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  1. Ludo, you and I both know Byrne should be playing ahead of Grayson, McGhee and Williamson in midfield. The zero minutes on the park is disgraceful. Williamson isn’t good enough to sacrifice our own young players development coming through for. He’ll disappear off in the summer and we’ve messed our own players about over him. He’s miles behind Gowser as well. Robinson should 100% be playing before Rudden. What McPake saw in Rudden I’ve yet to see 10 months later. Also worried he isn’t able to attract players to the club. Numerous times he said over the summer transfer window he expected to get players through the door in the next few days only to fall through time and time again. Read from fans of clubs he previously managed that he was very negative in the last 10 minutes of games and would always try to hold onto what they had whether it was a point or 3. Today’s starting 11 takes that negativity to a whole new level. Shoogily peg time.
  2. I take it the fight was the highlight of the game! Are you not worried about his starting 11, subs during the game, picking loan players over the benefit of our own young players who are every bit as good or better than the loans and marginalising players. The treatment of Byrne isn’t right imo.
  3. No excuse whatsoever for that line up and tactics today. Again may I add. 6 defenders start plus the only winger playing is playing on the wrong side. There’s enough subbies allowed these days to take chances on players. Anderson came on at Ibrox and had a positive effect on the game, should’ve started, no minutes. Cameron, wtf did he do to get dropped,no minutes. Gowser not getting on. Robinson hooked for Rudden, holy f**k. Marshall left midfield with 4 better options on the bench. Dreadful stuff from the manager b
  4. Remember when McPake though he was a left midfielder. His positioning worries me whenever I’ve saw him. Plays closer to the fullback than his other centrehalf. Great ti hear he’s making a very good impression though.
  5. Gowser’s starting to edge towards what’s happening with Byrne and McGinn. Disappointed with the lack on minutes he’s got on the park recently. Doubt he’s going to get much if we’re playing with just 2 in the middle of midfield. Not close to how French had performed this season for me though but each to their own. Think French’s best position might be fullback.
  6. Spud my man, what are you thinking with that 2nd sentence. The filth have royally fucked up in a cup where they only needed to win 2 games to get to a semi, 1 where they were a seeded team and the other against Killie. We can only dream of draws like that. Back to the usual old firm pumping in the cup for us tonight!
  7. Far better 2nd half. Sweeney howler at the goal. Rudden’s a puddin though.
  8. FFS Peadar I thought the reserves got pumped 10 nil
  9. How about kick it slightly to the left and the wind will keep it in the park. I can forgive Legzdins the 1st couple of times he did it but to continually keep doing it in the 1st half beggars belief. Was the manager at any point telling him to stop putting it to the right?
  10. Just picking up on stuff from yesterday. It was worse than it sounds. Fuckwit tactics of launching it into the wind at Gayfield is beyond belief. Players are clueless. Like mentioned before, launching it into the wind 1st half then on the deck 2nd half with only 1 attempt from distance which was utterly pish from Marshall. This is after Linn scored a freekick from 35-40 yards with the wind behind him. 100% on the manager. Incredible decision making to 1st of all play McGhee in midfield, then to pair him with Grayson, then to leave the pair of them on for the entire 90 minutes was just absolutely shite management. For what it’s worth I thought Rudden was worse than Sheridan. That chance he missed in the 2nd half after scoring a good headed goal 1st half is incredible. At no point did I think we were going to lose yesterday but for the 2nd game running the manager’s performance was worse than anything seen on the park. The League Cup section saw us playing well with the important bits being Byrne picking the ball up from the defence and getting it into Gowser etc. McGinn, Gowser and Mulligan playing just in behind Jakubiak who had actually taken a game then those 3’s movement causing all sorts of problems. Those tactics got binned at halftime v Partick and never to be seen since. Right now Bowyer gives me the fear but he’s playing mostly hamstrung by McPake’s f**k ups. Fucking crazy decision to give McPake the manager’s job.
  11. Not much Bowyer can do after the deals the dafty McPake dished out.
  12. Think it’s part of the reason tbh. Hope they hold out and win.
  13. To be fair on the few videos of him playing on YouTube he looks like he’s a winger. Right footed but plays wide left.
  14. Aren’t the postie’s away to start working to 4pm on a Saturday 5 out of every 6 weekends?
  15. Strachan signing? Meant to be Nelms’ was it not.
  16. That’s bang on for me. Looks like the problem was more Mulgrew and Watt than agent Ross.
  17. Have they really got a decent squad though? It looks very, very poor to me and a squad that had Siegrist, Edwards and Mulgrew bail them out time and again last season. Not surprised to see where they are tbh.
  18. I’d imagine that droning would be clueless where football’s concerned. Football’s least knowledgeable fans.
  19. Everywhere they go, Everywhere they go, Utd get battered everywhere they go. (not violent of course, they go amongst us as friends on non matchdays!)
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