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  1. This. Thought the same for a long time. We accept mediocrity far to easily.
  2. I never said you did. I was more puzzled that you maybe rated him as a keeper. You did say whether you thought Barry had those attributes I mentioned or not.
  3. Ludo so I can kind of get a grasp on your football thoughts is your username a pisstake on Ludovic Roy or is it because he was your favourite player or something along those lines? Barry would’ve been well done the list of picks of players in that Bonnetti side. I take it you think Barry was quick, good in the air and good on the ball then…
  4. Cammy 100% is a better fullback than Smith, the roll Smith was signed for. Ships turn quicker than Barry did. Barry wasn’t good enough in the air to play centrehalf either imo. You’re correct that Cammy wouldn’t get a game in Bonnetti’s side but I don’t think Barry should’ve either. Barry was definitely more versatile but none of the 2 of them are getting in a side before the likes of Zura. Edited to say Barry is definitely a club legend. Rightly so for what he done for the club during and after administration. Playing ability wise he’s never any where near good enough to be a legend. Again in my honest opinion.
  5. 3-5-2 suited us yesterday. The manager’s a nut job if the same outfield 10 that started the 2nd half doesn’t start the Raith game. McMullan played well in behind the front 2 but he’s also been poor in that position in the past. I don’t rate Grayson but the team performed well 2nd half.
  6. Very harsh to blame the 1st goal on French. He showed the guy onto his weaker foot, Ashcroft should’ve been across blocking the space exactly like the Queens Park 2nd goal but more importantly it’s a shot the keeper really has to be saving. Can’t comment on the 2nd goal as I was checking the scores whilst at the game when the built up happened.
  7. Hard to disagree with any of that. The thing I’d add was McGhee was so much better playing in his natural position in the 2nd half and was arguably better with the ball when he was getting on the ball higher up the park with the rest off the game in front of him, if that makes sense.
  8. We had a spell at the start of the 2nd half where we were looking threatening every time we went forward and thought if we score early enough the comeback and win was on. Bowyer needs to get his act together pronto with his midfield. Kerr was very good for the last half hour after he launched an aimless 60 yard punt pretty much right into the Partick keeper’s hands. At that point no one watching would’ve thought he was good enough never mind man of the match. The good thing is the game’s all about opinions.
  9. Great 2nd half performance, could’ve and should’ve scored more 2nd half. The manager worries me though. The starting 11 and 1st half performance was a joke. Anderson man of the match for me.
  10. No pay at the gate, what kind of tinpot club are Thistle.
  11. Ashcroft really should’ve be across covering Cammy when the guy cuts inside at the 2nd. Keep French and bin the rest including the keepers. Keep a couple as back ups. Shite defensively for far to long now.
  12. French covers right back for me. Agree with the other 2. Any upgrade in any position would be beneficial as well. Bowyer gives me the fear if he’s to chop and change in January going on his previous signings for us.
  13. Hard to disagree with that. Don’t think there’s a Dundee fan who doesn’t think Bowyer should be very close to winning the league with the squad he inherited bar a few we don’t think are good enough on the evidence so far. Bowyer has fucked this up so far with his team selection.
  14. Williamson never made sense to me because we are more than covered in that position, pointless signing imo. From the minute Bowyer subbied Robinson up at Cove he has had an absolute shocker. The starting 11’s have been baffling. Fairdo’s we beat Ayr but it wasn’t impressive. Last week’s starting 11 was embarrassing.
  15. That probably leaves 28 games to get 20 wins and 8 draws. That leaves us currently needing 15 wins and 4 draws from from 23 games to win the league. Bowyer isn’t doing that.
  16. Ludo you can’t say it’s neither hear nor there that Williamson is a huge disappointment or not. It’s for the manager to do his homework on the player. Warning signs should’ve been he couldn’t get a game at Livingston. He played the league cup section with Byrne anchoring the midfield with 4 in front of him pushed high up the park and it was working. Gives it half an hour of the 1st league game of the season and bins it after a deflected goal and a horrendous error from Sweeney that you can’t legislate for. Bowyer’s shat it imo and gone defensive. Agreed about the keeper’s but they needed improved on and 100% and new keeper that starts week in week out. Grayson is a nothing player imo and behind Byrne, Gowser, Anderson, Mulligan and Robertson imo. I just don’t rate him at all. Very good debut but pish since. Being completely anonymous isn’t anywhere near acceptable. Byrne at least took the ball from the centre backs and started to build the play from there. A good coach should be coaching Byrne to be more forward thinking as soon as he receives the ball rather than replacing him. What do you think of the line up and formation I suggested?
  17. Wow. If those figures are correct those must’ve been miserable ones for those clubs. I’d like to know the loss percentage. Higher than 33% and you aren’t winning this league. 68 points wins this league.
  18. The very last position we needed strengthened in the summer was the midfield, yet he brings in 2 that imo are worse players then Gowser, Anderson, Byrne and Mulligan. An absolute waste of our budget. We were screaming out for a keeper (whilst binning Legzdins and Lawlor), a left back whether the defensively abject Marshall remained or not, a centrehalf and 2 strikers. A decent manager still has us winning this league despite being hamstrung by McPake’s signings. Bowyer has massively underestimated our league and is taking us for idiots if he’s describing Grayson’s left foot as a wand. A formation of 4-2-3-1 with the following players wins us the league Legzdins French, Ashcroft, McGhee, new left back, Byrne, Gowser McMullan, Mulligan, McCowan, Robinson Subs to be used very regularly Anderson, Jakubiak, Cameron, McGinn and Osei. With the rest of the bench being made up with Sweeney, Kerr and Sharp. Open to Anderson starting instead of Gowser and Jakubiak for Robinson who I’m still not 100% convinced by. Holds the ball up well but not much else so far but he’s being isolated by such a negative manager with his defensive midfield. Edited to say and return Williamson and Grayson to their parent clubs. Use the freed up cash and the Ibrox cup money to strengthen the squad in January. Bowyer’s only positive is the signing of Tyler French. He’s been very good and our player of the year so far.
  19. Agree 100%. Best of a bad bunch I was getting at.
  20. Hard game tonight. Queens Park and Ayr have looked the best teams to come to Dens so far the season in my humble opinion.
  21. Anyone living in the east of city or The Ferry, Monifieth way should give The Village takeaway a go that’s down at the doubletree near dobbies. Fantastic
  22. That’s not the time it was 2 on 2 and the ball should’ve been played in behind the Morton right back for McMullan to have a foot race against him was it? Boiled my piss at the game he never did that early and the kick out the time before.
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