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  1. I’m hearing the opposite Ludo. That more than the 2 signings that fell through was what pissed Boywer off most.
  2. Major argument the week of the Ayr game I believe. Signings lined up for the start of January and undersoil not getting switched on led to it. Although they have little contact as Bowyer deals with Strachan.
  3. How the f**k did we manage to not win that. Just have a go at teams like 2nd half. 1st half we were dreadful.
  4. It’s absolutely ridiculous Spike how hard it is to get a ticket for a home game. A wee smile once in a while wouldn’t go a miss a well.
  5. Spot on. That’s on the manager today. Why change from a formation that suits the players and see us actually win games fairly comfortably. Makes no sense whatsoever. Back to McGhee being terrible in midfield. Then to play Robertson out of position as well. Rudden as a lone striker is as soft as f**k. Pish and the pressures back on.
  6. Have a good New Year when it comes cunto’s. Thank you x
  7. I do believe he’d just been ‘megged’ by a proper Derry legend. RIP the GOAT
  8. 68 points usually wins this league. After the win at Ayr it’s the 1st time all season we’ve been level with the required amount. Hopefully kick on now with 10 of the remaining 18 games at home with Queens and Partick in January.
  9. French is my player of the season so far. McMullan playing well just now and would probably be 2nd best so far but he’s very frustrating at times the amount of times he gives easy passes away. Would defo be offering him a new deal regardless of what league we’re in next season.
  10. Well said that man. 100% correct about Williamson, was very good again down at Ayr.
  11. Was one of those very, very soft fouls when he went through the back of Rudden in the 2nd half when the ball was head high and he’d already been booked? MacAllister was the worst of your back 4.
  12. No fight? Your team were the exact opposite of that to their own downfall. McGinty and the kiddy-on hard man MacAllister were fortunate to stay on the park with the amount of fouls they conceded. You guys appear to be very harsh on Bangala when the aforementioned MacAllister plays for your club. His use of the ball was horrendous. Just leave him on it and he’ll sclaff it out the park.
  13. That was well worth the journey tonight. Won at a canter with at least 3 of our starting 11 missing. Ayr are bunch of hammer throwing dirty [email protected] The guy MacAllister thinking he’s a hardman is quite amusing.
  14. Welcome back. I want to keep Mulligan, Cameron, Robertson, Anderson and possibly Sharp. Not really too fussed about the rest tbh. Williamson has started to come onto a game. Wouldn’t mind us trying to get him from Rangers.
  15. I’m not overly sold on Robinson yet tbh. Holds the ball up well and is young enough to develop the rest of his game right enough. I’d take the Ayr guy if pushed though.
  16. No. Messi could only dream of having my right peg tho!
  17. Read Bowyer’s comments about Robertson today which was both encouraging and pleasing to read. He said Robertson had to up his game in terms of pressing the opposition and it was basically Bowyer’s way or the highway but thankfully Fin’s improved that side of the game in his eyes. Probably the same reason McGinn is binned altogether.
  18. Not for me. A back 5 of McGhee, Ashcroft, Sweeney, try Grayson left centrehalf (I know you’ll slaughter me for this but he’s pish in midfield, so let’s see if he can offer us something elsewhere in a position we’re short in) and McCowan so we keep the same shape and give all the guys who haven’t had much game time or not featured at all the opportunity to play on the system that is working so well. Rest French after his injury late on in Saturday’s game. Ideally I’d change the whole 11 but we have no options at the back due to injuries and loans. I’d go 5-4-1 with 3 midfielders pushed high up the park. Sharp McGhee, Ashcroft, Sweeney, Grayson, McCowan, Robertson, Osei, Anderson, Cameron, Jakubiak
  19. Young Finlay coming onto a game again.Very good yesterday. Williamson my man of the match.
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