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  1. You’ve been shite since the end of the 80s, is that clear enough? Edited to say I hope you understand that.
  2. Wind yer neck in pal, it isn’t the 80s
  3. A bit harsh to be having a pop at McGhee. Everyone that’s played the slightest bit of football knows to hit the back post with a freekick from that area. Cross come shot. I know that and I’d imagine you know that. The biggest dafty in all of this is Lawlor. He should’ve been standing in a position to cover that all day long. Just the 3 out of 3 goals against you boys our keeper’s have flogged this season Pretty much those goals and Mullen’s extraordinary miss sum’s up our season.
  4. It’s our new financial prudent ways. Can’t be paying Premiership wages in the Championship unfortunately.
  5. He’s hardly going to turn down the opportunity to work with McGhee though is he.
  6. Turning profits whilst the filth lost £3m and also took out a substantial loan from the government in the same period £10million losses in 3 years is f**k all though…..because remember we went into administration with £11.7m of debts
  7. You thought the best player on the park was honking Raging
  8. I’d say 2 points dropped. Yenited missed 2 sitters against the run of play on the breakaway but our keeper’s flogged 2, we’ve missed an open goal from a yard out and hit the bar.
  9. I genuinely think he’s dreadful. That worst sitter of this and any other season yesterday is just typical. His 1st touch is awful with his 2nd usually a tackle, the continual offside when he’s trying to be cute and stand offside expecting the defence to push back and it doesn’t happen, not being an outlet and being able to hold the ball up and bring others into play, not getting across the defenders in the box. I could go on! Marshall would be 1st out my team of the regulars although he done well yesterday. Looks like he’s been coached a bit on how to defend. How can that heap of sh!te across the road be 4th
  10. He’d be high up on my list of chasing out the club.
  11. Even if that top flight team has centrehalf’s and a left back like ours?
  12. 18 year old centrehalf away on trial to Sheffield United. Not had a sniff of a game or even a mention of being in and around the 1st team
  13. That’ll be the same guy that should’ve stopped the game and handed out a booking for a dive seconds before the 2nd goal The amount of begging in the Aberdeen end for a penalty today
  14. Tbh I was expecting that fixture to be in the early 50s not 1979!
  15. 2.6 miles with a petted lip. You’d think with him claiming to know everything about this development he would’ve at least told us the funding was in place and also about the hotel, the shops, the house’s, the ice rink extension and the cremmy but no he decides to tell us 2024 might be pushing it….ach well
  16. Just read elsewhere after all the ‘Nelms doesn’t talk to us’ chat that the DSA have had an open line of contact with him and DFCSS have been knocking back the opportunity to sit in on these meetings or to have their own with him
  17. That’s a better response from Nelms in the courier. 2024 might be slightly pushing it though. Just a pity our local ‘in the know with councillors’ Invergowrie Arab couldn’t have just told us that to save Random and the like posting drivel about it.
  18. They own the land the stadium etc are proposed to go on aye the billionaire’s struggling for cash
  19. Spot on. If we’d made signings like Ross County as an example made in the summer you wouldn’t hear a cheep from us. The major issue here is the continual f**k up of appointing manager’s after they sacked Hartley. Look back now I’d 100% would’ve kept him on if McIntyre and McPake were the answer That’s the issue along with continually handing out contracts to players we should be improving on.
  20. No, as they said in the letter the grass pitches.
  21. Keyes put up 250k. Thompson at Utd had nothing to commit to the centre but wanted full control of the site once it was built
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