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  1. Nah McArthur can get to f**k. Giving Peter Grant a vote of confidence at this stage in the season is scandalous in itself. To then throw the fans under the bus again, aye sound alan sugar let’s see how good a business move that was. Lifeline’s cancelled, shove your season ticket right up yer arsenal anaw. Piss poor crowds, players fed up getting twatted every other week. Zero shots FC. The board are clearly on a different planet from the rest of Scottish football here and they’ve added fuel to what was already, a b*****d of a fire. McArthur Out, Grant out now. Fat bitch
  2. Raith should’ve been out of sight by half time. Zanatta was given far too much room for the goal, unsure if it was my my view from the stand but when Connolly realises that Comrie’s caught out of position, he has got to go and close Zanatta down. He just backs off and makes it easy for him. Absolute criminal defending. Wighton and O’Hara livened the game up for us. They have to start going forward from here, it’s worrying that Grant still doesn’t know what his strongest 11 is yet. Our players look well off the pace, I can only assume that’s down to fitness? Pressing the game with two strikers found us some joy and allowed us to perform much better in the second half but we only seemed to perform in 5 minute spells then we’d be gassed out. What a save from OFW though, he’s gotten us a point there. All in all, still nowhere near good enough. First half Cole, Dorrans and Pybus couldn’t get near the Raith players and allowed them to dictate the play. We’ve desperately needed a presence in CM all season. Pybus did put in a shift and improved the second half along with Dorrans but you could see his legs go with around 5-10 minutes left. Cole brings us nothing at all can’t think of a team in this division he’d do a job for. We still need to improve drastically, lucky if we had 5 players out of the starting 11 and subs that got pass marks for last night, however this is the standard I think some of our fans are happy to be served up. Seen someone say we had on outstanding 2nd half??? Lol wut. Away’n fling shite at yersel min. Btw, who was on the bender wi the sex offender ? You know we’ve played shite when that’s all the young teams singing for the majority of the game.
  3. 1 above average performance in 7 games is not good enough for a central midfielder, re Pybus. Plus you need to allow for the fact that Hamilton were one of the worse starting 11’s I've seen us play this season. Still rooted to the bottom with 0 goals scored at home. I feel the expectations get lower and lower every week. Peter Grant continues to pull the wool over the boards eyes with his constant bullshit every week.
  4. Surely now the board will put their hands up and say they’ve made an arse of it. The league table doesn’t lie, but whoever does our attendances definitely does. No chance there was 3150 there. Stands were bare and no wonder, nobody wants to go and watch that shit.
  5. f**k this. Gave my season ticket to my brother, I’m no giving up my Saturday’s whilst that clowns in charge it’s sending me round the bend.
  6. We’d be lucky to beat a lowland league side at the minute.
  7. I reckon he’d have gotten until the raith game at least, regardless if we lost on Saturday or not going by Meggle’s Q&A. If we’d already won a game or two, a draw on Saturday wouldn’t have been too shabby. Yes, we’ve seen a slight improvement but we’re still remarkably poor overall. We’ve played 3 games at home, picked up 1 point, scored a big fat 0 and conceded 6. We’ve been worse than his Alloa side last season. 3 points on Saturday is a must.
  8. Lana Wolf has a better chance of keeping a clean sheet than we do.
  9. Aye, we stopped that last season I’m sure. Just seen Meggle’s Q&A. Lot of shite. Aye, the players have made mistakes, however Grant insists on starting the same players every game and playing them out of position to suit his football fantasy formation. He’s either too stubborn or he’s learnt nada from the tankings we’ve received this season, probably a concoction of both. The blind leading the blind.
  10. Why on earth is he even getting a chance to turn this around? We’ve seen absolutely hee haw to suggest that. If anything it’s been getting worse and worse every week. He’s built a heavily unbalanced side with a midfield like a melt in the middle fondant. Every game we are second to every ball and we get walked over with ease, genuinely not seen us win a 50/50 in there all season. We need Iain Wilson back and another CM and goalkeeper pronto or it’s a relegation battle this season. It’s a fucking circus.
  11. Peter please don’t piss in my pocket and tell me it’s raining.
  12. That’s excellent sweetie. We’ll be sure to consult with yourself in future.
  13. Jeez where to begin. We’ve been absolutely hopeless in all of our league games this season. There’s not been one glimpse of a turnaround. What you’re suggesting would require a togetherness that just isn’t there. The players look like they’ve downed tools, some of them have been heavily criticised so far this season. Mehmet, Graham, Edwards, Dorrans, Thomas to name a few. You will win by at least two goals.
  14. Stopped reading at picket line. I’m planning on getting up and walking out, don’t care what minute it is and not interested in bickering with any of our own supporters either. Relax old man.
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