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  1. Thanks for all your help, folk, I really appreciate it. This started off as an attempt to help someone on the Dunfermline forum (not P&B) whose grandfather had played in a winning Thornton Shield team (Dalkeith Thistle 1935) and nobody really knew what it was all about. I've sort of taken it on as a personal challenge!
  2. Thanks for this, prorege. The only significant piece of information missing is the current location of the Shield - if West Calder United were the last winners of it, might they still have it?
  3. Thanks for that, Burnie_man
  4. Thanks guys, for the information so far. Does anyone know its current whereabouts? EG did the last-ever winner hang onto it?
  5. Can any users enlighten me with any information about the Thornton Shield? It seems to have been competed for by Junior clubs in the Lothians between the 1920s and 1950s. On their websites several of these clubs mention winning it, and on the Newtongrange website there's a picture of it with the 1951-1952 team. It looks to have been a handsome trophy. Why was it given this name? Was there an original sponsor/provider? When was it last played for? Is there a list of winners? Where is it now? Is there any connection with the "Thornton Sports Cup" which seems to have been competed for in the 1980s?
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