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  1. You’re gonna make yersel no well wee sacks. It’s went over your head, just stop digging.
  2. You don’t start talking about winning the league in interviews then sign Daniel fucking Pybus. There’s clearly a budget there for PG, however he is running out of time, the season is just around the corner and for me, we are still 4-5 signings away from being able to compete at the top of the pops. Centre midfielders in this week or we riot.
  3. Look miles off it. Bricking it every time we get into the final third.
  4. Aye, I don’t doubt for one minute that there’s a possibility that Pybus could develop into a player if he works on his passing, first touch and positional sense. I can’t see Grant bringing in a midfielder that tends to drift in and out of games and can become pretty much anonymous when his game plan has usually involved ball retention and busy midfielders whenever I’ve seen his teams play. He must see something in him. Has the quality of player available to championship clubs significantly declined, or is this a myth?
  5. League cup campaign will be a hoot this year. Intrigued to see how we will line up against Plastic Whistle a week today. Anyone know if Iain Wilson is fit?
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