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  1. Hughes was at it. He was just pissed off that players bailed on him.
  2. At no point did the Americans say they were going to buy Dens. Bill Colvin looked into it but nothing came of it.
  3. Crack on. Dinnae aim it down the wing cos he's never there.
  4. If we move to the Nou Campy can we leave Williams and El Bahktoui at Dens please. Gave up on they 2.
  5. What about being good c***s and taking Danny Williams off our hands.
  6. Thought 2nd half we deserved something out the game. Nothing much between the sides although Partick were more streetwise with the cynical fouls and time wasting once in front.
  7. Right cuntos of Ayr, someone get this fame up on periscope so we could all enjoy this spectacle
  8. Here's me thinking we brought in 750k in transfer fees. Boredom Guy kens best though.....
  9. Zlatan Haber was apparently a terrible signing according to the filth, that's worked out well
  10. A real Dundonian would say "shut yer puss ye fud, thank you" So shut yer pus ye fud thank you.
  11. None of this draw p!sh for me. Time to give the good c***s of Glasgow a beating. Thistle are a good side imo.
  12. The outburst of laughter and applause in the Derry when that banner was revealed will live long in the memory. The best song of all time is Beautiful Monday, end of. Monday morning up with the larks, Dundee Yenited went down at Dens Park, Hey, hey, hey what a beautiful day. This is my, my, my Beautiful Monday, This is my, my, my beautiful day, Won't you say, say, say, say that you love me, Ohh, ohh, ohh my, my, my what a beautiful day.
  13. Agreed Ludo and to think McKinnon at the filth turned him away after being on trial
  14. Great post. This is the same sort of sh!te I put myself through when I'm not at the game!
  15. Well this is going exactly how I predicted before kick off.
  16. That Derek Ferguson gets on meh t!ts. Gets a hard on every time he's commentating on a goal against Dundee. Pr!ck of a man.
  17. If it's DFC-92 comments, the poster is complementary in his/her post.
  18. Dundee's game at Ibrox earlier this season had a good comeback in it from Sevco unlike Sunday's game. The not so loyal zombies started heading for the exits with the score at nil nil around the 80 minute mark to the sound of the travelling Derry singing "Glasgow Rangers, do walking away". The rage and bile coming from the home ends as a reaction to said song was FAF. Not so funny was when they scored a 94th minute winner and as the travelling Dees bailed out, the chunts in the home end that were left, started singing "Dundee FC, do walking away" loud as f**k btw. Decent banter for a club that is barely 5 years old tho.
  19. Cosgrove is a Dundee Hater 1st and foremost. St Johnstone are irrelevant to him, just like they are to the rest of us.
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