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  1. Jammy [email protected] Never 4 minutes of injury time and Garner's a lucky man to stay on the park after a deliberate handball and an elbow to O'Dea's face. However.... "Glasgow Rangers do walking away"
  2. Spot on Chateau. Good to actually have a big striker who wins his fair share in the air, holds it up well and can play a bit. A big thank you to Mr McKinnon for turning down Haber, might just be the signing to turn our season around.
  3. Agreed. "Sent the b*****ds down, sent the b*****ds down, Wighton put the ball in Yeniteds net and sent the b*****ds down" Thank you Craig.
  4. I sit in the Derry down that end, never in. That assistant referee kens his stuff, top lad.
  5. FFS it looks like Jimmy's smothered his puss in Fifespud's missus' jobby
  6. Yes this is correct. Is this the same Heart Of Midlothian that got pumped by a team from Malta?
  7. Dad's and son's tend to follow the Derry, mum's and daughters tend to follow that lot. Scary amount of dabs are female, not that there's anything wrong with that....
  8. Oi shooboax, shove that idea right up ye. The further they c***s are away from us the better. One league ain't enough
  9. Nonsense. Greg's as fit as the rest. The 1st season it's expected players new to full time football will pick up slight strains from time to time as their body isn't used to the full time training. Not that 26 months later he still isn't upto speed with the rest, which he isn't. He needs coached on the defensive side of his game, not his fitness.
  10. I think it's nonsense to suggest Greg isn't fit and that it's because he didn't go full time until he's 24. Come on, seriously? If Ross Wallace is turning out week in, week out for 6th in the Championship Sheffield Wednesday I'm certain Greg Stewart can. Ross would be s decent enough replacement for Greg but not as good as.
  11. It is true and it's a worry. Right back and Right midfielder is my priorities. Gowser and Ross will be the central 2 of our midfield, which isn't a worry for me. On 1st showing Duffy isn't a patch on GGH but if rumours are true that him and Hartley have had words PH had to show him who's boss.
  12. Poor game in awful conditions. East Fife scored with their 1st effort at goal which was a great strike from a freekick which wasabout 25 yards out into the top corner. Never a freekick imo. Saying that we had very few efforts at goal as well. The game was played at far too slow a pace despite Hartley trying to get them to speed the play up and get forward early with it. Kept the ball between the defence and midfield 2 without going anywhere for large parts of the game. The East Fife keeper had 2 great penalty saves from decent penalties hit low into the corners, he also got a hand to Hemmings penalty as well Pick of the new signings was Williams when he actually got the ball, which wasn't very often. Not too impressed with the rest tho but it's early days. Duffy never the answer playing behind a loan striker though, would much prefer Wighton there who was wasted out on the left Not sure Cammy's the answer at fullback either, far better as a wing back.
  13. No more pish talk about your centre forward marking our left centrehalf in a friendly please. Tactical genius who ever came up with that idea. Thank you.
  14. That's how many your club's sold in its history. Shite team, no fans.
  15. Decent prices for the betfred cup matches at Dens. £12 adults £6 for concessions. East Fife the cheeky scamps are charging us £13 for adults, exploiting the Derry pound.
  16. Paul Paton, 😂😂 what a woeful signing.
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