TOP OF THE LEAGUE AND YOUR NO YOUR NO [emoji815]️[emoji88]
  10. Gets abuse of some old c***s at the game because he ain’t maldini he’s better than that diddy he’s Sean crighton and would be the first name on my team sheet every week
  11. Two Rangers games,Celtic at Home 1-0 Airdrie Think when we won the league there was about 5-6k crowd
  12. See tbh who cares?We beat the rovers and are top of the league who gives a f**k
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