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  1. Thursday morning up with the larks, Dundee Utd went down at Dens Park, Hey hey hey it's a beautiful day.
  2. Wednesday morning up with the larks, Dundee Yenitit went down at Dens Park, Hey hey hey what a beautiful day. Thank you x
  3. Can any Derryboys or girls out there tell me which voucher from the season ticket it is for 'bring a friend for free' on Monday night? Thank you.
  4. To be fair we'll be able to take whoever we want.
  5. Championship forum for this pish thread. Thank you.
  6. Relegation please, Pamela Anderson is riddled with hepatitis.Thank you
  7. Colin Hendry, couldn't get a game at Dens but won the Premiership and played in a World Cup 😂
  8. Has took a Dee to figure it out, well done. 25 1st team appearances GDSDD
  9. No he was let go because Bodul, Murray and Annier are all better players than him. GDSDD
  10. punted because of an appearance bonus due to Killie after 1 more game. Skint. Get DOON, stay DOON, DIE GDSDD
  11. Thing is the only time this Utd team have turned up this season is when they look dead and buried with no pressure on them. Anytime they get close to a game meaning something they crack under the pressure and her pumped.
  12. We only postpone games that are scheduled for 3 days before a derby game. Thank you.
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