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  1. Been very disappointed with Sweeney so far this season. Expected him to dominate every centre forward he’s come up against and it been quite the opposite unfortunately.
  2. For me French’s use of the ball is very good. If he’s keeping the ball in play and clipping it into the striker that’s very good and then up to the striker being up to scratch. The game has changed from the kick it out the park and back into shape days.
  3. At least we got a point. Don’t think I’ve saw a decent game down at Cappielow.
  4. ASOS Ancelloti Tony Watt’s finest moment in a dayglo strip!
  5. You’ll be ‘happy AZ f**k” with that scenario tho!
  6. It was a really enjoyable game last night. What a difference watching a young energetic side that press high up the park and are a threat going forward. Really like French, great on the ball and helps immensely with building from the back. The run for the 1st goal was class and hope he continues to be encouraged to do it more. Marshall’s got to improve defensively or needs replaced. Rather have a full back that can defend 1st and foremost and let others in the team break the opposition down.
  7. The boy’s that good we’d even get enough money to clear Yenited’s debt!
  8. The obsession with 83 as well like no other c***s ever won the league before
  9. Final ball let us down yesterday. Encouraging though the amount of times we opened up Raith. Rudden’s got to score when he hits the post and Mulligan should’ve squared 1 to Gowser for a tap in. The surface and our keeper’s inability to play out from the back were the things that cost us most problems. The shot in the 1st half that Sharp tips over the bar was due to Byrne slipping on the AstroTurf, the same as Sharp’s f**k up in the 2nd half. The keeper’s kicking is going to need to be addressed. Cost us last week but got away with it yesterday. 1 resulted in a booking and injury for Byrne trying to bail him out. It’s got to improve and quickly. Forgot to mention the bricker of a penalty for the push on Mulligan in the 2nd half.
  10. Congratulations, great news. Hope mother and child are doing well
  11. The freekick was about 35 yards out, McMullan isn’t scoring from there.
  12. Disagree with that. Didn’t do much wrong for me and good on the ball. Partick could’ve scored 5 or 6 but we’ve created more than enough to win for me. Deflected goal and 2 defensive f**k ups that can easily be sorted. Time running out for Sharp.
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